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September 30 Twin Election: Opinion Puts SDF 26 Councils, CPDM 6

By Cassiamandou
CPDM on the Bumpy Road in NW
As September 30, 2013 approaches, a latest opinion poll in the North West Region puts the Social Democratic Front-SDF ahead of the Cameroon People’s Democratic Movement-CPDM. Political analysts on the other hand have opined that the CPDM will register a serious crash in Wum, Zhoa, Njikwa, Andek, Santa, Bali, Nwa, Ndop, Jakiri, Mbiame, Mbengwi, Nkor and Balikumbat council areas. This is so because of the poor output of the mayors as well as the party wrangling that has divided CPDM militants after the publication of the final list of aspiring councilors. Implicitly, the SDF will retain the Nkambe, Ndu, Belo, Njinikom, Fundong, Bamenda I, II & III, Bafut, Tubah, Nkum, Kumbo, Babessi council areas while the CPDM will triumph in, Bum, Misaje, Ako, Furu-awa, Widikum and Benakuma council areas.
Wum(Dinghabong Anthony versus Buh Sule)
The case of Wum council is so glaring given the poor output of Mayor Njukwe Charles and besides that he has been a perpetual absentee mayor. Popular opinion in Wum puts the SDF on a crushing win. Young and dynamic Dinghabong Anthony heads the CPDM list of 25 councilors while on the other side, it is Buh Sule who is heading SDF list. Yet Njukwe Charles doesn’t feature among the 25 selected CPDM councilors.
Zhoa (Embih Mathilda versus Geh Cyprian Ngum)
Zhoa Council on the other hand is also expected to sink with Hon. Nji Fidelis. More so, the uncompleted Bafmen water project further complicates things for the CPDM party. The CPDM list headed by Embih Mathilda will face SDF list headed by Geh Cyprian Ngum, yet popular opinion in Zhoa favours the SDF list. It should be noted that Zhoa Council has 35 councilors.
Njikwa (Wandum Bernard versus Abianji Lucas)
The mayor of Njikwa for example is little known and his results at the helm of the council have not been cheering. It is alleged that the mayor’s signature was suspended before the decision from MINATD suspending mayor’s signatures. Njikwa council for the past months was managed by the Divisional Officer. The former mayor not featuring on the list of 25 councilors is indicative. Popular opinion in Njikwa puts the SDF on the side of victory.
Andek( Awetua Samuel versus Amboufei Dianna)
Aghogho Johnny has been CPDM mayor for Andek for the past 6 years or so but yet his trappings have been doubted. He has been described as an absentee mayor and more so he was wrapped in the communal stamps scandal. Arrested, detained and later released public opinion indicates that the SDF will bank on these lapses to grab the 25 seats. The fact that the former mayor’s name doesn’t feature on the list of 25 councilors is indicative of an end of reign for the CPDM. 
Santa (Clement Wankie versus Kan Elroy, versus Achu Mandi)
In 2007, the CPDM partook in the sharing of the Santa Council. This was thanks to the efforts of Zachuess Forjindam and JB Ndeh. Forjindam it should be noted bankrolled all the campaigns for the CPDM in 2007. With his arrest and detention, the chips are down for the CPDM. JB Ndeh alone cannot stand the weight of the SDF even though Kan Elroy is CPDM council list. Three political parties, SDF, CPDM and NUDP will be contesting for the 41 available seats. Whether the Santa council would be shared as was the case in 2007 has been aborted by popular opinion.
Bali (Wandum Bunga versus Galiba Joseph, versus Atsaa Godlove)
 Raymond Nwayalla is the mayor of Bali Council, he was elected on July 27, 2007 given that SDF list was disqualified. With the SDF list accepted for the upcoming elections, three political parties will be competing for the 35 seats in Bali Council. Raymond Nwayalla has been up to the task even though his name doesn’t feature on the CPDM list yet trendy judgment holds that the CPDM will be crushed.
