Thursday, August 1, 2013

Municipal/Legislative Elections: Here are the Stakes, Implications, Outsiders, Favourites and Sure Bets in NW

 By Fai Cassian Ndi

The scramble into the council and Parliament has created cracks in many political parties. The question as to whether the outcome of the upcoming September 30, 2013 Twin Elections will reflect these political maneuvers abound high.  In the last April 14, 2013 Senatorial elections, the North West Region was the battle field. For the CPDM to emerge victorious, councilors were caged and paid to vote along party lines. But this time it is not feasible for voters to be caged like it was the case with the senatorial elections reasons why the Social Democratic Front has been working day and night on a strategy to overturn tables in their favour. But since politics is a game that no one can claim supremacy over it, the ruling CPDM is masterminding strategies to consolidate the results of 2007 Municipal/Legislative elections and even move an extra mile in winning more seats and councils in the North West Region. It is sure that after September 30, 2013 polls, the story would be told in a different way.  North West Region is the political bastion of the SDF, it is even known in some quarters as the head quarters of the opposition. In the 2007 Twin Elections, the SDF won 11 Parliamentary Seats while the CPDM secured 9 Parliamentary seats. And inversely, the CPDM won 18 councils and the SDF 16, while the Mbengwi council was shared between SDF, CPDM and AFP as well as the Santa Council that was also shared. With the CPDM having majority of the councilors, it was evident for them to emerge victorious in the last April 14 Senatorial elections.
Yet the CPDM is going into this election little more fragile than it was in 2007. First, its candidates in some areas have not been made public and secondly, there is no financial guru like it was the case with Zacheuse Forjindam in 2007. On the other hand, the SDF has been rocked by the malicious decisions of the investiture. The case of Nkum/ Mbiame and Boyo where Hon. Ntam has been sacrificed proliferates. The 2007 false-note of the SDF to impose mayors in some municipalities may likely resurface in the polls as “recalcitrant” councilors were all flushed out in the primaries. Yet two more political parties entered into the game. PAP of Ayah Paul has endorsed a candidate for Mezam and Momo while the NUDP of Belo Bouba Maigari is poke-nosing in Ako/Misaje and Boyo. Another newcomer is Maurice Kamto’s party as well as the party for Social Justice of Rev. Kisob Bertin which has filed it candidate in Mezam.

Donga Mantung Division: Statuesque Maintained  
Politics in Donga Mantung Division is in the hands of two political giants, Dr. Fuh Calistus Gentry, Secretary of State for Mines, Industries and Technological Development and Hon. Awudu Mbaya Cyprian, Quaestor at the National Assembly cum Executive Coordinator of Pan African Parliamentarians Network on Climate Change. These two politicians dictate the pace of politics in Donga Mantung Division. During the 2007 Parliamentary polls, the four seats were shared evenly. The CPDM won the Parliamentary seats in Nwa and Ako/Misaje from the SDF, while the SDF retained the two seats in Donga Mantung Central Constituency (Nkambe and Ndu). H.E Dr. Fuh Calistus Gentry emerged from the Ako/Misaje taking over from late Hon. Chemu while Hon. Genesis Mbucksek also washy-washed Hon. Njinka Bungong in Nwa to go to Parliament on CPDM ticket. In the Donga Mantung Centre Constituency, the SDF triumphed with Hon. Awudu Mbaya Cyprian retaining his position and the ushering into the scene Hon. Esther Ngala Ntala, the lone female MP of the opposition. In the Municipal Elections, the retained the Ako Council, won Misaje and Nwa Councils while the SDF naturally retained the Nkambe and Ndu Councils. As to whether who emerges, the answer will surely be known by September 30, by mid night.
Donga Mantung Centre Constituency ( Nkambe/Ndu) Battle  Lines Drawn
It is evidently clear that the two candidates for the SDF are known. Hon. Awudu Mbaya and Hon. Esther Ngala Ntala are the flag bearers of the SDF party in the upcoming elections. They are the heavy weights and the sure bets. They are pair which a gambler could stake his/her resources on but since in politics the unexpected is not always left out.
