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Inorie Fotso: Cameroonian Actress/Musician Looking Beyond the Horizon in the USA

 By Fai Cassian Ndi
Life, they say is a combination of trials and tribulations but great people look beyond trials and tribulations. They look beyond the horizon that appears to be the end of the world and see other opportunities that nobody imagines can exist. And their interested act of dreaming, acting and realizing the dreams have positive multiplier effect on society. This is because celebrities are born with talent and to make things happen, they combine talent with hard work and determination.  
The very essence of getting to celebrity is that you need to have vision since you can’t blow an uncertain trumpet. Nevertheless, innovation distinguishes between a star and a fan.
Inorie Fotso: The Mega Star you're Hearing of
Inorie Fotso, the daughter of the Fotso Victor (the Cameroonian billionaire) was born with a golden spoon. But unlike ordinary visionaries who see far and remain on their original position, she did wait for things to happen for her. She walked for her vision. As a world class actress/ musician and producer, Inorie Fotso has rumble of serious innovative ideas that have kept her talent in the movie and Music industry in the United States of America afloat, succeeding where others have fumbled, stumbled and tumbled over. The official release of her latest single scheduled for June 5, 2013 would be groundbreaking. The question many have been asking is who actually is this rare Cameroonian star hitting the chart in Uncle Sam’s America? In fact the answer is simple. Inorie Fotso is a bulk of talent and a distinguished artist in the entertainment industry.
John Quincy Adams says that if your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader. Inorie Fotso is a celebrity with exceptional leadership qualities. Her actions are litmus test of what a star ought to be. Though a youth still in her prime, Inorie Fotso’s traces in the music industry are likened only to those of Beyounce and they speak volumes of wisdom. In the Movie Industry she is an incomparable character at the doorsteps of Hollywood. And since the final test of a star is that he/she leads the young as their role model. Inorie Fotso is actually the role model who is leading African youths with conviction and has the will to carry on. Many youths today look up to mega star as their role model and the incarnation of hope and a better future for anyone hoping to enter into the world of entertainment. In getting to where she is today and especially in the United States of America, she toiled labourously to transform vision into concrete reality. That is why today she is building common frontiers for all segments of society. In doing this, she followed the principle outlined by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow that ‘heights by great “men” reached and kept were not obtained by sudden flight but, while their companies slept, they were toiling upward in the night’. As the daughter of the popular Cameroonian billionaire Fotso Victor, she could have decided like others to do the simple things, but because she believes like Lance Armstrong that ‘greatness is not a measure of how great you are but of how great others came to be because of you’, she decided after she obtained her degree in Business Administration to enter into entertainment where she is loved, admired and cherished by the poor and lowly in our society, the middle class and the rich without any barriers. Today, she is scoring because of that firm choice.
Inorie Fotso it should be noted was born in Douala in the Littoral Region of Cameroon in a renounced family. Her mum is Marie Fotso and her daddy is the business magnet Fotso Victor. In 1994, young Inorie left Cameroon for Lome in Togo where she graduated in flying colours. The quest for more knowledge took her to Da Vinci International School in Belguim where she graduated with a certificate in Business Administration. And in 2002, she left for New York-USA, where she bagged a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration and later her vision took her into modeling and performing arts.
Inorie is founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the “Goddess Films Production.” What makes her the shinning star in the eyes of the world is that Inorie Fotso is a talented woman of vision and action. Vision and action are two cardinal ingredients for success and as the Japanese proverb hold: ‘vision without action is daydream; Action without vision is nightmare’. She neither daydreams nor entertains nightmares. This is because of her zeal to recreate the world and knowing like Abraham Lincoln that ‘the best way to predict the future is to create it’, she put into her vision the necessary ingredients that make her succeed in the entertainment industry.
The Role Model
Inorie Fotso is a veritable role model to young Cameroonians. Role models are people whose examples can be emulated. To say that Inorie is a role model is to say that many an African youth can look up to her. We live in a society where positive role models come in short supply. More and more, people are rather shocked and surprised by someone’s good deeds than by his waywardness. With the prevailing situation of moral decadence and bad behaviour from the elders, youths hardly have anyone to look up to. The few remaining good examples like Inorie Fotso need to be commended and recommended. She has proven that the real opportunity for success lays within the person not the job. Therefore, to say that Inorie Fotso is a good person is to use the weakest diction to describe a right celebrity. Even though billionaire dad tried to stop her from acting and modeling when she first started, he has since given his blessings to see her succeed. Inorie is one of the top actresses in Cameroon and has a list of high profile movies to her name; which includes 'X – Class' and 'The American Dream'. Besides music, Inorie also announced the release in a few months of a film entitled, “Coming From Africa,” produced by Blaise Christian Sitchet (another dynamic Cameroonian based in the USA). “Coming From Africa” paints the picturesque of a young African immigrant in the USA.  Inorie is one of the main characters in the film and she plays the role of a young frustrated immigrant, depicts life and the challenges that African immigrants encounter in the USA.
In fact the most thrilling part of the journey of this daughter of a father billionaire who decided to go for her vision and empower the world through the entertainment industry is success story is told in superlative terms just to confirm Rudy Giuliani who says that leaders need to be optimists.   
The World Class Musical Icon
Speaking to Cameroon Tribune, Inorie Fotso, said her maiden single will introduce her to the world and showcase her talent through the ‘Techno’ music genre.” “My aim is to represent Cameroon and to encourage and inspire young people to work harder to achieve their dreams. Where there is a will, there is a way,” she explained.
As a refined song writer, she carefully selected two songs from the eight she has written. To crown it all, the single is groundbreaking and will hit the chart at public release. To know her better is to listen to her song which brings people closer to daily challenges. She uses music to sermonize why people should live in happiness, peace and love and at the same time advocating for a world free from hatred, betrayals and sufferings.
As it is universally acknowledged that the fear of the Lord is the beginning of Wisdom, Inorie started her musical career singing the gospel music in a duo album titled. “The Lord is my creator”.
To cut it short, anyone who misses to get a copy of her latest single which will be released on June 5, 2013, would have missed the chance of listening to the music that awakens the soul. Do not be left out and be part of the new way with this intelligent, beautiful and talented musical icon. After all, Inorie knows and believes that home is where the heart is reasons why she always visits Cameroon to inspire more youths.
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