Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Jaff Romanus Makes Spectacular Comeback as Mayor of Jakiri

Left to Right: Incoming mayor Jaff, the SDO for Bui, Out-gone Mayor Shang
 The Jakiri town hall was the avenue of the historic election exercise of September 17, which catapulted Jaff Romanus to helm of the Jakiri Council. The former SDF mayor for Jakiri was voted by acclamation given that he stood unchallenged. The election exercise registered the presence of over 1000 people who showed up to witness the Senior Divisional Officer for Bui, Nsekie Theophile perform the rite. There was commotion when Jaff Romanus was declared as the mayor elected for Jakiri. Singing and dancing took the centre stage.
In his acceptance speech, elated Jaff Romanus said he would spare no effort to make sure that the Jakiri council will get to every household, quarter and village. He said top on his agenda will be the creation of farms to market roads to disenclave production basins. Before proceeding to symbolic handing over, the SDO for Bui prescribed peace and development to the newly elected council executive. On his part Shang Lawrence, the outgoing mayor of Jakiri said he was happy to have contributed his own part and that he is also delighted that he is handing over to the person who in 2007 also handed the council to him. Before leaving Kumbo, the SDO for Bui said the election of mayors took place in Bui in a serene and calm atmosphere. He praised the people of Bui for their maturity in politics calling on the newly elected council officials to put the interest of the communities ahead of their personal interest because they will be judged following their trappings as mayors.

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