Thursday, May 23, 2013

REDD+ and Climate Change: NW Coordination Unit Kick-starts Activities

 By Tamngwa Marcel Kwalar
Some twenty environmental oriented groups have been called upon to get set for the implementation of the REDD+ and the Climate Change platform in the Nkambe Council area. The clarion call was made by the Regional Coordinator of Civil Society Organizations (representing the national platform in the North West Region) Mary Nyuyinwi. Addressing participants during the workshop of May 22, 2013 at the Nkambe Council Club, Mary Nyuyinwi told participants that Reducing Emissions from Deforestation, Degradation and Conservation of Biodiversity and Climate Change (REDD+ and CC) is a World Bank sponsored programme aimed at mitigating the effects of climate change in the world. Accordingly, she also disclosed prior to the implementation of REDD+ and CC Platform in 2015, some $ 28 million would be put at the disposal of Cameroon to enable actors educate and sensitize selected groups on issues related to the actions and intentions of the platform.
Talking further, Mary Nyuyinwi said coming to Nkambe was no doubt important as it offers an opportunity for them to meet groups working in the sector, collect information on local realities that need to be considered during the implementation phase and set up a council unit to oversee the activities of the platform in Nkambe Council area. She ended by stressing that REDD+ and CC is important given that if well implemented it will mitigate the adverse effects of climate change, promote healthy weather conditions thereby increasing agro-pastoral output.
Capitalizing on these benefits, she called on one and all to preach the gospel of REDD+ and CC given that man’s socio-economic and industrial activities are at the center of climate and degradation of biodiversity. Other speakers who took turn during the workshop elaborated on the role of various stakeholders in the process. Talking on the role of civil society organizations, participants were informed that they have the task to assist communities, community based organizations to map and identify biodiversity resources in view of conservation, create awareness on REDD+ and CC, provide funding for conservation etc. the workshop stressed on the role of women and indigenous people who equally are the main target group to benefit from the programme given that they have a lot to conserve.
After reviewing the various environment problems and that stakes ahead, a three- man team was elected to oversee the activities of the platform in the Nkambe Council area. The organizations that will henceforth act as lead out of the twenty are SURUDEV, Dynamic Sisters and DOMABA.
Talking to the Divisional delegate of Environment and Nature Protection for Donga Mantung, Tumi Emmanuel at the end of the workshop, he lamented that the greatest problem of the platform would be to identify groups that are active in the field as well as o work with the local population. On his part, the 3rd Deputy Mayor for Nkambe Council Nfor Baleri expressed joy with the fact that Nkambe municipality is among the few selected council areas to benefit from the platform. Noting that Nkambe is a victim of climate change going by the recurrent water crisis experienced in the municipality, the 3rd Deputy mayor was hopeful that if these organizations work hand in hand with the local population especially farmers and grazers the negative effects of climate change and climate change itself could be a thing of the past.

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