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Meet The Newly Elected Mayors of North West Region

  Mezam Division
Santa: Kan Elroy Elected Mayor: The Santa mafia is what it is because during every election, a drama is always crated to portray how difficult it is for the CPDM to win elections there. In fact those who took the pains to witness the council executive elections in Santa council went home more confused than when they were going. The controversy that surrounded the election of deputy mayors had diverse interpretations. Kan Elroy was elected mayor unchallenged but when the moment to elect deputy mayors came, the SDO for Mezam said the composition of the council executive should reflect the political configuration of the council. Tempers flared as CPDM councilors were bent on taking all the four deputies. The plenary discussions were suspended for over two hours. After resumption, since both parties could not reach a compromise, the supervisory authority opted for elections. The CPDM had 31 votes while the SDF had 10 votes. Arithmetically, he declared that the CPDM has won the position of 1st, 2nd, and 3rd deputies while the position of 4th deputy goes to the SDF. When Mezam SDO Ngele Nguele declared the results, tempers flared again and he ordered for the suspension of the deliberations. Before suspending the deliberations, the SDO for Mezam said that “no one is above the law” and that if the CPDM feel cheated, they can take the matter to court.
On his part, the mayor elect Kan Elroy Moses said that it was pathetic that the senior Divisional officer did not inform them before the process. To him, the decision doesn’t only penalize Awing village, it puts the CPDM in a very difficult situation given that the people of Awing may give them a sanction vote. He said the decision is bias given that Piyin has the position of mayor and the position of 4th deputy mayor while Awing has nothing.
Before leaving Santa for Yaounde, CPDM Central Committee delegate Minister Fuh Calistus Gentry declared that his party’s lawyers were working on the issue. Harping on the decision by the SDO for Mezam, Minister Fuh Calistus was very diplomatic in his pronouncements adding that if the CPDM has been cheated, the party will make sure that the decision is reversed.
It should be recalled that the CPDM council list leader Kan Elroy was the popular choice for mayorship he stood unchallenged. Kan Elroy’s measuring rod is no other person than the former SDF mayor Wanki Clement Atanga whose output has attracted a lot of criticism from bookmakers. However, Kan Elroy will enter into record as the first CPDM mayor for Santa since 1990. Commonly known as the Man of God, his philanthropist gestures and orientations towards fostering development would materialize with his being there as mayor.

Caroline Bi Bongwa Catapulted Mayor of Bamenda I
She already has a record as the first ever female mayor in Mezam and would also be celebrated as one of the two CPDM female mayors of the North West Region. She was elected by 31 out of the 31 councilors that make up the deliberative organ of the Bamenda I council. For the first time, the destiny of the people of Bamendakwe lies in the hands of the CPDM and a woman for that matter. Even though the Bamenda City Council Government Delegate Vincent Ndumu Nji hails from Bamendakwe, which may make the Bamenda II council a chouchou to the Bamenda City council, Minister Atanga Nji contribution to the success of the CPDM are not doubted. His triumphant entry to Bamenda I on horse back to celebrate a victory clearly indicates the truism in the political act that gave CPDM the victory.  However, Atembang Paul who many saw as the best man of the hour humbled himself to gain the prestigious position of kingmaker. With Caroline Bi Bongwa dusk has settled on the controversy surrounding the selection of mayor and the clannish tendencies that had reached it peak in Bamenda I council area. As Caroline Bi Bongwa puts it, she would work for the interest of the population in order to leave a mark of greatness for the CPDM to show.

Bamenda II: Balick Awah Fidelis Trusted
Balick Awah Fidelis is the incumbent mayor and was once again trusted the crown of mayor of Bamenda II. Balick Wah stood unchallenged as he succeeded self at the helm of the Bamenda II council. Even though pundits were speculating as to whether Benjamin Fru Ndi would challenge him, it came to past that the argumentative mayor staged a comeback without any difficulties. The movement for the restoration of Mankon nationhood must have been shocked given that Balick enjoys the blessings of Ni John Fru Ndi and the Paramount Fon of Mankon though CPDM given his trappings as mayor. He got 27votes out of 31(3 null and 1 against) to slam a crushing win to meet the same worries such as the distribution of revenue from markets around Bamenda, management of parks etc.

