Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Choh Isah Buba: Development Luminary Elected Mayor of Babessi

By Fai Cassian Ndi
Choh Isah Buba: Mayor of Babessi
The best thing that ever appened to Babessi council was the fact that Choh Isah Buba the pioneer mayor of this municipality was on September 16, 2013 elected as mayor. If we go by the popular saying that a good player never lacks a team, Choh Isah is therefore a good player who would never lack a team as the former SDF mayor bounces back as CPDM mayor.
Even though he left the SDF party because he was not happy with the policy, his endeavours at the helm of the Babessi coupled with his natural touch in politics have had reason over his detractors. He has been seen as the silent locomotive in the development and progress march of Babessi sub division. When he staged a spectacular come back in CPDM colours as mayor of Babessi council, the euphoria that saluted his election was so eventful that everybody is sure that he will continue where he ended in his strive to foster development. Being a great politician and a perfect one for that matter, his charming and beguiling strategies as far as development issues are concern have been the very epicenter of his political strives. Talking to this reporter barely a day after he was elected mayor of Babessi, Isah Buba said he is not coming into the council as a fortune-hunter given that he knows the problems of the people and he already has an agenda of priorities for the municipality. “ I know the problems of this municipality, it will not be a one man-show because I will work with all the councilors, the population and the administration to make sure that we get basic health facilities, construct classrooms for schools, provide the villages with potable water and above all, that more farms to market roads are constructed to reduce post-harvest waste”. He says if these priorities are achieve, the population will move from a state of gloom to productive and by it, the council will also witness an increase in revenue.
When asked what he left behind as the pioneer mayor of the Babessi council, he said “I constructed this council edifice from revenue collected locally and it is pathetic after several years nothing significant has been added to it”. It should be noted that the Babessi council chamber was constructed in the late 90s at the time FEICOM was not disbursing funds for the construction of council chambers yet Choh was able to raise money locally to provide the municipality with a nice looking structure. “I need to work in total collaboration with the staff of the council, my deputies, councilors and the local population as well as  the administration to succeed in this task. I know it is a great challenge to head the council but I am certain that we will succeed in giving a new orientation to development in this municipality”, he confirmed.
Harping on the legacy he would like to leave to the people of Babessi as he bounces back in a new political colour, Choh said that “I think what i will leave as a legacy will be the long term projects. For the first two years, i would like to meet uo with the social amenities of the people. The structure you see behind me, i constructed it and with the present day challenges, I think I will have to put up a more befitting strcuture for the council”. Choh said he was mayor from 1996 to 2002 but later resigned from the SDF to join the CPDM. When quizzed why he left the SDF for the CPDM, Choh Isah said he was not satisfy with the policy and that the development he was for could not come from the SDF. Yet sounds very optimistic with the policy of the CPDM. When asked by this reporter whether he falls in the rank of those who join the CPDM because they have things to hide, Choh Isah said he is not one of them and would never be one.

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