Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Senator Jikong’s Homecoming Sparks Controversy

 A forth night ago, HRH Senator Jikong Stephen Yeriwa who doubles as the fon of Jato village staged his homecoming in Nwa and not Nkambe, the Divisional headquarters as it has being the case with other senators. Senator Jikong, it is alleged smuggled himself to Nwa. This is so because like in other places where other Senators have always accompanied their colleagues at homecoming, the Senator for Donga Mantung tiptoed into Nwa where he was received by a tiny group of people. Implicitly, sources say the event was heavily boycotted and that even the god’s of Nwa were seemingly aghast with the senator.  Donga Mantung councilors we gathered are wondering whether they made the right choice. Many continue to question whether his alternate Ngi Christopher wasn’t the better choice, yet Senator Jikong unexpectedly replaced Ngi Christopher at the last minutes. It is even alleged that the boycott is link to the in-house wrangling that is rocking the CPDM in Nwa. Talking to this reporter on ground of animosity, one CPDM bigwig acknowledged that the heavy downpour can never be interpreted as a blessing. ‘Showers of blessings are very different from the heavy downpour we witnessed in Nwa on this day”, he concluded.  The heavy downpour of the rain was indicative to the fact that there was anger in the wilderness. CPDM militants of Nkambe, Ndu, Misaje and Ako are also aghast with their Senator given that he also ignored them during his homecoming. However, unconfirmed sources say HRHR Senator Jikong is planning to stage a separate homecoming in Ako/Misaje. The question as to whether Nkambe and Ndu CPDM have been barred from seeing him abound high. 

Courtesy of Donga Mantung Eye No 30

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