Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Aborted Election Splits WISU

* Political Peddlers Accused 
* Adhoc Committee Formed Amidst boycott
* SDO Recommends extraordinary General Assembly by December
The Wimbum Students Union, a one-time vibrant student body is wallowing in the gutter and in self-skirmishes. It has become a sinkhole for character assassination and fertile ground for political propaganda. Those who took the pains to attend the 34th Annual Convention of WISU at Taku village went home more confused than when they were going. This is so because expectations that a new executive was to be put in place came to null. It is alleged that the body put in place to manage elections was incompetent to the point that elections were postponed. Even though a communiqué by the Interim General President indicates that the reason to postpone elections was due to the fact that the constitution has to be amended, another school of thought holds that there were flimsy excuses. However, the Interim President sources say the outgoing President was also ready to hand over power yet was handicapped by the fact that the 2/3 majority as stipulated in the constitution be met up given that majority of those who raised hell were conspicuously absent. Another school of thought holds that they simply boycotted the elections. The question which abound is on the whereabouts of the 350 delegates who allegedly attended the convention. It is alleged that WISU is already in factions. This is confirmed by the fact that the Divisional Officer for Ndu stepped in to concert with them before an ad hoc Committee was put in place while waiting for the 2014 Elective Convention in Bongom. The question as to whether Nfor Dieudonne Nkeh, outgoing General President now Interim General President masterminded the saga remains another mystery. Yet, rumours were circulated that he (Nfor Dieudonne) had absconded but were faulty. Apart from the fact that plans are underway to ax the constitution for a list system to be functional from next year, in-house sources hinted Donga Mantung Eye that Nfor Dieudonne’s trappings are laudable but could be erased by the obnoxious plans to manipulate the constitution.  He is quoted to have lobbied and obtained support to fund WISU activities given that during the convention WISU  dished out three generators to GHS Taku, GSS Njilah and GSS Binka apart from the trophies and prizes handed out to teams.
One of the things that recently sparked controversy is the manner at which Mbum politicians want to penetrate the student body for votes. The Taku Convention is a case in point as political peddlers invaded the convention. The CPDM bigwigs are reported to have stormed the convention in party outfit in defiance to President Biya’s advice that politics should be for politicians and schools for pupils and studens. The SDO for Donga Mantung Division is quoted to have proposed that elections should be organized by December this year to rescue WISU from collapsing.

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