Friday, September 20, 2013

Municipal/Legislative Elections: Bloodshed in Nkambe as CPDM/SDF Clash

By Wamey Panky
The clash between militants of the Cameroon People Democratic Movement, CPDM and those of the Social Democratic Front, SDF party took place at the campaign grounds last Thursday, 19th September, 2013 has left the administration of Donga Mantung wondering whether politics has been transformed into a game of madness.
Sylvia Adija
The incident happened at about 6pm. It is told that since Sunday when the campaigns were officially launched, it had been the tradition of the SDF party that after the day’s run about on their campaign, they all have to assemble in front of the Divisional Hotel located at Binju to assess their activities. On that fateful evening, the CPDM militants chose to assemble in front of the Divisional Hotel.  When the SDF campaign caravan arrived, efforts were made to block their vehicles into the arena. The owner of the Hotel, Julius Mbunkur who is a councilor of the SDF was shocked to find them there because he had no pre-knowledge; attempts to get his car to the parking point met with brute resistance.
    Militants of both parties were forced into brutal confrontation as SDF wanted to gain her rightful place. When the CPDM pretended to have left the scene, they decided to haul stones, bottles and sticks at the SDF crowd. There was confusion and in the mad rush, several militants of both the CPDM and SDF sustained injuries that landed them on hospital beds. A certain Nformi Mabuh had a fracture. One Awoh Nfor alias Jekaje of the CPDM who is accused to have thrown one of the bottles that broke a lady’s head was caught fragrant-dilecto by the SDF vanguards. In anger especially for those already wounded, Awoh Nfor was given snake beatings and left unconscious. It is told that the very Awoh Nfor in an SDF rally had beaten the Wat market Master to near death. The SDF campaign medical team after an instantaneous first-aid, rushed their victims to the Nkambe District Hospital. 
Ndi Bruno
The incident was brought to calm thanks to the arrival of the SDO for Donga-Mantung, Bernard Ngone Ndodemesape who came with some forces of Law and Order. The SDO called for calm and prayed for peace. He pleaded with both parties to carry their campaigns peacefully and with brotherly feelings. He equally challenged the various parties authorities to take control of their militants especially the youths who always too hot.
    According to Hon. Cyprian Awudu Mbaya the leader of Donga-Mantung  campaign t beaten eam and SDF Parliamentary hopeful for Nkambe, CPDMS provocation and brutality had reached its acme and his party will no longer tolerate.  (we’ve endured a lot of provocation and brutality from the CPDM party( he vented. It could be recalled that during an SDF Conference in Wat village, some CPDM grown-ups had Madam Mary Awudu, wife to the MP for Nkambe, Hon. Cyprian Awudu Mbaya beaten at the Wat market Master, Ivo Ngwayi alias Ajento Baba was beaten and left unconscious- he passed through Nkambe District Hospital, Banso Baptist Hospital to the Bafoussam General Hospital since his skull was seriously affected and is yet to recover; a young man who resigned from the CPDM to the SDF in Moh, was beaten and knifed for leaving the party; SDF posters in Nkambe town were torn into pieces by the CPDM agents. 
Nformi Mabuh
Hon. Awudu said these and many other forms of provocation and brutality on the SDF militants had pushed them to the wall; and couple with the fact that they had always alerted the administration but in vain, they will henceforth respond brutality with brutality and fire with fire. He declared that the people of Nkambe and Donga Mantung had vomited President Biya and his CPDM party and he did not know why the CPDM militants were angry at that decision rather than trying to mend their ways. He continue to blame this politics of bitterness on the  new arrival in politics of the young Gerard Ngala Ndongbang because the older politicians he saw and those he worked with in different political parties did not know violence but could dine together and joke over their campaigns.
Several efforts to get the CPDM Parliamentary Candidate, Gerald Ngala Ndongbang comment on the incident failed as he turned down several calls to that effect. Equally, H.E. Jones Shey Yembe, leader of the CPDM campaign team for Donga Mantung centra could not be reached at the time of this report. However, if much care is not properly taken by individuals, party officials, the security and the administration there is nasty trouble ahead in Nkambe at this election period. Uncertainty looms large in Nkambe as both parties are determined to face each other. Classified sources say tugs of some political parties were spotted with tear gas and that groups of party militias are becoming more violent.

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