Friday, May 10, 2013

Madame Mary Awudu Creates the Unexpected, Donates 60 Bags of Fertilizer to Women

 By Fai Cassian Ndi
Mary Awudu talking to the hundreds of Tabenken women
One of the hardest parts of stimulating in participating in sustainable development is making it unpredictable. The distribution of 60 bags of fertilizer to the women of Tabenken in Nkambe Central by the wife of the Member of Parliament for Nkambe (Hon. Awudu Mbaya) last May 9, 2013 has been described by many as an unexpected event or revelation that changed everything many thought they knew.  The euphoria that gripped the hundreds of women in Tabenken was only expressed in songs. Those who never had to the opportunity to make a speech did it in songs. It was a moment of communion between the MP’s wife and the women.  The groundbreaking distribution exercise gave Mary Awudu and her delegation of SDF local party officials the opportunity to break new grounds for the mustard seed programme which started with the distribution of improved maize seeds to all the villages of Nkambe Central.
Madame Mary Awudu told the women of Tabenken village that after all is said and done; she is the daughter of Tabenken. “After the distribution of improved maize seeds, I have seen that for the crops to perform better, I asked my husband if he could support me with some few bags of fertilizer, and here there are”. Harping on the sustainability of the Mustard Seed Programme for Food Security in Nkambe with the rural women, Mary Awudu re-echoed that farming is a noble profession. “I am determined to support you with the necessary farm inputs so that we caould combat hunger and starvation”, she added. She described the Tabenken people as an intelligent adding that any groups of people surrounded by hills are always hardworking and resourceful. “I am touched by your massive presence and the commitment you have shown to remain a united people. My nervel was buried here and if anyone wants to sell it, that person should inform me so that my children will buy it. I am the daughter of this village. In fact I was touched when I got wing that some people are saying that I got married to Hon. Awudu and I have nothing to do here”. She called on the women to shy away from gossips. Before handing over the bags of fertilizer to women from the six quarters of Tabenken, Mary Awudu advised them to follow light and not darkness. The woman who is popularly known as the campaign manager of Hon. Awudu Mbaya was categorical that the future lies on those who do things and not those who feed people on promises. The Mustard Seed Programme for Food security, she concluded has come to stay, but cautioning as usual that anyone who would pick a kolanut from a pear tree should look up to the tree.
On his part, the SDF District chairman for Nkambe, Mbeh Wilfred, thank the MP and wife for the continuous support they have been giving to the rural women. On the other hand, the wife of the mayor of Nkambe (an agric technician) took time explaining to the women on how they should apply the fertilizers on their farms. Patience Mangoh thrilled the women by demonstrating the four methods they could use to apply the fertilizer on their farms. “Your crops are just like the kids you have at home, so they need food”. Fertilizer she concluded is the food that a farmer should give to the crops in order to expect a better yield.

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