Sunday, July 21, 2013

Joseph Owona to Head FECAFOOT Normalization Committee

 By Ron Tawong

After the suspension of Cameroon by the world football governing body FIFA, A Committee to normalize the stalemate at FECAFOOT has been set up. According to information gathered, the Committee has been set up to oversee and coordinate the activities of FECAFOOT in order to organize elections. Sources say it is the outcome of the consultation between FIFA and Cameroon. It should be recalled that Rene Sadi, Minister of Territorial Administration and Decentralization led a delegation to Zurich to negotiate for the off lifting of the suspension.  According to the hint, a 13 Man team has been put in place to manage the crisis while looking for a way forward. Here are the members of the purported Normalization Committee.
President: Joseph OWONA,
Vice-President: Ngassa Happy
- Michel Kaham,
- Ebenezer Mouloké,
- Ephraïm Gwafor,
- Owona Pascal Bailong,
- Anack Ntonyé,
- James Mouangue Kobila,
- Jonathan Fombé,
- Amadou Evelé,
- Minkoa Che.
Representative of FIFA and CAF:
- Primo Corvaro
- Prosper Abega.

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