Saturday, May 25, 2013

Prime Minister Suspends FECAFOOT Elections

Prime Minister, Philemon Yang has slammed a ban on FECAFOOT Election. According to information filtering into our office, the Prime Minister Yang Philemon stepped into the scene when the National Olympic Committee rejected Iya Mohammed's candidature. It is alleged that PM Philemon Yang acted on instructions from the Presidency of the Republic given that the Supreme State Control had earlier suspended Iya Mohammed, the outgoing FECAFOOT President of holding any public.
However, three candidates were competing for the post of President. The election date was announced for May 25 at 10am, yet the decision to suspend the election was announced when delegates nationwide were already in Yaounde. The latter has been canceled for unknown reasons. Analysts are of the opinion that it is a masterminded plan to frustrate the outgoing President Iya Mohammed. The outgoing President, according to what we gathered has been hooked following an appeal filed by John Ndeh (also a candidate, in addition to Marlene Emvoutou).

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