Thursday, June 20, 2013

Transfer of Lone Medical Doctor Sparks Tension in Nkambe

A clouded atmosphere is reported in Nkambe, divisional headquarters of Donga Mantung over rumours that the lone medical doctor in the Division serving at the District hospital has been transferred without any replacement. While the population is threatening to go to the street to reverse the obnoxious decision, politicians on the other hand have allegedly held series of meetings to petition North West Delegate of Health, Ndiforcho Victor. Okada riders on their part have vowed that they will stage a protest march to Bamenda if that decision is not reversed. A member of the Divisional Bureau of the Cameroon National Youth Council on his part said youths will leave no stone unturned to be part of any action to uncover the hidden hand behind the decision that is taking the entire division back into the doldrums.
Yet an authoritative voice in the Ministry of Public Health has hinted that Mama Fouda, Minister of Public Health is not aware of the decision. Accordingly a hospital staff who preferred not to be named hinted that the population of Nkambe and the entire division had suffered a lot after the departure of Dr. Ngomfe Loma-David. According to the hint, after the departure of Dr. Ngomfe Loma David, the Nkambe District Hospital which is the referral hospital for the entire Donga Mantung Division has been without a medical doctor until the arrival of Dr. Assembe Yannick Fredi. 
Before the arrival of Dr. Assembe Yannick, it should be recalled that the Nkambe District hospital had no medical doctor, no mid-wife and support staff had gone for almost a year without salary. All major cases were referred to the Banso Baptist Hospital, Shishong Catholic Hospital and or Ndu District Hospital. Patients were more comfortable with the health centers given going to the Nkambe District Hospital was equal to paying a way to the mortuary. As interim Director of the Hospital, Dr. Assembe Yannick replaced Dr. Wirba instilled hopes in the population. He carried out major renovations, acquired equipment and even initiated general clean up campaigns in the hospital which before then was like a pigsty. During the installation of the Divisional Officer for Nkambe, recently Nfor Baleri, the 3rd Deputy Mayorfor Nkambe applauded Dr. Assembe Yannick for using bush-lamps to carryout major operations. He described the young man as a square peg in a square hole. However, allegations are also rife that plans to transfer Dr. Assembe Yannick from Nkambe were foxed out in the North West Region."We have lost many people here due to the bad nature of our roads because we needed to transfer them to Kumbo for medical attention" the mayor of Nkambe Mangoh Jones Observed. John Kimu on his part said that if it is true that the medical doctor has been transferred then government doesn't want "us to live any longer". He said that if the young man is resourceful in his job, he is more useful in an area like Donga Mantung Division than in the city where they are many medics. However, all attempts to get to the Regional Delegate for his own side of the story were not fruitful.

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