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Here is the New Configuration of the Cameroon Rubber Stamp National Assembly as Proclaimed by the Kangaroo Court

 By Devoe Nih
 The Supreme Court sitting in lieu of the Constitutional Council has proclaimed the results of the September 30, 2013 Legislative elections. As predicted by political pundits, the hands of the judges were not tied but yet to majority of Cameroonians, the fact that all the petitions submitted by political parties were rejected has been seen as a kangaroo decision. However, the event was attended by government ministers, heads of diplomatic missions accredited to Cameroon, civil society organizations and host of national and international journalists. This solemn ceremony which took place on Thursday October 17 was presided over by Supreme Court Chief Justice, Alexis Dipanda Mouelle.
 In all, 29 political parties participated in the legislative elections and the total number of registered voters stood at 5,481, 226. Out this number, 4,208, 796 participated while 1, 272, 430 abstained giving a general participation rate of 76.79 %. Notwithstanding, 185, 503 null ballots were casted while 4,023, 293 valid ballots were casted at the polls.
A closer look at the new dispensation of the Lower House paints a picturesque of CPDM having an obese majority with 148 Parliamentarians out of 180. If the ruling party has lost five seats (due mainly to muscular comeback of UPC party) as compared to the previous legislature, the CPDM benefits greatly from the majority which allows the party to govern the country without making alliances as was the case in 1997. However, the CPDM party won all the seats in the South and East regions but managed to grasp some few seats in the Northwest, West and Littoral region which traditionally were SDF fief. In the same vein, NUDP, UDC, MRC and MDR parties also grasped one seat each. It should be noted that NUDP also emerged by showing it strength in the Far north Region while UDC of Adamu Ndamu Njoya carved it traditional niche in the Noun Division. Maurice Kamto's party which is barely a year old also won one seat which is indicative while the party of Cmeroon government vuvuzela Issa Tchiroma could not win a seat, as will as 289 others. However, political observers are of the opinion that the rigging mechanism of the ruling CPDM is so vast and powerful that even a hundred opposition parties put together can’t overpower it. Here below is the new political landscape in the Lower House.
Adamawa Region:
Dahirou Ahmadou(NUDP)
Faro et Deo
Aboubakar Ibrahim (CPDM)
Mayo Banyo
1- Ibrahim Dewa (CPDM)
2-Mme Vedjou Esther (CPDM)
1-Baoro Theophile (CPDM)
2-Yaya Doumba Marius (CPDM)
3-Mme Halia Moussa Moufta(CPDM)
1-Ali Bachir(CPDM)
2-Mme Zoubainatou Salihou(CPDM)
3-Koulagna Abdou(CPDM)
Centre Region
Haute Sanaga
1-Etong Hilarion(CPDM)
2-Mme Abomo Fama Marguerite Aline (CPDM)
Lékié East
1-Ndongo Essomba Jean Bernard (CPDM)
2-Mme Epondo Fouda Cecile Marie (CPDM)