Even though the list submitted to ELECAM by the Central Committee is being kept as a secret, it is abundantly clear that Gerard Ngala will face Hon. Awudu in Nkambe. As at Press time, dark clouds still surround the candidate of Ngandong Nfor Naomi in Ndu. It is alleged that another candidate was slot in at the last minute at the Central Committee, yet Ngandong Nfor Naomi’s candidature was endorsed at Divisional level even though she is little known in the field of politics. Donga Mantung Centre has two parliamentary seats for the Nkambe and Ndu Council areas which since the advent of multi-party politics have been ran by the SDF. In 2007, the SDF crushed the CPDM by 19.813 votes (62.90%) to 11.686 votes (37.10%). If we go by this result, the SDF will be going into the elections with an upper hand. CPDM candidate for Nkambe Central Gerard Ngala is some sort of a bulldozer yet natural factors have placed on his doorsteps an outsider in politics Ngandong Nfor Naomi who is making her debut. Notwithstanding, Nkambe registered over 22 thousand voters and Ndu over 23 thousand as compared to 2007. The battle for the Ndu and Nkambe is likely to be stiffer. This is so because of the influence paddling of the numerous council session councilors that have flooded the CPDM and SDF lists.  In Nkambe and Ndu both the CPDM and SDF parties have filed aspiring councilors in lists which have been described as colossal. On the SDF list for Nkambe one could find prominent new names like Chris Mbunwe, Chris Njowe, Nfor Nsakwa, Manjong Hilary, John Kwande etc etc. Yet, Mangoh Jones Tanko remains the master in grassroot politics and a heavyweight. On the CPDM list for Nkambe council, UFO like council aspirants have been endorsed. Prominent likes like Musa Shey Nfor, Chifu George, Chifu David Ngenge, etc. Ali Adamu Wilfred, according what we gathered is heading the list if not that last minute maneuvers could change things as has been observed in many places.
The Ndu Council list for the SDF has prominent names like Fon Martin Yembe and others while the CPDM list is made up of aspirants like Dr. Nick Ngwanyam and co. And for once Dr. Nick Ngwanyam will have the opportunity to address the population in a political rally to face local realities. Hope he(Ngwanyam) doesn’t hang horn-speakers on a car and be moving every morning from Ntundip to Ndu thinking that he is campaigning.
From all indications whether for Parliament or council the battle line in the Donga Mantung Centre Constituency has been drawn. Allegations are rife at that one billion FCFA has been tipped for campaigns. The unwavering truth whether money can buy votes when it comes to universal suffrage will be known before mid night on September 30.
Ako/Misaje Special Constituency-Misaje Determining Factor
In 2007, the CPDM outsmarted the SDF with the coming into the scene of Dr. Fuh Calistus Gentry in both races to win the lone Parliamentary seat and the two councils of Ako and Misaje. It was Maah Isaac who was SDF candidate while Dr. Fuh Calistus was CPDM candidate. Both candidates hail from Misaje Sub Division. However, the polls dictated with the CPDM carrying the day. In the Parliamentary, the CPDM won by 6979 votes (57.18%) while the SDF obtained 4847 votes (39.71%). When Dr. Fuh Calistus went to Parliament, he was later appointed as cabinet minister reasons why Hon. JK Ntoi stepped into his shoes given that he was his alternate. Recent primaries in the SDF catapulted a young dynamic man as Parliamentary candidate. Shewa David was voted by acclamation as natural candidate. On the other hand, the CPDM candidate for Ako/Misaje also hails from Ako. He is Abe Michael since Hon. JK Ntoi decided to retire yet keeping his position of Section President. Unlike Shewa David who hails from Akwaja the fief of the opposition in Ako, Abe Michael hails from Kuta with the highest number of registered voters.
Ndansi Elvis, National President of NUDP is also quoted to have been endorsed as Parliamentary candidate for Ako/Misaje. Three political parties will therefore lockhorns in the Ako/Misaje Special Constituency for the lone Parliamentary seat. Ndansi Elvis hails from Misaje.
As for the council list, the battle to control the CPDM run council of Ako may be rough. The SDF has filled in new blood while the CPDM on the other hand has injected new blood in the likes of Ntoi Victor. With Emimi Emmanuel haven stepped down due to age and ill-health, the struggle is being intensified. In Misaje, the SDF council list is headed by Maah Isaac while the CPDM list is allegedly headed by Sammy Mbgatta. Nkenda Simon, mayor has been up to the task. Allegations are also rife at that NUDP like in 2007 has submitted a council list. Prospers as to whether who win the council will abound high. Given the influence of the CPDM and that of Dr. Fuh Calistus Gentry as a political heavyweight in Misaje, the unexpected is casted.
