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Friday, June 7, 2013

Here is the List Nominees for The Eye National Award of Excellence/ Donga Mantung Achievement Award 2012

Vote by sending the name of your candidate by SMS to 77 69 51 09, 77 85 24 76 or by email Voting ends on June 12, 2013.
Chairman of the Jury Gwain Colbert Fulai (L’Action/ Colbert Factor), Secretary Donat Suffo( Le Messenger),  other members include: Fai Cassian (The Eye), Peterkings Manyong (Independent Observer), Nji Ignatius (Eden), Chifu George (Website), Michael Ndi (The Star), Philo Happi (Eden), Ndi Eugene Ndi (NewsWatch)Nfor Francis(Mideno) and John Menkefor (Press & Associates) Abanda Marcel (DMCR), Ngah Benjamin (Nouvelle Vision), Tamngwa Marcel,(The Eye-Nkambe)). The Award Ceremony shall take place on Saturday July 27, 2013 at the CamCCUL Hall in Nkambe-Donga Mantung Division of the North West Region.
The 2012 Award Ceremony is Dedicated to the late Political Kingpin of  Donga Mantung Division (The Man Who Saw Tomorrow), Late Hon. SN Tamfu

(I)  2012 Nominees for the National Award of Excellence

Man of the Year
·         Hon. Awudu Mbaya-REPACC Coordinator/MP for Nkambe
·         Dr. Fonkam Azu’u-ELECAM
Transparent Personality of the Year
·         Philemon Yang-Prime Minister
·         Ousmane Alamine-Minister of Finance
·         Shey Jones Yembe-BOD Chairman Douala Port Authority
Anti-Corruption Crusader
·         Ntumfor Barrister Nico Halle-CMF Nat. President
·         Dieudonnee Massi Gam-CONAC President
   Campaigner of National Unity
·         Emmanuel Neba Fuh
 The Most Charismatic MP 
·         Hon. Nintcheu Jean Michel –SDF MP
·         Hon. Fobi Simon –SDF MP
·         Hon. Ayah Paul – (Pap)
*     Hon. Jean Calvin Libock-CPDM MP
     Woman of the Year
·         Prof. Uphie Melo Chinje-MIPROMALO
·         Patience Tamfu –USA
·         Hon. Lifanda Lydia-Vice President National President
·         Mafor Achidi Achu Judith-CAMTEL
Politician of the Year
·         JB Ndeh-NW CPDM Coordination Unit
·         Gerard Ngala-Parliamentary Aspirant
·         Maurice Kamto-MDR
The Most ASSILIANT Leader of the Year
·         Musa Shey Nfor-President CamCCUL
·         Ndansi Elvis-Youth President NUDP
·         Shey Bambuh-President NSODA
Best GM of State Corporation
·         Dieudonne Oyono-GM Port Authority
·         JB Ndeh-GM MIDENO
·         Minette Libom Li Likeng- Director of Costumes 
·         David Nkoto Emane-GM CAMTEL
·         Mokom Daniel Njawa-CEDNO
Best Road Construction Company
·         Ste MAG
·         Buns
·         SATOM
Best Microfinance Institution
·         Bamenda Police Cooperative Credit Union LTD
·         Unics
·         NOWEFOCH
Best Government Delegate
·         Tsimi Evouna-Y’de City Council
·         Motanga Andrew –Limbe City Council
·         Fritz Ntone Ntone-Douala City Council
Most Result-Oriented Mayor
·         Sofa Stanislaus –Tubah Council
·         Shang Lawrence-Jakiri Council
·         DK Nfor –Ndu Council
·         Fonguh Cletus-Bamenda III
·         Langsi Abel-Bafut Council
Most Improved Council
·         Oku Council
·         Bamenda II Council
·         Nkum Council
·         Bamenda I
* Mbonge Council
Best Service to Humanity
·         SHUMAS
·         ACDIC
·         CDVTA
Best Child Result-Oriented Organization
·         Plan Cameroon
·         HOFNA
·         Save the Orphan Foundation
Best Agro Pastoral-Industrial Complex
·         Tadu Dairy Cooperative
·         Ndawara Tea Estate
Best Poverty Alleviation Project
·         IPAVIC
·         GP DERUDEP
·         PNDP
·         CDENO
The Most Dynamic Civil Society Activist
·         Bernard Njonga-ACDIC
·         Nasako-SEFE
.   Patrick Siane-LVP
.  Chongsi Ayeah-CHRAPA 
Most Applauded Modern Traditional Clinic
·         Dr. Fru
·         Dr. Dewah
·         Dr. Abiodum aka Flusher
Best Publishing  House 
·         Cambridge
·         ASVA Education
Best Regional Delegate for North West
·         Fon Susan-Basic Education
·          Delegate of Small and Medium Seize Enterprise
Best Farmer/breeder
·         Jaff Romanus- Pig Breeding/Market Gardening Jakiri
·         Wara Clement-Market Gardening Santa
Best Mobile Network
·         MTN
·         Orange
·         Set
·         Camtel