Bamenda III: Fonguh Cletus Gets Own Mandate
Fonguh Cletus succeeded late Prince Amandou Pius as mayor of Bamenda III after the later kicked the bucket. Pundits predicted that  Fonguh’s chances of becoming mayor were on the balance following his managerial savvy. Yet it came to past that he finally picked the crown of mayorship given that he enjoys the blessing of the Fon of Nkwen and that of the investiture given his achievements. Expectations are high as to whether his orientation will revolutionize to measure late Prince Amandou’s level.

Bafut: Langsi Abel Breaks Myth
Langsi Abel is the sitting mayor and he recently demystified the notion that “no one has ever succeeded himself as mayor of Bafut”. Before September 16, 2013 public opinion in Bafut placed him high. And on polling day, just picked got the needed support to succeed self at the helm of Bafut council. Langsi Abel remains a masterpiece when it comes to transparent management. Except otherwise Langsi’s only obstacle will be the long standing notion that no mayor succeeds self in Bafut.

Tubah: Tanjong Martin Tussles out Sofa
Sofa Stanislaus is now history in Tubah council. The unexpected happened when SDF District chairman Tanjong Martin challenged the investiture’s decision to contest in the council executive elections. Surprisingly, he booted out the incumbent mayor Sofa Stanislaus by 24 votes to 9. As District chairman Tanjong Martin falls in the ranks of Mangoh Jones, Tikanjo Stephen, DK Nfor and Chiato who in 2007 challenged the decision of the SDF investiture. Even though the population of Bambui people stormed the council premises arguing that they cannot accept to be lorded over by someone who did not win elections in his own area, the SDO for Mezam on his part said any protest be done within the ambit of the law. However, popular opinion in Bambui holds that since Tanjong lost elections in Bambili, his fate for the mayoral site is on the balance. Notwithstanding, another school of thought holds that it is his erudite campaigns in the whole of Tubah that led to SDF victory, as such, his sins can be forgiven. Tanjong’s act of challenging the decision of the investiture has been interpreted as a simple act of faith that has ended up with a handsome return.  Affair a suivre.

Bali: Ajong Augustine Enters into Nwayalla’s Shoes
He is the new mayor of Bali council. He is the section President and was voted unchallenged even though others who had earlier manifested their interest ended up devastated given that party hierarchy could not favour them. With Raymond Nwayalla now history, the new man to pilot the affairs of the Bali council is Ajong Augustine.

Bui Division
Kumbo: Njong Donatus Earns Fourth Mandate
It once seemed like Njong Donatus Fonyuy wouldn’t be mayor for life but earlier last week, councilors of the Kumbo council gave him another mandate. It wasn’t a surprise that he was again voted mayor of Kumbo for another term. Njong Donatus Fonyuy, the no-nonsense mayor of Kumbo council has again won but this time he was challenged even though many thought his bid could not be challenged even by the flies. It came to past that Njong’s challenger had 8 votes. He has been there for close to 17 years and he is being celebrated for his numerous achievements. After all, Njong remains the most talk-about mayor in the North West Region.

Nkor: Wache Francis Wins Big
 With Shey Kume the CPDM incumbent mayor being booted out alongside the CPDM in Noni sub division by the SDF, Fonyuy Francis Wache was elected mayor of Nkor council. Wache’s experiences as a perfect journalist coupled with his know-how at CEFAM are an asset for the municipality. Francis Wache was voted in a highly contested election. With Francis Wache heading the Nkor council pundits say the CPDM may likely sink into the doldrums in PM Yang’s constituency.

Elak-Oku: Ngum Jerome Creates the Unexpected
He is a force to reckon with given his aptitude in handling administrative, developmental and financial matters. It is also his development prowess that pushed the councilors of Oku to place their trust in him by giving him a second mandate. The mayor in office in Elak-Oku council, Ngum Jerome has set the pace through his achievements. Allegedly three contenders were waxing to face Ngum Jerome in the race including his second deputy mayor yet the councilors demonstrated their loyalty in him to vote out the newcomer. In Oku, the CPDM machinery was hooked when they wanted to impose and impostor as mayor. Allegedly, majority of the councilors threatened to walk over to the SDF if their choice will not be accepted.

Jakiri: Jaff Romanus Makes Spectacular Comeback
With the America wander talkative CPDM mayor of Jakiri Shang Lawrence haven been vomited out in Jakiri, Jaff Romanus, the one time dynamic SDF mayor is the name on every lip. Jaff Romanus commonly known as “Roman” by the populace was voted by acclamation on Thursday September 17, amidst joy and fanfare. This workaholic former mayor who is a professional pig farmer, a development oriented giant and man-of-the people took over the council keys from the man he handed the same keys in 2007. Jaff Romanus’s spectacular comeback into Jakiri council attracted hundreds to be witness the beginning of a new way for the people of Jakiri. It was the dynamic Nsekie Theophile, SDO for Bui who thrilled the over 1000 man-crowd with African proverbs before prescribing peace and development to the mayor elect.

