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Presidential 2018: From Parliamentary Hopeful, Teche Nyamusa Declares Presidential Ambitions

 Felix Teche Nyamusa, a one-time parliamentary aspirant for Mbengwi Central whose parliamentary bid ended in columns of newspapers and internet posts, has declared his Presidential ambitions for 2018. Yet he has been inconsistently inconsequential given that he backtracks quite often. In another move, Felix Teche Nyamusa has gone hell-wire declaring that he will contest in the upcoming Presidential Elections Cameroon of 2018 on SDF ticket.  Public is doubting the seriousness in his declaration given that he spent over a year mobilizing for parliamentary elections but when time for primaries drew near, he almost dumped his ambition. Eventhough he was handicapped by the gender sensitivity component, doubts were casted as to whether he would have made it in the primaries. Here below is his declaration

2018 Cameroon Presidential: Felix Teche Nyamusa for President
Darling fellow Cameroonians, I, Felix Teche Nyamusa former SDF Mbengwi Parliamentary hopeful humbly submit for your appraisal my candidacy for the 2018 Cameroon Presidential Elections on my Party, the Social Democratic Front (SDF) ticket.
Considering that it is less than five years from now before this all important event (Presidential Poll in a corrupt, heavily indebted and poor country, Cameroon, that has had barely two Presidents in more than 50 years), we think enough time is not on our side to create meaningful change through the ballot box here. Hence our decision to kick starts planning immediately.
Fellow compatriots, help me pilot the fulfilment of our dreams for a contemporary befitting country. This call goes to Cameroonians of all walks of life, of all political opinion shades and of all ages. Once more dear country men and women, collaborators and myself, fully aware of the gimmicks that characterize Cameroon politics, have decided to be proactive - hence our beginning to talk and plan for this very important scheme right now and not targeting but some indefinite future !
    My biggest challenge, folks, supposedly will be to emerge as my party, SDF, flag bearer. After this stage, any other candidate be he/she from the ruling CPDM or other parties will be a walk over considering the strategy my campaign committee has in stock.
    Meanwhile, fellow compatriots, I urge all potential voters to collect their vote cards prepaid to vote and defend their votes, the SDF Parliament and Council Candidates come 30 September 2013. The SDF is the only Cameroon-salvation-hope. The party has again for the umpteenth time decided to test the claim of the very unreliable CPDM regime to a level transparent electoral playfield. My/Our warning to the insensitive Biya regime is that Cameroonians for too long have been over ill-politically stretched. Consequences of further manipulations? ! … Let the national and international community note this as 2013 Parliament, council and further polls are conducted.
    Back to the Felix Teche Nyamusa for President Bid - we will not accept any manipulations which include shifting of Presidential election date from the 2018 schedule.
    We have what it takes to ensure an effective renewal of government. The Presidency is an apex position, thus the President is the ultimate Cameroonians’ servant. Thus Cameroonians will, I have no doubts; give utmost attention to me (upon unleashing the worth-while manifesto in stock) for maximum service to them.
    Cameroonians know too well what a good electoral code, elections management body is. It will be up to the incumbent regime with our concern to modify adequately what passes today as governance paraphernalia less before the Presidential rendezvous, business as usual here will be a far cry!
    I plan to make Cameroon a space, Silicon Valley or contemporary technology/need destination in my reign as President of the nation. However, before this, roads for a rural economy like ours take pride of place. Even Douala and Yaounde the “Most Urban” of our towns still fall far below mediocre standards when it comes to roads. Inter and intra city roads, farm to market roads will be given priority to in the Nyamusa government. Simultaneously to be tackled as the roads network, is in-depth restructuring of the present school scheme from nursery to university (tertiary) levels that will confidently propel the Cameroon economy to a contemporary developed one – a scheme that will produce jobs-creating graduates at each stage of completion not certificates-carrying enthusiasts who are predominantly employment seekers as obtained today, is our candid aspiration.
    A befitting manifesto, dear country folks, will be made available in the days ahead.
Thanks a million
God Guide Cameroon!
Felix Teche Nyamusa, 2018 Cameroon
Presidential hopeful
28 July 2013.

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