Nwa Special Constituency-Suspense
Nwa Special Constituency has one Parliamentary seat and one council. Two political parties will compete in the race to Parliament and into the council. In 2007, the CPDM trashed the SDF to win both the Parliamentary seat and the council. Hon. Genesis Mbucksek, considered CPDM political strategist went to Parliament while Hon. Njinka Bungong rooted out of Parliament. Will a similar scenario repeat itself? That is the question observers have been asking given that Hon. Genesis Mbucksek has been preferred as CPDM candidate by the Investiture while Hon. Njinka Bungong also won SDF primaries in Nwa. It was the in-house fighting between Hon. Njinka Bungong and Kame Stephen, mayor that created cracks since what happened to cocoa is likely to coffee, the death of Yakabong, continue to hunt the CPDM in Nwa. More so, the differences between Dr. Ngomfe Loma-David and Hon. Genesis Mbucksek could likely sink the CPDM.
Senator Jikong Stephen Yeriwa is the eldest politician in Nwa yet he seemingly is play the game of the mastiff in taking side rather than diagnosing the problem before giving a wrong or right remedy. However, indicators are rife at that battle will be very stiff in Nwa. The CPDM council list for Nwa is headed by Dr. Ngomfe which implies that Mfumte is abetted. Key militants like Backbuin David, Meyong, etc are aspirants. On the other hand, SDF council list also has prominent names such as Komangang Elias which could not be neglected anyway. Suspense looms large in Nwa ahead of the September 30, 2013 twin elections. Questions as to whether Jikong will use his position senator to impose Nyanganji Job have failed woefully.

Bui Division- High Risk
 Prime Minister Philemon Yang hails from Oku in Bui Division. Even though he is not candidate, he dictates the pace of politics in the Division for the CPDM. On the other hand, there is Hon. Banadzem Lukong is SDF Parliamentary Group leader. The no-nonsense mayor of Kumbo, Njong Donatus is another determining factor for the SDF given his involvement in the Nkum/Mbiame stalemate at SDF primaries. In 2007, the 4 parliamentary seats were shared three constituencies. The CPDM emerged victorious in the Jakiri Special Constituency and Oku/Noni while the SDF secured remaining two seats of Nkum/ Mbiame and Kumbo Central. Hon. Kwi and Hon. Wirngo Buba were elected on CPDM ticket while Hon. Banadzem and Hon. Shey Ngoran were elected on SDF ticket.
Bui Centre Constituency-Nkum on Sale
Bui Centre has two Parliamentary seats for the three council areas. Nkum(Tatum), Kumbo Central and Mveh(Mbiame). If history were to repeat itself, SDF would certainly go to sleep and only gets up on Election Day to carry the day. In 2007, the SDF walloped the CPDM with a 53.45%(13.598 votes) against 46.55% (11.841 votes). Hon. Shey Ngoran and Hon. Banadzem emerged victorious on SDF ticket. But the issue of gender sensitivity let to Hon. Shey Lawrence Ngoran who has had health problems to be replaced by a woman. Yet the primaries ended up in a nightmare as militants stormed Fru Ndi’s Ntarinkon Residence after Njong Donatus allegedly influence the investiture’s choice of SDF parliamentary candidate. It is even alleged that a certain Shey Ngando Peter, the lone heavyweight whose wife won the primaries’ while he won as councilor later disappeared from the list of councilors. With all this cacophony, Nkum may likely be a slippery ground for the SDF. This may be very dangerous given that Mbiame is CPDM. Kumbo Central maybe swallowed in this mess. Hon. Banadzem is likely to Fon Dufe/Bongfen who are CPDM candidates.
As for the councils, Mbiame council is CPDM govern, Kumbo is SDF and Nkum too. The no-nonsense mayor Njong who was walloped in the last senatorial elections will surely lead the SDF council list. Meyeni Kifon may as well be in Nkum. As for the CPDM, the Mbiame CPDM list is mounted by the outgoing mayor while a colossal team of civil servants have invaded the CPDM list for Nkum and Kumbo central.