Nkum: Suila Aruna Kidze Stages Own Jumpstart
Formerly, Suila Aruna Kidze was one of the deputy mayors in Nkum council. He created the unexpected when he was voted to enter into the shoes of his former boss. He has been turning round the corridors of power for the past 17 years, patient dog-like, he has at last been handed the fattest borne. Expectations are high that his experience in the council will be an asset as he takes over the management of the council. The most interesting thing about Aruna is that he is soft-spoken but very intelligent when it comes to introducing new orientations. But since development is not an item that has been hanged, Aruna will have to demonstrate his worth as a graduate. Even though his candidature for mayor was challenged, Suila Aruna won brilliantly.

Mbiame: Fonyuy Fidelis Dictates Own Law
He is the incumbent mayor and was again given the unflinching support to head the Mbiame council for a second mandate. He created the unexpected when first rejected his nomination by arguing that some councilors lately accused him of being an absentee landlord. On bended knees, the councilors begged him and he used the opportunity to impose his own deputies. The councilors accepted his choice of deputies and his team was voted by acclamation. One thing is clear that Fonyuy Fidelis will continue to administer the Mbiame council by proxy but the difference will be that he has competent deputies, thus prospects of succeed are high.

Momo Division
Andek: Awetua Samuel to Surface as Mayor
With the absence of the incumbent CPDM Aghogo Johnny not featuring on the list of councilors, Awutia Samuel has surfaced as the mayor of Andek.  Even though many say he is a newcomer, popular opinion says he is a system’s man and has the capacity to instill development efforts in Andek. Considering the controversy that surrounded the Andek council, Awutia Samuel is expected to instill hope and fosterdevelopment efforts to gain more popularity in that municipality.

Mbengwi: Mbamuku  Nduku Beatrice Gets Ama’s Pass Note
She is a woman of substance they say reasons why she was on September 16 catapulted enter history books as the first female mayor in Momo Division. Even though many thought Sanji Joseph was also a viable candidate for the job, Mbamuku Nduku Beatrice caught the admiration of councilors given the talent she embodies. As such, allegedly, she enjoyed the Ama Muna support which is an asset for her to go places as mayor.

Tanjuh Frederick Emerges Strongest
Tanjuh Frederick is not a man to pigeon-hole with given that he proved his worth when Tenoh Lawrence was wrapped in the communal stamp saga. Even though Frederick challenged councilor Weriwum who was invested by the party, Tanjuh Fred got the support of majority of the councilors to be voted mayor. More so, he has the backing of the population given that he was very worthy when Tenoh was napped in the communal stamp scandal. Tanjuh Fred has been the first deputy mayor for Batibo and has demonstrated his strength and leadership qualities. He enjoys the support from the youth and is likely going to be a good mayor given that he had proven his worth when the mayor was napped in the stamp saga.

Ngoketunjia Division
Babessi: Chah Isah Buba Bounces Back in CPDM Colours
 He was the pioneer SDF mayor Babessi council and since a good player never lacks a team, he resurfaced as the head of the CPDM council list for Babessi. Given his achievements as the first mayor of this municipality, he was on September 16, 2013 voted to head the Babessi council for the second time. Popular opinion in Babessi holds that he is the right man in the right place given his trappings as mayor. He left an indelible mark of greatness when he constructed the council chamber with funds collected locally. It is for this reason that he was again elected to head the council. (see separate story)

Ndop: Mbombo Abel Moves to the Top
Mbombo Abel is the mayor elect of Ndop council. He was voted mayor of Ndop on September 16, 2013 in the presence of the SDO for Ngoketunjia. Formerly, 2nd deputy mayor, he caught public admiration he managed the council when Ntoh Daniel was wrapped in the communal stamp saga.  He is a chartered accountant and had won admiration from the populace when the mayor Ntoh Daniel was caught up in the stamp scandal.

