Monday, June 3, 2013

Buea Plebiscite Puts End to CamCCUL Saga

The euphoria that greeted the return of Musa Shey Nfor at the helm of the Cameroon Cooperative Credit Union League-CamCCUL was total. The avenue of the historic Elective Annual General Assembly was the famous King David’s Square in Muea-Buea. The presence of Governor Okalia Bilai was symbiotic that something serious was about to take place. The presence of 154 delegates from the national territory was indicative of the interest they have in the leading Credit Union Movement in Cameroon.  However, since the main business of the day, after all was done and said was the election of a new executive bureau to manage the affairs of CamCCUL, some dynamic members were elected. For the post of President, Musa Shey Nfor got an overwhelming vote as pioneer President of CamCCUL New Look. He was elected amidst an eleven man executive to manage the affairs of the network for a mandate of three years which is renewable twice. To many, CamCCUL Elective General Assembly was more of a plebiscite that puts an end to the CamCCUL saga. But since human beings always resist change, the model credit union model by-laws sparked controversy yet the dust has finally settled as the harmonization process folded up last weekend in Buea.  
Having implemented all of the minister’s directives on reshaping the credit unions league, the network, is now bent on opening up to all those members who felt disgruntled with some contemplating to disaffiliate. Accordingly the President elect says CamCCUL shall use the Alternative Dispute Resolution ADR to reexamine the points raised and equally craft out solutions under the close supervision of the Minister of Finance. To him some measures taken in the course of implementing the new OHADA Uniform Act in the interest of the whole might have displeased some members which of course is common in every democratic institution. When finally the decision is taken using democratic instruments it becomes a role for all to follow. On the question of those opting to disaffiliate from the network, the representative of the minister of Finance, Patrice Lumumba said there is no law barring anybody from disaffiliating but that there is a procedure to follow. He however cautioned that CamCCUL should still call for an on the table talks with those who felt unsatisfied. 

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