However, the stakes are very high in Bui Centre Constituency. Nkum will be the determining factor.
Bui West: PM Yang to Make or Mar
Bui West is what is popularly known as the Oku/Noni Special Constituency, Prime Minister Philemon Yang’s own Constituency. It has only one Parliamentary seat. In 2007, the CPDM carried the day stamping out the SDF with 9.531 votes (52.45%) to 3.641 votes (47.55%). Hon. Kwei Andrew emerged as MP to take over from Hon. Fai Mbuh (PM Yang’s brother) who had resigned from the SDF. However, the issue of marginalization is what is tearing the CPDM apart in Bui West. Noni wants the position of MP for reasons that since Oku has the post of Prime Minister, they should be given that position. It is even alleged that if Noni is not given the post of MP, they will all vote for the SDF. Rumours abound that it is for these reasons that during the last senatorial elections some two councilors from this constituency voted for SDF. If not that Dr. Fuh Calistus intervened to calm down flaring tempers, it would have been worst.
The SDF candidate hails from Noni we gathered for strategic reasons. With the SDF candidate already known officially, the note in the CPDM is sealed between Hon. Kwei Andrew and Mfinyo  Mabu. Reasons why Yang’s Constituency had no consensus list. As for the council, the Oku council is not in any difficult situation given the output of Ngum Jerome the mayor. In Nkor, Shey Kume Michael has been productive at the helm of the council but yet, faces a lot of back-cutting from within from people who think themselves as demi-Gods in the CPDM. However, Shey Kume Michael is a heavy weight when it comes to grassroot politics. On the other side, there are prominent politicians like Francis  Wache and Nfi Omer who are on SDF list. The truth is that Noni CPDM may win the Parliamentary seat but loose the council to the SDF if the Section President doesn’t take his hands off from dictating who should be where and for which reasons.

Bui South: The Jakiri Special Constituency for Highest Bidder
In 2007 the CPDM emerged from the doldrums thanks for the sacrifices of late Nshalai Christopher who bankrolled the campaigns. With the demise of Christopher Nshalai political scammers who were voted into office portrayed their true colours. However, in 2007 the CPDM won the lone Parliamentary seat by 7357 votes (52.12%) as against 6297 votes (44.61%) for the SDF. Wirngo Buba Kibo emerged as MP for Jakiri while Hon. Audu Nsanyu was ousted. Si years after and with the demise of Christopher Nshalai, Jakiri Parliamentary Seat is now for the highest bidder. Allegedly since there was no consensus in Jakiri, after scrutiny Hon. Wirngo’s candidature was preferred. Yet all eyes are still awaits the official list from ELECAM. The SDF candidate is no other person than Shey Wirba. Jakiri Special Constituency is set for the highest bidder for the lone Parliamentary ticket.
For the lone Council, the council list has prominent names like Shang Lawrence, the mayor whose output has been questionable to his opponents. As for the SDF list, there is no doubt that former mayor Jaff Romanus is the leading character. The Jakiri Council could likely change hands as there is no one to fruit campaign bills given that the present elected CPDM officials have been described as Japanese hand breaks and or faulty in their promises.

The SDF has dominated politics in Boyo, yet the CPDM has always played the kingpin whereas it is SDF dominated. This is so because there has been a lot of political instability in the designation of candidates. Fundong, Njinikom and Belo had always identified with the leading opposition while Bum was the bastion of the CPDM. The entire Division is a single constituency with only two Parliamentary seats to serve the council areas. Yet, Boyo was blessed with the election of Senator Wanlo John Chiamua and the appointment of Bochong Francis Nkwain into the Upper House. For the past years, Bochong Francis Nkwain has always played Father Christmas whenever two or more gather to talk about CPDM yet the real actions where in the hands of Senator Wanlo John in Bum. Hon. Njong has been confirmed as the SDF political kingpin for Boyo. The only intriguing thing about Boyo is that the entire division is a single constituency with two Parliamentary seats and four councils notably, Belo, Njinkom, Fundong and Fonfuka council areas.
