Thursday, September 19, 2013

PM Yang to Meet Biya's Unfulfilled Promise to Donga Mantung Division

 By Cassimania

Politicians nowadays have proven that they no long feel they have a profound responsibility to tell the truth. Call them the people of the liar and you would have said the right thing. Promising heaven when they cannot even afford hell for a people or community appears to be a style that has become automatic in politics, not something they agonize over.  Lying has become normal behavior especially in lofty campaign speeches or during political campaigning. The 2013 municipal and legislative elections is providing another fora for politicians to think that they no longer spend time justifying it to themselves or their supporters what the promised and could fulfilled. 
Prime Minister Yang Philemon is expected his first entry point into Donga Mantung on Friday September20, 2013 from Nwa where he will woo voters. Since the Prime Minister will surely travel on the Ring Road, he will meet Biya’s un-kept (unfulfilled) promise of personally supervising the tarring of the Ring Road.  The ring road has remained the darkest corner of the history of the people of Donga Mantung Division for the past 52 years. Yet, the CPDM talks of development more than any other political party. “Let them give us the road and the CPDM has our votes, they have just two weeks to do that. We are tired of empty promises. Don’t they say that where the road passes development follows”, says Ndzi Kembang, a driver. Eventhough PM Yang will move in an exceptionally luxurious car, he will surely get a glimpse of the ordeal, the torture and fill the bitterness from the hot air.
 At about 11 am, he is also expected to address the population to cajole for votes. From Nwa, PM Yang will stage manage another political rally at the Ndu grandstand at about 1pm that the same Friday September 20, 2013. In his capacity as the CPDM Campaign Manager for the North West Region, he will meet the following burning issues. In Nwa, expectations are at that PM Yang would surely address the issue of transforming the oldest sub Division (Nwa) into a full-flesh Division. An issue many a political elite(s) think is overdue.
While in Ndu, the population will be looking straight into his face anxiously for him to present a word from the National Chairman of the CPDM Paul Biya. Hear-say in Ndu, we gathered is expecting that PM Yang Philemon should announce the date, or day that President Biya himself will come to apologize to the people. The apology according to pundits is linked to the incident (Ndu genocide) that took place in Ndu some years ago when the military brutalized the population which resulted to lose of lives.
However, on Saturday, September 21, Prime Minister Philemon Yang will fly over Nkambe to Ako, the border town to stage another political campaign meeting at about 10 am. Ako Sb Division has its own mishap. The lack of roads, potable water, electricity and the worst is that the economy of 55% of the villages is in the hands of the neighboring country for lack of access roads into the Cameroon markets. The CFA Francs is not even recognized in these villages, yet the politics lies in the hands of Cameroon. At about 2pm, Prime Minister Philemon and his campaign team will touch the soil of Nkambe, the Divisional headquarters of the former Nkambe Division. In Nkambe, PM Yang will surely observe from inside his limousine how cars are moving anti-clockwise to Bamenda, as the ring road has gone in tears again. He will see on the faces of those who cannot even tell him the truth that the creation of the Far North West Region(Savannah Region) is a general cry and that the more days, months and years pass, the more exhausted the people are.
From Nkambe, PM Yang will move to Misaje Sub Division at about 4pm. While in Misaje, Yang will have the possibility portray that charity begins at home and justice next day. However, expectations are high as to the fact the Misaje has the potentials of being an earth road junction linking Cameroon to Nigeria. More so, the population will be expecting to listen to him pronounce the tarring of the Misaje-Noni-Oku road and or the creation of the Kimbi Division( Misaje, Noni, Oku and Bum included). He will bid farewell to the people of Donga Mantung from Misaje via Kimbi.

But What will He (Yang) Tell the People of Donga Mantung
If politics as they say is a way of life, and or a short-cut to development speculations as to what Prime Minister Yang Philemon will tell the people of Donga Mantung abound high. This is so because for the past years, politicians make empty promises, get votes and disappear into the wilderness. This is not a matter of cynicism; it is just prudent and logical to mistrust just about everything said by any politician. Be it of the opposition or the party in government, they are birds of the same feathers says John Tawong Nguro. To Nkeh Valiscos, “if you think that a particular politician lies supports your views, then it may not bother you, but it should”. While Kang Germanus is of the opinion that people should forget about the rationalization that politicians merely misspeak or that they are just fallible human beings like the rest of us.  He says the regular behavior of politicians is lying without any hint of it.  The only thing that politicians now fear is losing control and inadvertently telling the truth!
However when it comes to Yang Philemon, Cameroonians think he is not just a good man but a right person. Surely, PM Yang will start by telling the people of Donga Mantung what he thinks is right. Since it is a political meeting, no one would dare to present the problems of his or her locality. The song birds of praises would sing the CPDM song and leave the scene. Yet Yang is expected to talk about the tarring of the ring road, whether contract has been awarded or not and if yes which company.
If the statement is not pronounced, it will not just be a wrong step for the CPDM; it would be the wrong track and the falling into an abyss.

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