Nwa( Dr. Ngomfe versus Anthony Awunte)
In 2007, the CPDM won the Nwa council (41 seats). Yakabong John was elected mayor. He latter died and Dr. Ngomfe Loma David was elected to complete his term of office. Ngomfe’s trappings have been appreciated yet the CPDM is hunted by its own shadow. Public opinion in Nwa is favourable for the SDF as far as the council is concern. The CPDM may likely be beaten but will retain parliamentary seat especially as Mbem is likely to vote SDF for the council.
Ndop (Yah Cecilia versus Mero Nfuh)
In 2007, the CPDM won Ndop council (41 seats) thanks to the Yoyo-Tabali internal wrangling. Yet popular opinion in Ndop holds that the output of Ntoh Daniel as mayor has been mediocre. More so, the fact that Ntoh Daniel was wrapped in the communal stamp scandal whereby he was arrested and detained before was released further complicate election matters for the CPDM. The fact that CPDM militants are actually operating in diverse ranks has worsen the situation.
Jakiri (Jaff Sylvenus versus Jaff Romanus)
The CPDM won the Jakiri council thanks to the efforts deployed by late Christopher Nsahlai. With the demise of Nsahlai, the CPDM in Jakiri is like an orphan. Besides, the fact that Senator Emma Lafon and others ganged up to frustrate Hon. Wirngo’s bid to parliament has divided the CPDM into two factions. Hon. Wirngo’s loyalists have vowed to give CPDM a sanction vote thus giving the SDF the leeway to the council. Jaff Sylvenus is head of the CPDM list for Jakiri while Jaff Romanus is heading the SDF list. Jakiri council it should be noted has 35 councilors and since there are only two political parties, the possibilities of sharing are slim.
Mbiame (Fonyuy Fidelis versus Wirdzenyuy Celestine
Mbiame council has been under the CPDM yet public opinion is aghast with the mayor for being an absentee landlord. Shey Fidelis’s trappings have been underestimated by the population. Indicators are rife at that the SDF will march over by a simple majority. The CPDM for once has ignited preliminary synopsis of an imminent collapse. Even though Shey Fonyuy Fidelis is a financial guru, he may likely get a bitter lesson from Wirdzenyuy Celestine who is list leader for the SDF of 25 councilors. 
Mbengwi(Chunga Patrick versus Edena Enih, versus Fonanih Jonas)
In 2007, the Mbengwi Council was shared between the SDF, CPDM and AFP. Even though the SDF mayor Tah George was napped in the communal saga, his trappings have been applauded. With Minister Ama Muna imposing candidates in Mbengwi, the 2007 victory over Hon. PC Fonso will be far-fetched. This is so given that PC Fonso was flushed out and a vibrant female candidate catapulted. Yet three political parties will face each others in the field. Popular opinion in Mbengwi is for SDF glorious win. However, a sharing could again emerge after the poll another school of thought holds.
Nkor (Forgwei Alfred versus Bambo Pius)
Mayor Shey Kume Michael’s trappings at the helm of Nkor council have been wonderful yet the CPDM in Nkor has been auctioned to the hawks due to internal wrangling. The wrangling between the mayor and the section President may likely hand the council to the SDF on a platter of gold. Public opinion in Nkor holds that if the two could have a genuine reconciliation the CPDM may carry the day, yet another school holds that the disagreement between the two bigwigs jeopardized development project, a case in point being the construction of the Council Chamber. For CPDM to win in Nkor, they should be genuine reconciliation.
Balikumbat( Musi Eveline versus Yivah Alfred)
Balikumbat has been the bastion of the CPDM thanks to HRH Fon Doh Gah Gwanyin. The CPDM will rape the fruits of dismay as the kingpin is no more. Mayor Awasum’s involvement in the communal stamp saga has compounded issues for the CPDM opinion polls dictate. But this would be a serious challenge for Senator Dingha Ignatius and Hon. Banmi to demonstrate that they could fit in Fon Doh’s political shoes. It should be recalled that Balikumbat council has 31 seats.

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