Monday, September 9, 2013

“Kaduna Mafia” Crumbles as North West Fons Union Disowns Fon Teche

Fai Cassian
The North West Fons Union-NOWEFU a one time vibrant association has finally gone incomatoes. The Council of Elders of NOWEFU has finally taken the bull by the horns after the unprecedented precarious situation that took North West into the doldrums. After the crisis meeting at the Mankon Fon’s palace, Fon Chafah Isaac, former President of NOWEFU now Secretary General of Cameroon Traditional Rulers Forum and the present President of NOWEFU Senator Fon Teche Njei are now strange bedmates. Fon Chafah and Fon Teche who had claimed supremacy as power brokers and ring leaders of “Kaduna mafia” are at loggerhead over another unknown and unhidden issue as Fon Chafah has chosen the side of truth. This is indicative that the North West Fons Union has finally landed itself in the gutter given that all attempts by North West Governor to broker for peace could not yeild any fruits.  
Last September 5, 2013, meeting by the Council of Elders made up of Fon Angwafo III of Mankon, Fon Senator Dr. Ganyongha III OF Bali, Fon Abumbi II of Bali, Fon Selhm Mbinglo of Nso, Fon VINCENT Yuh of Kom, Fon Chafah Isaac of Bangolang, Fon Ndofoa Zofoa of Babungo, Fon Anneng Francis of Bafmen and ten others  ended up with a communiqué in which they observed that:

·         There has been a shameful marketing of traditional titles and values of the North West people, spearheaded by the incumbent President of NOWEFU Chief Teche Njei of Ngyen Muwa, which should stop with immediate effect;

·         There have been several attempts by Chief Teche Njei of Ngyen Muwa to marginalize Paramount and First Class Fons, including prominent fons of NOWEFU in the NOWEFU-decision making process affecting the North West Region and its people;

·         The lack of transparency and accountability of funds collected over the national territory in the name of NOWEFU.

What is however very interesting in the crisis that NOWEFU has been torn into pieces as its President Fon Teche Njei who was formerly known as the fon of Ngyen Muwa is being described as a chief not fon by as colleagues. More so the fons went further to state that the tradition of the North West “is being damaged by Chief Teche Njei”.  Determined to maintain the dignity which has been robbed in the mud, they (Council of Elders) unanimously decided as follows:

·         All traditional titles awarded under shameful doubtful circumstances by Chief Teche Njei and his click are questionable and shall be subjected to thorough review by the General Assembly of the North West Fons’ Union;

·         The further marketing of traditional titles that contributes to the degradation of the North West culture and tradition should stop with immediate effect;

·         Request the chairman of the NOWEFU Constitutional review committee, the Paramount fon of Bafut, to co-opt the Council of Elders in the preparation of a revised constitution to be presented to the General Assembly;

·         Call on all Fons of the North West Region to remain calm until a General Assembly is convened;

·         Expressed total satisfaction to the election of Niat Njifenji Marcel as the President of the Pioneer Senate of Cameroon;

·         Greatly appreciates the activities of the Government under the leadership of President Paul Biya, with Mr. Philemon Yang as Prime Minister, Head of Government;

·         Finally, reaffirmed our unflinching support to President Paul Biya, Head of state, National Chairman of the CPDM and Fon of Fons.

Popular opinion in the North West is aghast that the Council of Elders has acted very late after NOWEFU has been destroyed. Yet confidential sources hinted us that what is tearing NOWFU apart is money.  More so, it is alleged that some of the fons even exchanged blows weeks ago in Yaounde after Fon Teche outsmarted them. According to the hint, the fons had travelled from Bamenda to Yaounde to hand another royal stool to the Secretary General of the Presidency, and while in Yaounde, they were outsmarted by NOWEFU President who carryout the handing over with some few fons and pocketed the gombo. Sources say even Achidi Achu, Fon Teche’s best companion was also outwitted in the deal. Rumours abound that Achidi Achu and other fons after discovering that they were outsmarted by Fon Teche drove to the Presidency but were not allowed to get in. They were, according what we gathered refused entering to meet fons Teche and some few pocketed fons. Yet, Achidi Achu has also been cautioned to stay off any affairs of NOWEFU. However, FON Teche has denounced the communiqué adding that the Council of Elders doesn’t have any place in the constitution of NOWEFU. Notwithstanding, a classified source hinted this reporter that all titles given out by Fon Teche have been suspended and that an extraordinary General Assembly will be convened to pass a vote of no confidence on Fon Teche.  In a desperate move, Fon Teche our source hinted accosted Ntumfor Nico Halle but the later was mute over the issue given he was the first victim of the “Kaduna Mafia”. This is however indicative given that it his ignited the collapse of the so-called "kaduna mafia" as it leader Fon Chafah and Fon Teche have fallen apart.

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