Wednesday, May 22, 2013

How CPDM Concentrates on Funding Election Rigging and Not Development

Mbengwi roadwork substandard, inadequate
By Felix Teche Nyamusa SDF Mbengwi Parliamentary hopeful.
The once famous Acha-Tugi General Hospital and Momo food basket vibrant in the President Ahmadou Ahidjo era are today history. A belated, ongoing attempt to reconnect the area even just to Mbengwi which is only about 25 kilometres from Bamenda is plagued by substandard works.
 Mbengwi, it is worth mentioning, is the Divisional Headquarter of the Momo Division of the North West Region. It is, the state neglected, home to one of the pillars of “Today’s Cameroon Nation” – Hon S. T Muna: may his soul rest in the Lord. The Sub Divisions here are Mbengwi (Meta), Batibo, Ngie, Njikwa and Widikum. Roads linking Bamenda – Regional Capital of North West and Mbengwi, as well as those linking Mbengwi to her Sub Divisions are hardly pliable all year round. These bad roads have greatly impoverished and precipitated avoidable death of inhabitants here. Government prefers to lavish money on rigging elections to ensure the ruling CPDM Party wins like the case of the 2013 Senatorial than carry out development. This nation is characterized by spendthrift exotic celebration of stolen victory, controversial occasions and, heavy importation of foreign goods and services … to the disadvantage of locals. Ahidjo era roads though earthed were all year motor passable due to constant maintenance. Cocoyam, corn, palm oil, plantains, cattle et al were hitherto easily fared to other towns of Cameroon. There was total exchange of goods and services inter and intra Momo with relatively marked improvement in social standards but not so today, in Biya’s reign. Cameroonians have been deprived of their Momo food basket – which consequently spells economic doom for the indigenes of the Division. A developed-world standard missionary hospital – the Acha-Tugi General Hospital with its nostalgia Eye, surgical and other departments have been starved of patients because of impassable access roads, especially during rainy seasons. Cameroonians from all regions will bear witness to the previous services of this health facility. The hospital attracted patients from far away places including Cross river state – Nigeria and the Republic of Gabon – hence the economic disservice caused by the CPDM regime to Mbengwi in particular and Cameroon in general.
Providing basics like roads, portable water, electricity and schools to Cameroonians using collective taxes and nation’s resources is not a favour. We urge government to speedily complete the Mbengwi – Bamenda road stripe which is on now and open up others from Mbengwi to her Sub Divisions. We remind the CPDM regime that building fragile roads which will be dilapidated before they are even up to a year is waste of scarce resources – wide enough roads with reinforced material and tar is economical.
Mbengwi, Momo it is worth mentioning, at this moment still has roads as one of her pressing needs.

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Joseph Musonge said...

Let some details be clear in your mind, because you are mixing up things. The CPDM is not the government, the country is not being ruled by the CPDM but by the government. The opposition has never acknowledged electoral defeat and to face the reality that they have failed to convince populations. They always hind behind fake and stupid excuses of elections rigging. Here you are, criticizing the government, what have you achieved personally, not to talk of your party which today is just a shadow of itself.

Freddie Ngaleu said...

You have no place in politics because you do not even know the basics of politics. This report is a pure expression of your emotions and this is not permitted when writing an article that will be read by people of all walks of life round the globe.