In 2007, the SDF emerged victorious winning the two Parliamentary seats and three of the four council areas. Hon. Njong Evaristus and Hon. Ntam James entered Parliament to replace Hon. Bangsi and Hon. Paulinus Jua. The SDF won with 14,928 votes (53.29%) as against 12.397 votes (44.25%). With Ntam James sacrificed by the SDF investiture, the task ahead is not an easy one for Hon. Njong. This is so because NUDP of Belo Bouba will also compete in Boyo. Hon. Njong’s bid to Parliament may likely not be a bed of roses given that Fundong is threatening to vote the other way. But Hon. Njong is incumbent and Regional chairman whose potentials shouldn’t be neglected. Hon. Njong will depend on Belo whose female candidate is likely to sweep and galvanize hope. As for the council elections, Belo list is headed by the workaholic Tosam Bernard. He is a sure bet but as for Njinikom and Fundong, dark clouds loom large. In 2007, Tosam elbowed Madim Prudencia by an inch yet Madim Predencia is alternate senator. The reverse could happen in Belo if the entire Ndawara tea estate votes the other way. However, as for Njinikom council, the story is a sad one. Ngong Chiatoh has not been loyal to the party ever since he challenged the decision of the investiture on July 31, 2007 to becoming mayor.  With Hon. Nkwain now senator, his influence could turn tables in favour of the CPDM. And the CPDM could use the cracks to win. During April 14, 2013, it is alleged that the 12 councilors who voted against the SDF were from Njinikom. Yet this is Hon. Njong’s constituency. The race into the Fonfuka council has been sealed with the legacies of Wanlo John Chiamua and his being elected into senate. Except otherwise, the CPDM list headed by the 1st Deputy Mayor could likely crush the SDF list. Fonfuka council remains the only no go zone in the constituency.

Menchum: Wallowing in the Gutter
Hon. Nji Fidelis Muh Ziah has gradually imposed himself as the man who talks and everyone listens when it come to CPDM issues in Menchum Division. On the other side, Buh Sule is the man in command.  In 2007, the CPDM won the two Parliamentary seats and the four councils in the Division. Pundits and even politicians were hoping that Menchum was to emerge with a ministerial position. Hon. Nji Fidelis Muh Ziah and Wallang Richard won the two seats to enter Parliament on CPDM ticket. But nothing happened even though Hon. Nji Fidelis picked up an executive position in the Bureau of the National Assembly as Questor. Yet, the output of these elected officials both in the council and Parliament has been mediocre. That is why the entire Division is wallowing in the gutter and the smartest politicians will surely his/her crown from there to enter the council or Parliament.

Menchum North: Free for All
In 2007, the CPDM won the lone Parliamentary seat in that constituency that which is made up of Fura-awa and Fungom by 7264 votes corresponding to 59.09% against 5030(40.9%) for the SDF party. Hon. Nji Fidelis was elected MP. With Teng Cyprian now of late, and with the alleged pending pipe-borne water scandal in Bafmen village which is the largest in Fungom, the CPDM’s future hangs on a scale. If Teng Cyprian were still alive, he would have helped to rescue the CPDM given that being a journalists he was pregnant with political strategies. The worst thing is that SDF candidate is Ndong Larry Hills alias “Wum Boy” who is pregnant with moral fibers and development ventures at heart. However, Hon. Nji Fidelis will have to rely on Fura-awa for tables to turn in favour of the CPDM. The trouble is that Furu-awa is still waiting for its fair share of micro project which might complicate things for the CPDM. As for the council, the fon of Furu-awa remains the natural candidate. He is a sure bet but as for the Zhoa council prospect of the SDF re-conquering its lost territory abound high.

