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2013 Municipal/Legislative Elections: Show of Strength, Riches by SDF in Nkambe

Awudu Mbaya & Esther Ngala 
By Cassimania in Nkambe
The 2013 Municipal/Legislative elections of September 30, 2013 is already entering into record books in big names a "Show of Riches, Strength and Popularity". The launching of the campaigns by the Social Democratic Front-SDF in Nkambe has demonstrated that politics is a game that goes with numbers, riches
and gimmicks.
Militants, sympathizers and supporters of the SDF showed up in their numbers to listen to party officials as well as candidates. Addressing the crowd, the SDF District Chairman for Nkambe Mbeh Wilfred said time has come for those who said they could challenge in the polls to showcase their strength.  He said the SDF has been provoked and that it is now time for the truth. Campaigns, he added are not for people to tell lies but a time for everyone to show what he or she has done and what has been projected. He concluded that the SDF has already won calling on those on the opposite side (CPDM) to join them on September 30, to celebrate their genuine victory. 
The "manju" matching into the Nkambe grandstand
The Mayor of Nkambe on his part said that since politics started in Cameroon, what he is seeing could easily be described as the "riches campaigns ever". " I am a student of international politics and i have watched campaigns around the world. In fact this is the richest campaign. Do not always provoke someone who is richer than you are".
Mangoh Jones Tanko added that for the past 16 years the SDF run Council in Nkambe has recruited teachers, constructed classrooms, water schemes, health centers etc. Above all, he has constructed the best council hall which is second to none in the region, a befitting grandstand and a sports complex. Yet lamented that CPDM bigwigs have been holding meetings in the grandstand which he constructed and have the guts to say he has done nothing. Mangoh Jones Tanko added that while others are talking about development, the SDF is talking about consolidating sustainable development. Mangoh Jones Tanko continued by calling on the population of Donga Mantung Division to vomit the CPDM for once and for all. He said a sanction vote will serve the CPDM right for refusing to give the people of Donga Mantung the ring road, hospitals and other basic necessities. 
Madame Mary Awudu alias Ma Mary cum Campaign Manager of Awudu Mbaya in her usual style captured the minds of the populace in her speech. Mary Awudu said, the SDF is a sure bet and that victory is already on their way. She said money cannot buy everything because the (Wi)Mbum people are not items that could be bought and sold at 2000 FCFA. She wondered whether those who promised to empty their bank accounts to chase away Awudu Mbaya from Parliament have gone incomatoes with the riches. However, she reminded the population about the incident that took place at Wat where she was slapped. "By beating me, you will not even win this election". In her usual manner what she could said in her speech was also sang in a song. She added that the campaign was a kind of thank you that Hon. Awudu Mbaya wants to appease his people who have stood behind him for the past 16 years as MP for Nkambe. She went further adding that for the past 16 years, Hon. Awudu has nevr discriminate, h has constructed bridges in Tabenken, built the Green House at Binka Palace, donated to all the schools, churches, health centers yet she is surprised that a group of people want to divide the Mbum people through clannish politics. While explaining the meaning of names, she went further to say that Hon. Awudu will die before the CPDM will ever think of winning the parliamentary seat in Nkambe. However, she added that since politics in Nkambe has been transformed into insults, anyone that insults her will be served with a complete dosage."In fact we are not a foolish majority as they claimed, we are a people with a vision, focus and direction aimed at consolidating sustainable development, eradicating abject poverty and sacrificing to promote democracy, eradicate injustice and all those societal ills". The SDF is a vision she affirmed in a humorist song.
Hon. Esther Ngala Ntala, SDF incumbent for Ndu in the Nkambe Centre added that in Ndu the SDF has already won. She told the crowd that in Ndu, they have UFO politicians who pass time insulting them as illiterates yet the prowess is being doubted. He said that before elections were announced, there was one young man in Ndu, who was already carrying along with him the title of "Honourable". She said the young man on May 20, sat majestically on a horse and was waving at the crowd but the unfortunate thing is that the next day, the horse died. More so, when the moment for submission of candidature came, he also disappeared into the wilderness because he was not even allowed to contest. She regretted that before senatorial elections, Ndu had it own senator who was on papers making noise but when the time for people to be elected came, that very would-be never disappeared because the CPDM rejected him. "We have rejected all of them in Ndu" she added.  "It is a shame that the would-be senator of yesterday is struggling to enter into the council", she concluded.
Hon. Awudu Mbaya on his part warned that those who are destroying his campaign posters should no that it is against the law to commit such an act. He revealed that a day ago, some three recalcitrant boys were picked up by forces of order fraglante delito when they were destroying his posters. He called on the population to not give out their voters' cards in exchange for 2000 FCFA note. Hon. Awudu also declared that politics should be practiced with human face given in the next two weeks the struggle of ideas will end and they will still remain brothers and sisters. Yet Hon. Awudu Mbaya regretted that people who yesterday wanted to be MPs and or senators with lucrative jobs in cities have all come back home fighting to be councilors. "These ones are council session councilors but what i am asking them is why is it that they want to grasp everything for themselves". He also wondered loudly whether he (Awudu) was the person who asked that Biya should dismiss them. However, he said the Nkambe people are contented with the post of questor and they are jealously keeping it. He went down memory lane to pay homage to the great names in Donga Mantung politics starting with Late HON. JT Ndzi, Hon. Nsakwa, Fon Michael, Hon. Nsakwa, Hon. Tamfu etc but lamented that it politics is not war or money. "Where is this politics of sharing money coming form?' he questioned. Some of the CPDM militants he said who wanted to be ministers have now invaded villages that they want to be councilors "shame to them" he said. To Hon. Awudu Mbaya, anyone who thinks that he/she can promote politics of bitterness and hatred to excel should be considered as being on the wrong side of history. "It is not war because if w destroy ourselves, we will compete with who tomorrow?".
Talking about the Ndu genocide where women, men, boys and young girls were beaten to death by forces of law and order, Hon. Awudu Mbaya reminded the people that anyone who goes out to vote for such a government should be considered as being in a state of sin. He also announced that Fru Ndi, SDF National chairman will be in Misaje and Nkambe on September 26, and 27th respectively. In his conclusion, he revealed that plans to rig elections by the CPDM have been uncovered and anyone caught in the art of trying to rig the polls will face th population. "Vote and protect your votes from the hawks".

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