Wednesday, August 14, 2013

81 SCNC Activists Released

 By Cassimando

The 81 SCNC activists who were arrested and detained in Kumbo since July 27, 2013 have been released in Bamenda on August 3, 2013. It is alleged that the mixed contingent of police and gendarmes stormed a private resident where the 81 activists were holding a meeting. It is alleged that the 81 activists were latter transferred to Bamenda upon the request of the North West Attorney General. Taking advantage of the absence of the Attorney General the detainees upon arrival in Bamenda were ferried to the Regional delegation of Public Security.  Sources say also arrested was SCNC Chairman Nfor Ngala Nfor as well as a six month pregnant woman. The eldest among them is said to be about a 100 years old.
More so, it is alleged that 31 of the detainees were locked up in a cell of 41m by 41m square while four others were left on a corridor on bare cement floor. Besides, the house where they were arrested was also ransacked by the police and gendarmes. Classified sources hinted that Barrister Gabriel Chumbon filed a “mandamus” to the regional delegate for National Security which is an order from the court for the detainees to be released.  

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