Mechum South: Trouble Water 
Menchum South Constituency is made up of Wum Central and Menchum Valley with one Parliamentary seat and two councils notably Wum council and Benakuma council. During the last Municipal/Legislative elections, the CPDM emerged victorious by winning both the Parliamentary seat and the two councils. The race to Parliament produced the following result, CPDM 8384 votes corresponding to 52.64% and the SDF 6089 votes’ equivalent to 38.24%. Yet, it was not easy for a consensus list. Cho Cyprian, Hon. Wallang and one other candidate allegedly submitted their files to the investiture. In fact, all eyes are turned towards Yaounde to know who will represent the CPDM in the race. With this cacophony, there is no doubt that there is trouble in the house. Cho Cyprian is a heavyweight and a man not to be pigeon hole with and on the other hand, Hon. Wallang is incumbent even though he is still hunted by the fact that he has a lot of unfulfilled promises, such as the water scandal, and the construction of a bridge in Wum Central. The CPDM candidate will face the vibrant Enwi Elizabeth, who has a big women and youth following. It therefore implies that the CPDM may face serious trouble.  In 2007, Njukwe Charles was voted as mayor on CPDM ticket but for the past years public opinion in Wum is aghast that he served as a grandstand Mayor. Njukwe’s name did not even feature on CPDM list of aspirant councilors. Buh Sule, SDF District chairman is going to use this cracks to stir more trouble in the CPDM. He is the council list leader. Prospects for the SDF to win the Wum council are high. As for the Benakuma council, the CPDM has always emerged victorious even when Kum Henry was Provincial Chairman of the SDF. Haven crossed carpet into the CPDM, Kum will be an added asset for Benakuma to consolidate it supremacy as CPDM bastion.

Momo: CPDM, SDF Galloping and AFP Withered  
Momo is vast but it is carved out into only two constituencies with three Parliamentary seats and five council areas notably, Batibo, Mbengwi, Widikum, Andek and Njikwa. Politics in Momo is dictated by three main persons, Ama Tutu Muna, Minister of Arts and Culture for the CPDM and Hon. Joseph Mbah Ndam, Vice President at the National Assembly and Senator Awanga Zacharia. However, experience has shown that in politics the unexpected is always ready to knock at the door and this is actually what is happening in Momo. But the question is ahead of the twin elections what are the prospects in Momo as AFP, CPDM, SDF and PAP prepare to swing into action.
Momo East: Unparallel Lines
This is Ama Tutu Muna’s own constituency and it is also Mbah Ndam’s fief too. It is made up of made up of Mbengwi and Batibo council areas with two Parliamentary seats. In 2007, the SDF won by 10.418 votes equivalent to 54.54.94% against 7523 votes corresponding to 39.67%. Hon. Mbah Ndam and Hon. PC Fonso moved to Parliament for the third time. Yet, Hon. PC Fonso has never understood how and what happened, and or the trick that the CPDM applied. Yet it was thanks to votes from Batibo, Mbah Ndam’s own fief that PC Fonso was rescued. The candidate for the SDF in the upcoming parliamentary election is a lady; she is the District chair lady, since Hon. PC Fonso for gender reason had to step down for a female candidate. She would certainly face Foumudam Eric in the crucial elections. On the other hand, Hon. Mbah is also natural candidate representing the interest of Batibo on SDF ticket. He would face a woman who is yet to be known given the intrigues the CPDM investiture has deployed. Col. Weriwo was infact was the best candidate yet Ama Muna imposed a woman whereas Col. Weriwo would only depend Batibo electorates to turn tables. Is that Ama did not want any other woman in Mbengwi Central to emerged? That is the question CPDM militants have been asking. As for the Mbengwi council it was shared between the SDF, CPDM and AFP in 2007. Whether a similar scenario will repeat itself remains a mystery. However, Tenoh Lawrence is SDF mayor yet his output has been flattering according to CHAMECC reports. Should the CPDM exploit the lapses of the arrest of Tenoh Lawrence on alleged stamp scandal, the SDF would need to work hard to retain the council.
 Momo West: Open to Adventurers 
It is made up of Widikum, Ngie and Njikwa council areas and one Parliamentary seat. In 2007, the CPDM won in the legislative by 11,998 votes (62.43%) as against 6626 for the SDF giving Enwe Francis the chance to make his first expedition to Parliament. Presently, more than three candidates submitted their files to the CPDM investiture. If Ubango Helly as we gathered is preferred, Hon. Enwe Francis may see his dream of a second mandate shortened. Senator Awanga Zacharia is the power broker yet his brother Robert Awanga is also on the list of those who are waiting for August 2, 2013 to know their fate. On the other hand, Atekwana is SDF kingpin in Momo East and carries along with him a great myth of true leadership. It is believe that where Atekwana chooses to go the population will follow and he is the only person to put an end to political adventurers. PAP, allegedly stepped into the scene in Widikum where former mayor’s name does not feature on the list of CPDM councilors. Ongeh Jerry we gathered was flushed out from even aspiring of becoming a councilor on allegations that he lives more in Texas than Widikum. Prospects that Widikum council could be shared are high. Johnny Aghogho, mayor of Andek too may likely face the line. The SDF on the other hand is already at the verge of celebrating victory in Andek and Njikwa.
