Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Did over 2000 Militants Decamp into the CPDM?

Kargong Eric Tabah alias Titanic
It is alleged that over 2000 SDF militants decamped in Ndu to join the ruling CPDM party. According to the statistics voiced out, the following figures were registered: Jirt-158, Fuh-180, Mbipgo-350, Kakar-303, Ndu Central (comprising of drivers union, achabas’ union where their presidents are on the list of CPDM councilors)-520, Njimkang (Naomi Nfor’s village)-85, Njipluh (Naomi Nfor’s residential area)-320, Ngarum-296, Mbah-215, Nseh-45, Mbiyeh-95 and finally Luh 300. Whether these figures are true or fabricated remains another mystery but since these carpets are meant to be cross, a school of thought holds that carpet crossing is also legendary in politics and a way to fight poverty. Yet sources from ELECAM office indicates that at Mbah only 155 voters registered for the upcoming elections, meaning that something is being done unfairly somewhere. Our investigation further revealed that Luh has only 300 registered voters etc etc. More so, bookmakers say crossing the carpet is public while casting a vote is secret, implicitly the unexpected usually triumphs. In a related story, the District Chairman for Ndu, Eric Ngabah has issued a release calling on the population to shy away from those moving around in search of votes to buy. He further warned that anyone doing so is doing it at his or her own risk and act which he says is punishable by law. (More in our net edition)

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