(II) Jury Award: Integrity and Transparency Award 
·         Muluh Gregory-GP DERUDEP
·         Madame Ekambi-DT Donga Mantung
·         OPP Keyache Benedict-Nkambe
·         Franklin Ndzi-ST Oku
·         Shey Kume Michael-Mayor of Nkor Council
·         Hon. PC Fonso-MP for Mbengwi
·         Musa Shey Nfor-President CamCCUL
·         A Common Future
·         Ndichupa Luke-Social Critic  
* Shei William Kanjo-Development Expert
* Senator Wanlo John-Former Mayor of Fonfuka
* Rose Ngassa- Mayor of Tombel Council
                          Performance Award
·         Yuven Walters-Journalist
·         Nji Charles Blasius-CHAMECC
·         Franklin Kiven-NWADO
·         CIGSUDEV
·         Gana Joseph-NW Regional Chief for Taxation
·         SG Nkor Council
·         Ngum Godlove-GM BAPCCUL
·         Manjong Sixtus-Div. Del. Basic Education Mezam
* 2nd Assistant SDO for Donga Mantung Div.

(III) Nominations for Donga Mantung Achievement Award
Coordinating (Ngah Benjamin, Chifu George, Ignatius Nji) Members: Abanda Marcel, Tamngwa Marcel, Haruna Mohamadou and Wamey Pakriasius).
Donga Mantung Achievement Awards

