Friday, May 24, 2013

Ni Amboh Declares Parliamentary Ambitions, Hon. PC Fonso in Difficulties

Dear God’s People,

Six years ago, you elected me as your Alternate Member of Parliament for Momo East Constituency. At the age of 30, you made me one of the Youths in Africa elected in an opposition party at the National Election into the Cameroon National Assembly. At a time when the Youths, your children, are unemployed, marginalized and suppressed. They are leaving the country because of bad Governance [Corruption and Injustice]. The old even after 70 years dominate political positions in our country. This Biblical death age, is characterized with loss of memory and an age where they need to involve the Youths. An age, where they need to write more books for posterity! My family won the American Lottery but we turned it down. We feel that we can contribute greatly towards changing the many ills plaguing our country. Our Youths, to a larger extent, are fraudulently being admitted into professional schools. The future of our country is made worst by the many Bad Laws forced on Cameroonians making Parliamentarians not to play their Rightful roles of Initiating and passing Bills into Laws. All the structures of our country are managed by the Head of State alone! In other more developed countries, the D.Os, Governors, Rectors of State Universities, are Elected so that they can put the population first. In Cameroon, our appointed officials work to satisfy not the people but the person who has Appointed them, who unfortunately wants to hold tied to Power till death! The weak  are not protected. Mostly the strong bribe their way to the top. We must create a society in which a little girl or boy born in Fringyen should not only be equal and free in God’s eyes, they should be free and equal in our own eyes. Our parents should live in dignity and not die without having their Pension. Justice should come before Peace. Not Peace before Justice .Whoever Maltreats the people, should not be allowed to rest. That is why I belief in peaceful non-violent demonstration as a means of projecting and protecting the Truth and fighting the ills of our society. Whenever we came together, we succeeded in providing a lasting solution to the problems we faced. Though I was often punished by the authorities, I was satisfied that there was Change! Cameroon cannot be Changed through words only. The people must stand together to fight for the great values such as Justice, Accountability and Democracy.

Ladies and Gentlemen, the SDF constitution stands for these Great values that can transform our country. Though our path be as dark as night, I tell you there is Hope. There is a star to guide the Humble. Trust in God and do the Right.

Six years ago, I spoke to you about the Rescue Salvation Mission, the difficulties we had in Mbengwi. The need for a Just and Transparent Management of the yearly eight million francs for projects. I fought tirelessly. This was not achieved! In Bamenda, the Parliamentarian gives the money to the committee to plan, execute and evaluate the Projects. In Mbengwi, some Projects are done at the discretion of the MP.

I realized that we do not lack rich Leaders in our country. We lack Inspired and Honest Leaders. Obama became President with one car and one house .Imagine the millionaires we have and millions suffering. We must work Hard to identify the Leaders who can help change our country. Not those who use politic as business. Fighting for themselves and promoting Corruption. We must strive to look for those who will put God first despite our human weaknesses. I did not know that I could fail to change people when I talk to them directly. I have Prayed to God to hold down the wicked and those Promoting it. He should fight and weaken them. Lasting Justice and Peace can only be established by God. We must put our Land, Country and our Continent into prayers.

My Dear People, I know how hard it is for you to belief that I will be different from them. I have seen and felt that most of our leaders are out to manipulate and deceive the people. I own one house and one car. Controlling a yearly family income of over 5.5million francs which for the past 6 years give an income of 33 million francs. Our Leaders should declare their asserts before and after they leave power. As a student, whenever I saw my friends being maltreated, I did not sleep until we took measures to solve the problem. That is, I feel that your support to me will enable me to begin a long journey of making Great contributions towards changing our World. I have prayed to God that what happened to Nelson Mandela should not happen to me except it is His will. Let the evil ones not be allowed to punish those who want to fight and protect the suffering people. If my goal was to make fast money, I could have allowed myself to be bought or I could have fought for appointments since I am a trained teacher. But with great support from my wife and family, I have been able to stand for the Truth. Mr Mbah Gottfried, our late District chairman, despite his age, stood for the Truth. ‘He didn’t want to chop’. He fought for a micro project committee which is not functional. Though an old man, he did not fight only for his stomach. He did not betray you especially when he had the right facts. He may be surprised that Mayor Tah George is in Prison for alleged corruption. He might not have had the right information on how to correct him. He had his own threats for the Truth he stood for before his death. Those who do not stand for the Truth like some exco members are not being threatened. Those who are frank are hated and excluded. I have examine my conscience and have prayed to God to give me the strength to defend, protect and serve the suffering masses, the poor, the weak, the suppressed and marginalized.

I therefore stand to give you Hope. Hope in a bright future where there will be Accountability and Justice. There is power in change. When we change it is there that we can compare two things. I know I will not provide solutions to every problem but I promise to tell you the Truth especially when we disagree. It is my wish that we live happily while waiting for death. That is why I am encouraging free Herbal Treatment using our own herbs. I promise to continue to help you know the treatment for malaria, typhoid fever and other illnesses for free. For malaria you harvest 30 bitter leaves, 4 yellowish pawpaw leaves. Squeeze in 5 litres of water. Drink 3 times daily for 8 days. For typhoid, boil eucalyptus leaves in 4 litres of water. Drink 3 times daily for 5 days. Health is wealth. We can depend on herbs that grow in our backyard for the effective treatment of many illnesses. This is an issue that should be pursued even by a Head of State. We should exchange our raw material for technology. We should not allow the white man to continue to take our cocoa and coffee to produce chocolate and sell to us. Rather, they should teach us how to produce the chocolate. They can buy the cocoa and coffee to produce the chocolate for their own population. That will be real equality in our world.

We have also succeeded, through the Youth Multipurpose CIG, where I am the Secretary, to bring over one hundred million francs to farmers in Meta through projects sponsored by a Non Governmental Organization. I will continue to work with the government, the civil society and individuals who will promote values that protect the people, the poor.

I have also been to some nearby but enclave communities in our constituency like Fun, Chup, Tuanyang, Zang-Tabi etc which lack electricity though they are just less than 4 kilometres away from the communities with electricity. In Ngwokwong, most of the families have generators. They all deserve the extension of electricity. When I talked with the paramount Fon of Meta about the future development of Meta and Cameroon, I saw a good vision in him. I am aware of most of our problems. Through joint efforts and accountability, crowned with the fear of God, we will be able to satisfy our people and prepare them for Heaven. That is the meaning of the RESCUE SALVATION MISSION

Thank you very much
Long live the course for Justice
Long live SDF,  Long live Cameroon

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