Ngoketunjia: Fertile Variable Intrigues
Ngoketunjia Division has two Parliamentary seats and three council areas. Yet, for only two seats the numbers of aspirants from the CPDM have raised unanswered questions. Ghoghomu Paul has been described as the man of rough and hard situation. So he is the one who dictates politics in Ngoketunjia for the CPDM. On the other hand the almighty soft-spoken and vibrant SDF political guru Hon. Yoyo Emmanuel is kingpin for the SDF. Yet Ngoketunjia provides a very fertile ground not only for rice cultivation, but also for variable political intrigues.
Ngoketunjia South: Orphan
Balikumbat is a Special Constituency and it is no more news that with the passing away of HRH Fon Doh, the CPDM is like an orphan. HRH Fon Doh Gah Gwanyin was the political kingpin and his absence leaves behind an unfilled vacuum. In 2007, the CPDM won the lone Parliamentary seat by 7554 votes corresponding to 70.49% as against 2576 for the SDF equivalent to 24.04%. This was the best result in the region for the CPDM. Hon. Banmi Emmanuel was then elected to enter Parliament. Yet, allegations are rife  that Banmi could be preferred even though for geopolitical reasons the CPDM candidate for Parliament would have come from Bafanji or Baligashu. It is alleged that Gabsa Sixtus could equally be preferred as candidate. However, the CPDM candidate will face Dr. Leciga Pius who crushed Barrister Kemende to win the lone SDF ticket. With these cracks, if Bafanji and Baligashu decide to vote the other side to sanction Balikumbat, it will certainly lead to the collapse of the CPDM. Notwithstanding, the doors of the Balikumbat council has also be left widely open. The entire constituency now orphan like is yeaning for a kingpin who could play the role of late Fon Doh for the CPDM to maintain its supremacy.
Ngoketunjia North: Center of Political Intrigues
It covers Babessi and Ndop Central with only one Parliamentary seat. Ghoghomu is the CPDM kingpin yet surrounded by political deceits. He leans on Moh Sylvester and Uphie Melo Chinje to dictate political decision yet his surrounding is made up political Lilliputians who see nothing good in anything except in the form of bread. Three candidates submitted their files to the Central Investiture on CPDM ticket. Hon. Njingum Musa wants to succeed himself, Dr. Viba too who is section President is anxious and determined to go to Parliament. Six years ago the CPDM carried the day with 11.571 votes (52.65%) against 9733 votes (44.33%) for the SDF. Hon. Yoyo Emmanuel was replaced by Hon. Njingum Musa. Yet, Njingum for the past six years has passed time speaking in tongues. the yet to be known CPDM candidate will challenge Yoyo Emmanuel at the polls come September 30, 2013. The very preliminary symptoms of variable intrigues that generated between Yoyo and Tabali leading to SDF losing the parliamentary seat have caught the CPDM like wild fire. Questions as to whether the CPDM will make it again abound. The Ndop council is ready for auction to the highest bidder as individual interests are above collective interest. Ntoh Daniel who was arrested on alleged stamp scandal is mayor and yet is output has been questioned by the population,
In Babessi, the story is different. Fon Chafah Isaac of Bangolang who was very active during the last municipal elections has decided to stay mute. Moh Sylvester and Uphie Melo would not be able to outsmart Yoyo Emmanuel given his grip on Babungo and Baba villages. Even though Tikanjo Stephen mayor of Babessi on July 31, 2007 challenged the decision of the SDF investiture to win the mayoral position, he remains a heavyweight and a force to reckon with. For sure the Babessi council will remain SDF, except the unexpected happens.

