Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Land Grab: JB Ndeh Takes on El Hadj Baba Danpoullo

 Fai Cassian Ndi

The General Manager of the North West Development Authority commonly known by its French Acronym as MIDENO has decried attempts by El Hadj Baba Danpoullo (Ndawara) to grap land that owned by the defunct Santa Coffee Estate, which has been placed under the custody of MIDENO. Lamenting that the land has been earmarked for the production of seed by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, JB Ndeh called on the Governor of the North West Region to take all necessary measures to make sure that no one trespasses on the said piece of land. He regretted that some administrators who have connived to sell out state lands. It is common that some individuals who think that they can do and undo have gone hell-wire to auction state properties to individuals load their pockets.  Brandishing a copy of a letter signed by the head of state instructing the administration of the North West Region to make sure that the said piece of land is given back to its rightful owner, MIDENO, JB Ndeh continued that state shouldn’t be allowed in the whims and caprices of some individuals because they are wealthy.  It was during the second quarter administrative and security coordination meeting at Fundong in Boyo Division that JB Ndeh vomited the venom on El Hadj Baba. It is even alleged that North West Governor on the spot ordered that the Senior Divisional Officer for Boyo to look into the acquisition of land in that Division.
Also on the firing line was the regional Coordinator of the National Civic Service Agency for Participation in Development. The distribution of grants to volunteers in the region was questioned given that many had suspected foul play. The coordinator it is alleged was instructed to forward to the services of the Governor’s office a complete report on the distribution of grants in the region. More so, it is aired in some areas, beneficiaries received less than 200.000 FCFA while in other places the amount ranged from 250.000 FCFA to 500.000FCFA. Youths of Donga Mantung Division we gathered were also victimized. Sources say that while in other places youths were lodged and fed, in Donga Mantung Division, beneficiaries had only one meal per day and they had to lodge themselves. It is aired that the Regional Delegate pocketed all the money for lodging as well as part of the funds allocated for feeding. Besides, beneficiaries of PART J-U and PIFFMAS have never had access to funds allocated to them. With the closure of FIFFA Bank, the situation has become more complicated as seemingly the money ended in private pockets. It is alleged that CONAC is flying over the General Manager of the National Civic Programme and collaborators. 

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