Tuesday, June 4, 2013

John Tatsa Family Challenges Court Rulings, Decries Attempt to Defraud Family Estate

Co-adminsitrators of the Tatsa Family during Press Briefing

The legal beneficiaries of Late John Tatsa have expressed their grievances over a number of difficulties faced by the Tatsa Estate and the Winter Transport Company LTD since their father died some two and half years ago.
Talking to Press at the Ayaba Hotel in a Press Briefing on May 31, 2013, the family co-administrators told journalists that “the taste and the desire to defraud and liquidate the Tatsa Estate and Winter Transport Company LTD has now reached alarming level”. The family used the opportunity to challenge the Court rulings delivered in suit no. HCB /535/Vol.III and suit no. HCB /353/Vol.III in which the court awarded an exaggerated and undeserving amount of FCFA 88.380.000 and FCFA 298.880.000 to two legal minds which they claimed (they the beneficiaries) never requested for their services. To the Tatsa family these rulings are “unjust, unfair, illegal, fraudulent, corrupt, pure daylight robbery and totally unacceptable”.   What have they done to be paid even a franc of our money” or “what value did they added to our estate to deserve a penny?” Tatsa Oliver wondered. More so, the Tatsa family also expressed disgust that on January 26, 2011, the Court also delivered a ruling in-camera ordering a total sum of FCFA 106.805.772 to be paid to two bailiffs. Yet Tatsa Eugene says they have never requested the services of these two bailiffs. They also decried that the court unanimously and fraudulently decided to use the names of Tatsa Longlack Berlain, Tatsa Fokwang Norbert and Tatsa Mbikakeu Augustine as applicants in suit no. HCB/PD/LA.148M/2011 to deliver an ill intended ruling ordering the recall and cancellation of the Letter of Administration from the family’s freely chosen administrators who never approached the court for intervention. This, they claim had as intention to create disunity and conflict so as to use it as a passage to defraud the estate. Furthermore, the worst of illegality they said is that “they are even using names deceased family members and names of those who do not exist and some abroad in order to maximize their fraudulent gains”.  
Legal beneficiaries of the Tatsa Estate and WTC LTD
In a Press statement, the family revealed that the amount of money attempted to defraud is estimated at FCFA 1.583.083.788 could weigh down on the Estate and Winter Transport Company LTD. However, those who had the opportunity to read Chaucer Canterbury Tales would recall that even in the medieval period, every with Barrister at Law “was  for a fee” simple. But since in Cameroon, there is no barren for services rendered by lawyers, public opinion is wondering how much is too much given that for every service, the reward is “for a fee”. Notwithstanding, Tatsa family revealed that the above court rulings ordered the payment of 391.541.894 FCFA, 491.541.894 FCFA  to two lawyers and , 350.000.000 FCFA each to two bailiffs.
They complained that the judge handling the matter is bias and has demonstrated to be unfair to the Tatsa Holdings reasons why they requested that she shouldn't handle any of their cases again.
 However, all attempts to get to the legal minds  to get their own version was fruitless.

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