Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Sept. 30, Municipal/Legislative: Court Slams Two Years Jail Term on Election Rigger

 The court in Ndop has found young Fiakinda Alain guilty of two counts. Fiakanda Alain who was caught in possession of two voters' cards has been slammed a two-year jail term. The Ndop Court of First Instance passed the ruling on September 25, 2013 after the suspect pleaded guilty. According to information gathered Fiakinda Alain had registered in two polling stations in Bamuka-Ndop with two different names with the intention to make money during elections.  Sources from ELECAM in Ndop hinted that Fiakanda Alfred registed at Mbanka I Polling Station using his real names Fiakinda Alain and later registered at Mbanka II using the name Fiakinda Alfred. To camouflage and make it look as if it were a different person, he changed his second name and the name of the mother.  Political pundits are of the opinion that Fiankinda's case is just one in a million of other election riggers who could not be identified by the biometric system and that the ruling should serve as a warning signal to many youths who are being used by politicians to rig elections. As September 30, approaches, politicians in the North West who had developed obnoxious plans to rig elections are in panic. It is alleged that Fiankinda was pushed into committing the electoral crime by one CPDM bigwig yet the said personality wasn't in court to console the young man.Fiakinda Alain it should be noted is the first victim of biometric voters card in the North West Region of Cameroon. A classified source at ELECAM has however hinted that many more victims will follow suit.

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