Thursday, August 1, 2013

Sally Gentry: The Woman with a Difference

Sally Gentry flanked by Dr. Fuh Calistus during distribution of scholarship
 If the Fuh Calistus Scholarship fund is breaking grounds in Donga Mantung Division, it is thanks to Sally Gentry. This is so because she has never failed to accompany her husband every time he is out for a philanthropic trip. Last year, she mobilized Misaje women based in Yaounde and raised funds to acquire benches, textbooks, and other didactic materials which were donated to schools. Breed in a purely Christian political background, Sally Gentry sees philanthropy as the art of being serviceable to the community as virtue that should be passed on to generations to come. Early this year, Sally Gentry took the Christian Community of Misaje sub Division aback when she donated tons of religious books including Bibles to all the denominations. Like Mother Teresa, she looks beyond the common boundaries to make a significant contribution towards changing lives. Her devotion to support the promotion of the education of the girl child is being applauded. This is also where she has proven her dexterousness.
And being a God fearing person, her inspiration has often come from Genesis 1:28 which states that: “replenish and subdue it”.  It is therefore a noble sentiment that she has not only replenished the earth but has been subduing it.
While others in her position will certainly wear arrogance and snobbishness, she remains down to earth and accommodative. And shel goes beyond what she does for others  to make work the divine with humanity as she believes God makes Himself in all the things. Her successful departure from the madding crowd is what has earned her an award as Donga Mantung Women of the Year. She is therefore one of those celebrity wife of the Division that everyone young girl continue to admire as a role model. If all the women were doing same, life would have been different in rural areas reasons why she deserves to be congratulated.
In life there are three categories of people, those who make things happen, those who observe things happen and those who comment on the way things are happening. However, a right person falls within the rank of those who make things happen, this is where Sally Gentry finds herself.
There is a common saying that beside successful man is a found a  powerful woman. Sally Gentry is more compounded by the fact that her desire to extend a hand of fellowship to the needy goes beyond the kitchen. Reasons being that she has a soft-spot for development.  She is the kind of woman that thinks globally and acts globally. Welcome Sally Gentry who is a mark departure from the madding crowd because she thinks globally and act locally. As a woman she has shown proof of being an out of box systematic thinker.

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