3-Koa Luc (CPDM)
Lékié West
1-Eloundou Barnabe(CPDM)
2-Nyassa Epse Bekolo Ebe Julienne (CPDM)
Mbam et Inoubou
1-N’nolo Epse Onobiono Marie Suzanne(CPDM)
2-Matsang Seyi Mama(CPDM)
3-Mandio William Peter(CPDM)
Mbam et Kim
1-Mgbatou Pierre(CPDM)
Mefou et Afamba
1-Melingui Roger(CPDM)
2-Koa Mfegue Laurentine Epse Mbede(CPDM)
Mefou et Akono
1- Ada Owono Epse Nguini Effa Marie (CPDM)
1-Ntsama Belinga Jeanne Epse Ottou(CPDM)
2-Djomgoue Paul Eric(CPDM)
3-Emah Etoundi Vincent De Paul(CPDM)
4-Ongola Omgba Jean Simon(CPDM)
5-Nanga Epse Menana(CPDM)
6-Ahanda Assiga Yves Martin(CPDM)
7-Pangmashi Roland Fue(CPDM)
Nyong et Kelle
1-Sende Pierre (Upc)
2-Bapooh Lipot Rober (Upc)
3-Ngo Nyaga Epse Djon Ii (Upc)
Nyong et Mfoumou
1-Nkodo Dang Roger(CPDM)  
2-Mballa Ngodo Catherine Epse Mfoula(CPDM)
Nyong et Soo
Mbarga Assembe Luc Roger(CPDM)
Mekongo Helene Epse Atangana(CPDM)
CPDM= 25
UPC= 3
East Region
Boumba et Ngoko
1-Gbayanga Robert(CPDM)
2-Dope Honorine Epse Assognolebot(CPDM)
Haut Nyong
1-Mebande Brigitte(CPDM)
2-Ekanga Abate Joachim(CPDM)
3-Za’abe Janvier Sulver(CPDM)
1-Dimbele Boui(CPDM)
2-Mme Man Jacqueline Christiane(CPDM)
3-Danata Paul(CPDM)
Lom et Djerem
1-Kombo Gberi(CPDM)
2-Tak Bienvenu(CPDM)
3-Mme Ngbanbaye Antoinette(CPDM)
Bilan :
CPDM= 11
Far North
Diamaré Centre
1-Sali Dairou(CPDM)
2-Amadou Adji (NUDP)
Diamare North
1-Hamadou Sali(CPDM)
Diamare West
1-Zondol Herssesse(CPDM)
Diamare South
1-Sali Boubadjan(CPDM)
Logone et Chari
1-Kamssouloum Abba Kabir(CPDM)
2-Ali Adjit(CPDM)
3-Mme Mariam Goni(CPDM)
4-Sassouan Hirihiri(CPDM)
Mayo Danay East
1-Manamourou Epse Silikam(CPDM)
2-Nikina Pierre(CPDM)
3-Bouba Jean Taida(CPDM)
Mayo Danay North
1-Bara Julien(CPDM)
Mayo Danay South
1-Laoussou Pierre (MDR)
Mayo Kani North
1-Haman Tchiouto(CPDM)
2-Boulou Nguizi Joseph(CPDM)
3-Mme Madjele(CPDM)
Mayo Kani South
2-Mme Aminatou(CPDM)
Mayo Sava
1-Cavaye Yeguie Djibril(CPDM)
2-Abba Malla(CPDM)
3-Adama Epse Djibrine(CPDM)
Mayo Tsanaga North
1-Gonondo Jean(CDPM)
2-Gondji Elias(CPDM)
3-Viche Taga(CPDM)
4-Mme Kwarmba Solange(CPDM)
Mayo Tsanaga South
Mayo Tsanaga Sud East
1-Dougouf Djonkio Ali(CPDM)
Total :
CPDM= 27
MDR= 1
Littoral Region
Moungo North
1-Sime Pierre(CPDM)
2-Eyoum Minono Epse Epoube Lydienne(CPDM)
3-Essame Joseph Ernest Pierre(CPDM)
Moungo South
1-Mpacko Kotto Jean Claude(CPDM)
2-Mbapte Jean Baptiste(CPDM)
3-Mme Dissake Nee Ekoka Marguerite Helene(CPDM)
1-Komba Gaston(CPDM)
Sanaga Maritime
1-Moutymbo Epse Ayayi Rosette Juliette(CPDM)
2-Mboui Joseph(CPDM)
3-Banlog Polycarpe(CPDM)
Wouri East
1-Ngahane (CPDM)
2-Elise Ndongo Moutome Epse Pokossy Ndoumbe(CPDM)
3-Nintcheu Jean Michel (SDF)
4-Souob Lazare (MRC)
Wouri Centre
1-Dooh Collins Albert Kouoh(CPDM)
2-Mme Marlyse Rose Douala Bell Nee Dimodi Tongo(CPDM)
3-Joshua Nambangi Osih (SDF)
Wouri  West
1-Edimo Ndoumbe Oscar(SDF)
Wouri South
1-Owona Kono Joseph Hyacinthe(CPDM)
CPDM= 15
SDF= 3
MRC= 1
North Region
 Bénoué East
1-Aliyoum Fadil(CPDM)
2-Mme Mai Rachel(CPDM)
Bénoué West
1-Ali Mamouda(CPDM)
