Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Late President Ahidjo’s Daughter Gives Reasons Why She is Campaigning for CPDM

 By FC Ndi
Aminatou flanked by Jean Nkuete

The daughter of the first President of Cameroon has given the underlying reasons for her joining the CPDM. "My membership in the CPDM goes beyond the mere possession of a voter a card. It results from the requirement to take an inheritance. As I said, much of the history of Cameroon is in this family, I can not ignore that another part of this story runs in my veins. And the blood that flows in my veins, I can still hear nostalgic emotions of my father President Ahmadou Ahidjo who worked tirelessly to build a strong and prosperous Cameroon " "Act otherwise would be to betray the memory of my father as the bounden duty to bring my modest contribution to the advancement of our dear and beautiful country. Do otherwise would be ungrateful vis-à-vis thousands of parents, brothers and sisters for whom my return home is a new beginning. To do otherwise would finally fail in my duty of gratitude to the National President Paul Biya through whom I speak today” says Aminatou Ahidjo. She cleared the air a forthight ago while addressing CPDM militants in Garoua. Repeating a quote from President Biya as well she added that “sometimes you forget the past. Mutual forgiveness”, she emphasized is “a path that leads to lasting peace. We must have the courage to silence our passions to focus on the essential, that is to say, move forward together, hand in hand, towards the realization of our national destiny. This is the price that we can create the conditions for genuine reconciliation of hearts and minds and strengthen our democracy ", is according to Paul Biya in a speech in 1992 in Garoua.
However, critical minds are of the opinion that she is a disgrace to the family while popular opinion holds that she is grown up, knows the right from the wrong and it is her freedom to chose where to belong.

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