Politics in Mezam remains in the hands of the SDF. Ni John Fru, SDF Chairman lives in Bamenda and he is the man in charge. On the other hand, there is Senator Achidi Achu alias politics na njangi who also dictates politics for the CPDM. Interestingly, John B Ndeh is also from Mezam, Fon Angwafo III too. Yet with all these bigwigs, Fru Ndi has made his impact. Mezam has three Parliamentary seats and six council areas, notably Bafut, Tubah, Bali and Bamenda I, II, III. It habours the headquarters of the leading opposition political party, the SDF and will register a score of political parties participating in the upcoming elections. SDF, CPDM, PAP etc.
Mezam North: For a Shock
It is made up of the Bafut and Tubah Council areas with one Parliamentary seat. In Bafut it is the young dynamic Mbonifor Kennedy who determines for the CPDM while in Tubah, Dr. Abety is the CPDM political kingpin. Yet, the SDF even with the passing away of Hon. Bujong has diehards like Langsi Abel andn Fusi in Bafut as well as Sofa Stanisluas in Tubah who are able to make the difference in a political match. Following the 2007 polls outcome, the SDF won by 13.598 votes (65.19%) against 6389(30.65%) for CPDM. Hon Bujong James was elected into Parliament. Fusi Naamukong was invested as SDF candidate and he is likely to face Mbonifor Kennedy in the polls or Abety’s female candidate as matters arises. But yet, if Mbonnifor is preferred there is going to be a match between the CPDM and SDF in the race to parliament. As for the Tubah council list, Sofa Stanislaus remains a heavyweight due to his legacies. Dr. Abety who purportedly relies on the students of Bamenda University to head the council list is going to pick his shock on polling day. The Tubah Council remains in the hands of the SDF and Sofa. The Bafut council on the other hand has been very vibrant with Langsi Abel in command. Lnagsi’s trappings as mayor of Bafut have endorsed the SDF list given that Bafut people in the council elections will vote the person and not the party. No head way for the CPDM list headed by Prince Achirimbi.
Mezam South: Surprises Ignited
It is the Santa Special Constituency where politics is dictated by Senator Achidi Achu and JB Ndeh. The Santa mafia may likely share the council again as was the case in 2007 in which in the parliamentary polls, the SDF won by three votes. Following the polls, the SDF had 9500 votes(49.69%) against (9497 votes (49.68%). Hon. Tumasang was elected to go to Parliament on SDF ticket. It took two days for the results to be made public. There were back doors negotiations and tension. Yet with the absence of Forjidam who spent money to cajole voters, the story would likely be different. Can the same scenario take place again? In fact that is the question many observers have been asking. Incumbent Hon. Tumasang will face Chopong Michael in the polls who is a Johnny just come in politics. H hails from Awing while Atanga, who heads the council list, will also have to face Kan Elroy Moses, popularly known as Man of God in the race into Santa council. In 2007, the Santa council was shared between the SDF and the CPDM. This is the only constituency in Mezam where the CPDM can also talk of a following.
Mezam Center: Bastion of the Opposition
It is the largest constituency in the North West Region with four council areas and just one Parliamentary seat. It includes Bamenda I, II, III and Bali council areas. In 2007, the SDF washy-washed the CPDM by 25.025 votes (64.59%) to 11. 780 votes (30.24%).  Hon. Fobi Simon was voted MP to represent the interest of the large constituency. Fobi Simon will certainly face Tawa Crisy in the polls. But the hand writing is already on the wall that the SDF will triumph. The Bamenda I council covers only Bamendakwe. Yet the CPDM has not been able to penetrate even with the presence of Ndumu Vincent Nji, government delegate to the Bamenda City Council who hails from there. The SDF is favorite. In the Bamenda II council which covers Mankon, Nsongwa, Mbatu and Chomba, the chips are hot for Balick considering his output. However, Matoya Cletus who heads the CPDM council is also lightweight.
 The Bamenda III council with the trapping left by late Prince Amandoh and the achievements of Fonguh Cletus leaves no one doubting SDF victory. Whoever is contesting on CPDM ticket in Bamenda III will only be considered as an adventurer.
Bali council was won by forfeiture by the CPDM thanks to the Bawock saga. Yet, the mayor of Bali has been considered as an absentee. The trappings of Ngwayala Raymond have been questionable. However, the SDF is just on a standby to take back the council come September 2013. It is not yet clear whether the Fon of Bali will use his influence as senator to change the minds of Bali people to vote for CPDM. A SUIVRE.

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