2-Mme Oumoul Koultchoumi Epse Ahidjo Mohamadou (NUDP)
1-Maounde Leonard(CPDM)
Mayo Louti
1-Amadou Mohaman (NUDP)
2-Mme Douvaouissa Aissa Hamadi(NUDP)
3-Harouna Nyako(CPDM)
Mayo Rey
1-Bello Limane (CPDM)
2-Mme Fadimatou Sambo(CPDM)
3-Yaouba Abdel Aziz(CPDM)
Total :
CPDM=  9
North West Region
1-Njong Evaritus Ndim (SDF)
2-Wainachi Nentoh Honourine (SDF)
Bui Centre
1-Banadzem Joseph Lukong (SDF)
2-Mbiye Caroline (SDF)
 Bui West
1-Kwei Andrew Mngo(CPDM)
Bui South
1-Wirba Joseph Mbiydzenyuy (SDF)
Donga Mantung Centre
1-Awudu Mbaya Cyprian (SDF)
2-Ngala Esther Ntala (SDF)
Donga Mantung East
1-Genesis Mbucksek(CPDM)
Donga Mantung West
1-Abe Michael Ndra(CPDM)
Menchum North
1-Ndong Larry Hills (SDF)
Menchum South
1-Wallang Richard Ebua(CPDM)
Mezam Centre
1- Fobi Nchinda Simon (SDF)
Mezam North
1-Fusi Naamukong Wilfred Aziya (SDF)
Mezam South
1-Nji Tumasang Paul (SDF)
Momo East
1-Mbah Ndam Joseph Njang (SDF)
2- Edema Enih Mbah (SDF)
Momo West
1-Enwe Francis Abi(CPDM)
Ngoketunjia North
1-Njingum Musa Mbutoh(CPDM)
Ngoketunjia South
1-Banmi Emmanuel Dingha(CPDM)
SDF= 13
West Region
1-Wa Mathurin Martial(CPDM)
2-Nzougnou Dit Fotsa Ngong(CPDM)
3-Manfouo David(CPDM)
4-Kegne Mafong Josephine Epse Fotso(CPDM)
Haut Nkam
1- Juimo Siewe Claude(CPDM)
2-Mme Ndengue Nya Bernadette (CPDM)
3-Wantou Siantou Lucien (CPDM)
Hauts Plateaux
1-Datouo Theodore(CPDM)
2-Mme Fotso Nee Chebou Kamdem Faustine Villanneau(CPDM)
1-Kouinche Albert(CPDM)
2-Mme Fotso Laure Pauline(CPDM)
1-Fossi Jacob(CPDM)
2-Madio Gnitidem Odette Louise Epse Melaga(CPDM)
3-Youwo Bernard(CPDM)
4-Mme Emabot Brigitte(CPDM)
5-Nguefack Placide(CPDM)
1-Kankeu Joseph(CPDM)
2-Deffo Oumbe Sangong (Sdf)
1-Feutheu Jean Claude (CPDM)
2-Dzite Epse Ngassam Therese (CPDM)
Noun -Centre
1-Mme Tomaino Ndam Njoya Hermine Patricia (UDC)
2-Mfouapon Alassa(UDC)
3-Mme Samba Mariama(UDC)
4-Mbouombouo Mama(UDC)
Noun -Nord
1-Nsa Moussa (CPDM)
Total :
CPDM= 20
UDC= 4
South Region
Dja et Lobo
1-Mvondo Assam Bonaventure (CPDM)
2-Nnama Marie Therese Epse Essame(CPDM)
3-Monessel Prosper-Merime Theodore Alexandre(CPDM)
4-Mbe Assae Mendomo Theodore(CPDM)
5-Bekono Ebah Pauline Epse Ndoumou(CPDM)
1-Mme Biloa Tsilla Zitha Marie Esabelle(CPDM)
2-Oyono Martin(CPDM)
1-Atangana Aligui Cecile Catherine Epse Mendouga(CPDM)
2-Zam Jean Jeacques Noël(CPDM)
3-Nlang Martine Epse Ngbwa(CPDM)
Valée du Ntem
1-Mbiam Emmanuel(CPDM)
Total :
South West
Buea Centre
1-Lisinge Arthur Ekeke (CPDM)
Fako East
1- Fritz Ngeka Etoke(CPDM)
2-Mme Etombi Ikome Gladys(CPDM)
Fako West
1-Emilia Mojowa Lifaka(CPDM)
Koupe Manengouba
1-Ngujede Ngole Robert(CPDM)
2-Aleh Eyabi Clarah(CPDM)
Kumba Centre
1-Mbanya Bolevie Petnga (SDF)
1-Ateawung Foju Bernard (CPDM)
1-Nsosie Ebah Susana Epse Opku(CPDM)
2-Enow Tanjong(CPDM)
3-Igelle Elias Terhemen(CPDM)
Meme West
1- Martin Atinda Mboni(CPDM)
1-Mary Muyali Boya Epse Meboka(CPDM)
2-Njume Peter Ambang(CPDM)
3-Ngalle Daniel Etongo(CPDM)
Total :
Grand total
UDC= 4
MDR= 1

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