Saturday, August 24, 2013

NEC Meeting: SDF Advocates for Justice Before, During and After Elections

SDF Shadow Cabinet Minister for Youth and Social Welfare has declared that only justice can save Cameroon from collapsing into the doldrums. Briefing journalists in Bamenda during a meeting of the National Executive Committee (NEC) of the Social Democratic Front (SDF) Prof. Paul Nkwi said “if Cameroonians, Government, ELECAM and stakeholders are serious” there is nothing that can save Cameroon excerpt justice. According to Prof. Paul Nkwi, it is time for Cameroonians to be allowed to vote their consciences.  He further emphasized that the SDF party is for justice to prevail before, during and after the September 30 Municipal and Legislative Elections in Cameroon. He cited the case of Tiko where a CPDM council list was cooked up and was admitted by the Supreme Court, whereas according to Prof. Nkwi, the CPDM did deposit any council list in Tiko council area for the upcoming municipal elections. “This is unacceptable”, he noted. He observed that it is high time for Cameroonians to be given the chance to elect their leaders. 
It should be recalled that the National Executive Committee of the SDF is meeting after Supreme Court ignored and rejected petitions submitted by the SDF party. Today, August 24, would certainly enter into history books as the day the SDF took a stand on election matters. As Cameroonians await the final resolutions of NEC as to the decisions of the Supreme Court, sources say today's meeting will be stormy. Besides, classified sources also hinted that the assault on Madame Mary Awudu and Ngwayi Ivo by some CPDM militants in Nkambe will be one of the key points to be discussed. Pictures of Mary Awudu and Ngwayi Ivo we gathered were being paraded at NEC Meeting. The issue we have been informed is a hot potato in the hands of the administration as party militia takes Nkambe Central Hostage. 

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