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Election of Mayors: Who is Who in Donga Mantung Division

 Nwa Council-Tussle on Top
Dr. Ngomfe Loma David: He is the incumbent CPDM mayor and hails from Mfumte area. His trappings as mayors have been applauded yet face a lot of challenges from within for uncorrected lots. He is likely to have a stiff challenger. From all indications, Dr. Ngomfe may have more than one challenger for the post of mayor. Pundits are of the opinion that what transpired in July 2007 may repeat self in Nwa.

Menyong Lawrence Ngasah: He is first deputy mayor and a teacher by profession. His ambitions of taking over the top job in the municipality may be ripe this year if he submits candidature. He has a wider experience given that he is currently the 1st Deputy Mayor and could easily steps into Ngomfe’s shoes if preferred by the CPDM investiture.

Misaje-The Unexpected

Nkenda Simon Sunde: He is the CPDM incumbent and would likely face a stiff competition from two contenders. Nkenda may be handicapped by the famous gentleman agreement which stipulates that Dumbu area may produce the next mayor. However the Mbessa conclave is giving Nkenda the much needed support.

Sammy Mbgatta Nforkembah: He is the Section President and many see him enjoying the support of Minister Fuh Calistus and other local party officials. He hails from Bebekette in the Dumbu area. This municipal treasurer for Nkambe council is likely to be the major contestant to Nkenda’s ambitions of picking a second mandate as mayor given that he hails from Dumbu area. He is a community mobilizer and has God given charm that  makes a good leader. He is also a favourite for the crown of mayorship.

Yougouda Bouba Adamou: He hails from Akweto and has the backing of El Hadj Baba Danpoullo. Even though he has been mute over the issue, allegations abound that he could spring surprises if he declares candidature. The presence of Elhaj Baba Danpoullo in Misaje on polling day amidst PM Yang’s convoy, speaks for itself.


With the SDF haven been bundled out obnoxiously, elections of the next mayor of Nkambe council is highly expected to produce the person who will enter Mangoh’s shoes. However, here are the potentials that public opinion in Nkambe is favourable on their capabilities.  Some may not have shown interest in the bid, but they fall within the ranks of the people who could handle the council.

Ngabir Paul Bantar: He is the Section President and hails from Nkambe village. His being there as Section President is not by luck or error but by merit. However, it Ngabir Paul who is the favourite candidate given that he is jam-packed with experiences in project writing and his legacies at the helm of CamCCUL and BAPCCUL speaks volume. He is the favourite per popular opinion and he has sacrificed a lot for the party. He enjoys the support of young boys in Nkambe who are threatening that if he is not selected, they will all cross carpet. But seemingly Ngabir Paul may have potential challengers lik:

Nfor Musa Shey: He hails from Ngwanri and accumulatively, he is the delegate of the Chamber of Agriculture, President of CamCCUL, BAPCCUL and ANEMCAM. He is a heavyweight and has thoroughness in development issues; he is popular candidate for the job despite putting on several caps which might be too heavy. But much is also expected of him given his capabilities in development endeavours.

Musa Adamu Amos Shey: He is a veteran journalist and could spring surprises. His international reputation is an added advantage. Musa Adamu Amos Shey alias Adamu Musa who hails from Binshua is an asset but unfortunately he could not win elections in Binshua. Affair a suivre.

Nfor Frederick Budi: He hails from Binka and is the Binka people’s choice for mayorship. If he gets the backing of Shey Jones, he is likely to pick the mayoral position. Yet Kimbi Mangeh alias Bob Mickey and Nchuwa Monica could surface in the last minute for the race.

Ngala Ngah Jacob: He hails from Mbot and he is likely to be a good candidate for mayorship. He is the popular name from Mbot who many things can make a good mayor for Nkambe. However, any of the two Chifus on the list could equally spring surprises given their aptitudes and leadership qualities.

Ako: The Unforeseen

Having beaten the CPDM, the SDF will run the Ako council for the next five years except otherwise. However, in Ako seemingly three contenders have expressed their intentions for the position of mayor.

Jonathan Edu: He was the first SDF mayor for Ako and for the past 6 years, he has been in the cold given that the CPDM took over. The question as to whether Jonathan Edu will bounce back abound high. Being a senior citizen and community leader, his chances of winning the bid are high.

Akio Augustine Abe: He is former mayor and hails from extreme lower Mbembe. Implicitly, he is a major contender given his position in the party. More so, he enjoys the support of other SDF elite politicians of Donga Mantung Division. He is credited for purchasing a council hilux, a truck and constructed the Ako grandstand which for six the CPDM run council helped to destroy in just six years.

Amos Bamu Sanda: He is SDF district chairman and hails from Ako center. He is a potential candidate given that he is God-fearing and has leadership qualities that are rare in local politicians. Amos remains a major challenger in the bid for mayorship except the investiture decides otherwise. As an optician he used the macro-lens of his trade to craft the future of the SDF in Ako reasons why he took up residence back home three years ago.

Ngoba Cletus: This is trained accountant that served with ONADEF for several years and has the experience in management. He is a disciple of SDF national chairman Fru Ndi, believes very much in the ideologies of the Social Democratic Front and is admire for his astute personality put over the years. His trademark on agro-forestry is visible along the road to Abongshie. Ngoba Cletus being an ardent Christian and born again, gives him an added advantage to be vest with the post of Mayor.

Ndu: Out of the Blues
D K Nfor:  Eight SDF contenders are said to have submitted applications for the mayoral position in Ndu council. However, David Karngong Nfor is the incumbent yet doubts have been casted as to whether he would go in for another mandate not because he did not perform well but due to his age which many think he has to retire but the decision lies in the hands of the investiture. His trappings at the helm of Ndu council have attracted a lot of admirations that earned him numerous awards. Out of the eight contenders here are DK Nfor’s major challengers:

Martin Fon Yembe:  He is the former SDF chairman and has gone into record as an assailant politician. Martin’s knowledge in project writing and leadership qualities places him on the pedestal of the mayoral position. This is an asset given his journalistic skills that could make him a good lobbyist for the people of Ndu. His record as SDF Provincial Chairman with 19 parliamentarians from the North West is yet to be broken.

Bunyui Emmanuel:  He is the son of the late Bunyui Jonathan (the late workaholic mayor of Ndu). Besides, he is also a retired educationist whose community endeavours could easily be diagnosed through the Wowo Community College and how he interacts with others. He is surely one of the favourites for the top job. He has served in various positions in the party given that he was also Altenate MP to Hon. Esther Ngala.

Nformi Lucas Docta: He is one of the contenders for the mayoral position for Ndu. His ability to deliver the goods can also never be doubted given that he has proven that he could bring about innovation.

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