Best MP in Innovative Micro Project Management:
· Hon Ntoi Joseph Kay
·Hon. GENESIS Mbucksek
·Hon. Esther Ngala
Woman of the Year:
·Mme Sally Gentry  
· Patience Tamfu
Best Civil Administrator:
·Abomo Mani-1st Assistant SDO
· Achu George Fru-DO for Ndu
·Nkwenti Patrick-DO Misaje
All Round Best Political Philanthropist
·Dr. Fuh Calistus Gentry-Gent Fund
· Gerard  Ngala-ASILIS
All Round Best Mayor:
·Ngomfe-Loma David
·Nkenda Simon Sunde
· Mangoh Jones Tanko
Most improved Council:
·         DK Nfor (Ndu)
·          Emimi Emmanuel (Ako)
Most Devoted CPDM Militant:
·         Ngabir Paul Bantar-Nkambe
·         Madame Chebonkeng- Nwa
·         Tansi Abel-Ndu
·         Sammy Mbgatta-Misaje
Most Devoted SDF Militant
·         Mbeh Wilfred-Nkambe
·         Sajo Amidou- Nkambe
·         Kumangang Elias-Nwa
·         Maah Isaac -Misaje
The Most Assailant Politician:
·         Fon Martin Yembe
·         Dr. Tamu
All Round Best High School Principal:
·         Ken Martin-GBHS Ndu
·         Mr. Jato-GHS Nwa
All Round Best Senior Police Officer
·         Olivier Njabea-Special Branch
·         Commissioner of Ako Police Post
All Round Best Brigade Commander:
·          Kenmogne Isaac-CB Ako
Best Police Investigator
·         IP Kolle Palle
Best Police Constable
·         GPP Etienne Likam
Best Divisional Delegate:
·         Dr. Atanga
·         Bangsi John
·         Ncham George
Best Principal of Technical Education:
·         Yaounde Kenneth
·         Njo Emmanuel Masoma
Best Elecam Council Head
  • Misaje Council Head
  • Ako Council Head
  • Ndu Council Head 
Best Female Principal:
·         Monica Nchuwa-GBHS Misaje
·         Principal GTHS Misaje
Best Secondary School Principal
·         Afombo Vincent-GSS Dumbo-Berabe
·         Talishi Oliver –GSS Dumbu
Best Manager of State Corporation
·         Ngala Christopher- Manager of CDC Oil Palm Project
·         Dr. Bessong-Dumbu Ranch
Best Manager of Credit Union
·         Manager of Nkambe Cooperative Credit Union
·         Manager of Ndu Tea Cooperative Credit Union
Best Money Transfer Agency
·         BAPCCUL
·         Express Union
Best Youth Result-oriented Organization:
·          YOFADEG
·         YODO Cameroon
·         YAFEJ
Most Innovative Development Program:
·         CDC Oil Palm Expansion
·          BOCOM Mining Exploration
All Round Best Mission Secondary School:
·         St. Ritas
·         PHS Nkambe
·         JMBC Ndu
Best Private Secondary School
·         St. Marceline Samacool-Nkambe
·         Hope Institute-Ndu
·         Vocational College- Wowo Ndu
Best Private Nursery and Primary School
·         Savannah Bilingual Nursery and Primary School-Nkambe
·         Touch Bearer Foundation Nursery and Primary School-Nkambe
·         Muring Bilingual Nursery and Primary School-Ndu
All Best Medical Officer:
·         Dr. Assembe Yannick Fredi (Nkambe District Hospital)
·         Dr. Peter (Ndu District Hospital)
Best Rising Entrepreneur:
·         Julius Mbunkur (Ets BUDISON)
·         Aminu (Ets Hamza)
Best Sub Delegate for Agric
·         Jato Johnson-Ndu
Best Sub Delegate for Livestock
·         Sah Felix-Ndu
·         Tashi-Nwa
Best Agric Extension
·         Samba Laban
Sector Supervisor
·         Tanyi Mbunu Peter
Best Elecam Staff
  • Umarou Abubakar- Divisional Communication Chief
Best Spots Analyst:
·         Samba Kingsley
·         George Wepmnje
Best Humourist:
·         Njah Augustine alias August
Best Traditional Folklore:
·         Shey Tobacco
·         SHEY Mubir
Best Farmers Federation/ cooperative:
·         Ako Federation of Farmers’ Groups
·         Mbomini of Mbot
Best Farmer
·         Florence Njimpto-Binka
·         Simon Ndi
·         Nkenda Margreta
Best Grazer:
·         Ardo Yaya-Nkambe
·         Mallam Yougouda-Chup
Best Head teacher:
·          Presbyterian School Kudu
·         GS Adere
Best Primary School Teacher:
·         Class seven teacher-GS Chup
·         Class seven teacher-GS Lus
Best Council Technician:
·         SG Ako
·         SG Misaje
·         SG Ndu
Best Sub Treasurer:
·         ST Ako
·         ST Nwa
Best Council Support Staff
·         Shey George Tanto
·         Nforbah Biyeh Francis
Best Hotel
·         Guest Home Binka
·         Santana Hotel Ndu
Best Photographer
·         Njang Photo
·         Photo Plus Time
·         Photo Hans
Best Traditional Dance Group
·         Jaman of Ngaah
·         Mbaya Dance of Binka
·         Ndajo of Binju
Cleanest Palace/ Village
ü  Ntundip
ü  Mbot

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