Thursday, June 20, 2013

Intrigues, Backbiting Tearing ELECAM Donga Mantung Apart

 By Fai Cassian Ndi

Fonkam Azu’u ELECAM Boss has surely received the highest number of petitions and complains from Donga Mantung Division. A school of thought has been projecting the notion that it is the politics of acrimony that has orchestrated the numerous transfers and dismissals of staff. Yet it is alleged that apart from that the staff of ELECAM in Donga Mantung Division are experts in petition writing, slanders, blackmail and character assassination. Moreso, it is also alleged that office issues are often discussed in bars around town.
In Nkambe for example, the situation has been preoccupying. The fact that in the Divisional headquarter Nkambe there is the council and divisional branch; it is resulted to conflict of interest, blackmail, slanders and backbiting. Within a year, Nkambe Council branch has changed four different council heads. The first was transferred to Tubah amidst controversies, the second was dismissed during a meeting with ELECAM Boss and other stakeholders, and a third person was appointed to ensure interim yet has just been replaced. Confidential sources hinted that in order to remedy the situation, two-third of the staff of Nkambe Council Branch and Divisional branches of ELECAM will be moved to different locations. According to the hint some of them will be transferred to Misaje, Ako, Nwa and Kumbo.
This is so given that ELECAM has been transformed into a sinkhole for character assassination. The latest victim we gathered is a certain Umaru Abubakar who was appointed as the interim council head but was undercut by his colleagues. Since blackmail is always against the strong, it is alleged that within five months he succeeded in registering over 23.000 voters. Yet, was not confirmed as ELECAM council head given that his colleagues had petitioned him reasons why members of the Nkambe Council voters’ registration commission were taken aback. To Nfor Baleri, representative of the mayor in the commission, Umaru was the best staff. Mr. Afor, representative of the CPDM also told this reporter that the young man was hard working but had huddles from his office colleagues. However, Umaru Abubakar alleged was accused by his Divisional Boss on allegations that he wanted his post and life. The issue we gathered has torn ELECAM into pieces in Nkambe. It is even alleged that the information was spread by a watch night yet all attempts to get to him and the Divisional head to get their own side of the story has not been fruitful.

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