Thursday, August 1, 2013

Christelle Bay C Nfor: The Pictogram Behind the Successes of HOFNA Cameroon

Accompanying rural women through support has been her line of action in fostering women empowerment. And providing scholarships to orphans as well as encouraging the education of the girl child is what has made HOFNA Cameroon the Best of the Best in Child result orientation. What makes her dissimilar from others is that she does uncommon things in a very common manner.
With the collaboration of funding partners and with donations from members, HOFNA has reached out to over 500 primary schools pupils in the North West Region through the support of didactic materials. In her move to encourage communities realize their worth through the education of the girl child; HOFNA has offered scores of scholarships to little intelligent girls in the region. The most recent was the scholarship she offered to one brilliant girl at CS Ngwanri in Nkambe Central. This she said is a way to raise hopes in communities and build a better future for the next generation. Coming closer to Christelle Bay Nfor is discovering a pictogram in child welfare and an advocate for the right to education for the girl child. As a matter of fact, she is putting and has been putting HOFNA Cameroon on the ladders of the trusted NGOs that Cameroon needs to achieve the Vision 2035. HOFNA Cameroon from all observations inspires hope given that her devotion to work for a sustain future is what is making her to think of moving climate change issues from workshops and symposium to the classrooms for children to be informed and empowered on mitigation strategies
Christelle Bay Nfor is a woman of extraordinary qualities and abilities. Her educational background coupled with her devotion to be perfect has made her to transform the principle of education for work into the principle of education through work. Reasons why initiated, nurtured and brought to limelight Hope for the Needy Association -HOFNA Cameroon to cater for the basic needs of the needy. She is of the school of thought which holds that if children and needy communities are empowered through education, development will be sustainable and also believes that by empowering the rural women and youths she would be an avenue par excellence to change lives through work. As a Christian, she believes like Martin Luther King that “working is praying”. One prelate once said that every human natured person is made up of the human and the divine and that when the divine overrides, the human one becomes closer to God. In fact, there is no doubt that this statement is meant for HOFNA Coordinator, Christelle Bay Nfor who goes beyond that by making work the divine with the human as a pairs.It is for these reasons and many more that HOFNA Cameroon was voted as "Best Child Result-Oriented NGO" in Cameroon by Readers of The Eye Newspaper.

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