Balikumbat: Wasum Augustine Unbending Pillar
He is the incumbent CPDM mayor. Seemingly Awasum had no serious challenger and was 85% sure to succeed self as mayor of Balikumbat for a second mandate. Wasum Augustine emerged victorious again to be the frontliner to oversee development efforts in Balikumbat. This educationist enjoys the support of a greater number of councilors given that he has a soft-spot for development and has been doing it. He is the man of the moment in Balikumbat.

Wum: Dinghabong Anthony Enters Njukwe Charles Shoes
He is the YCPDM Section President and head of the council list. He is a sure bet for mayoral position given that the incumbent Njukwe Charles was kicked off from the list. The Aghem man and woman is of the opinion that Dinghabong Julius is the best for now in Menchum.

Zhoa:Tem Peter to Succeed Ateh Jonas
Tem Peter is a business man and a man of the people given his involvement in Credit Union activities. He is a force to reckon with when it comes to developmental issues and he is the mayor elect for Zhoa council. Even though he had four contenders, the reason that majority of them are non-residence in Fungom gave him an upper hand. However, Akein Donatus alias Menchum, is another futurist who will work hand in hand with the mayor elect.

Benakuma: Nnum Ihimbru Elias
Nnum Elias Ihimbru is the new mayor of Benakuma and allegedly he is a lecturer at the Bamenda University. Even though many are said to raised their noses for the mayoral position, Nnum Elias was chosen as the man for the job.

Boyo Division
Belo: Tosam Beranard Maintains Statuesque
His reelection was not a surprise given that Tosam Bernard has a bulk of experience in council issues given his long stay as SDF mayor for Belo. He succeeded self at the helm of Belo Council. He was again confirmed as the landlord to complete the numerous development programmes he started. To win, Tosam allegedly took councilors on a site seeing trip to Ndawara to cash votes.

Njinikom: Chah Terrence Springs Surprises
He is popular and well known in his municipality.  He was voted on September 16 to enter into the shoes Chiato who could not feature on the council list. Chah Terrence may not be known in far off places but in Njinikom, he is being likened to Farfre in Mayor of Casterbridge given that he has development thoroughness that is rare in many politicians. Given his leadership qualities and his workaholic nature, he was preferred by the investiture of the SDF party. With the incumbent already out of the race, Terrence is the best the councilors could have trusted to handle development issues for the municipality.

Fundong: Ndang Denis the Fore Runner
He is a diehard CPDM militant and has been very consistent in molding the CPDM party in Fundong. Even though allegations abound that Fundong may witness a re-run, for the time being Ndang Denis is the man in-charge of fostering all efforts in the municipality as mayor. His leadership qualities can never be pigeon-hole with. He is a surely going to make the difference.

Fonfuka: Gwei Philip on Wanlo’s Seat
He was formerly the 1st Deputy Mayor to Senator Wanlo John when he was mayor of Fonfuka. Gwei Philip is a man who has already proven his worth in council management. He has been handed the baton to ensure the development of the people of Bum sub division.

Donga Mantung:
Nwa: At Last Dr. Ngomfe Loma David Validates Own Mandate
Dr. Ngomfe Loma David  was the incumbent CPDM mayor and hails from Mfumte area. He was voted unchallenged as the mayor of Nwa council. His trappings as mayors have been laudable yet face a lot of challenges from within for uncorrected lots. At last Dr. Ngomfe Loma David was trusted and handed a full term mandate given that he took over the mayorship of Nwa after the demise of Yakabong Paul.  Pundits had feared that what transpired in July 2007 in Nwa may repeat self in Nwa yet it came to past that councilors of Nwa council reaffirmed their trust in the incumbent mayor.

Misaje-Mbgata Sammy Replaces Nkenda Simon
Sammy Mbgatta Nforkemba is the CPDM section President and he is the mayor elect of Misaje council. He replaces Nkenda Simon as the mayor of Misaje. This former Municipal Treasurer for Belo and Nkambe councils hails from Bebekette. Even though the Mbessa conclave gave Nkenda the much needed support, the councilors of Misaje council backed Sammy Mbgatta who also benefitted from the largess of the Central Committee of the CPDM. Sammy equally during this period enjoys the support of Minister Fuh Calistus and other local party officials. He is a community mobilizer and has God given charm that makes a good leader. Given his experience in council management systems, Sammy is expected to move mountains in fostering development efforts in that municipality.

Nkambe-Ngabir Paul Bantar Enters Mangoh’s Shoes
With the SDF haven been bundled out obnoxiously, elections of the next mayor of Nkambe council was highly expected to produce the person with capabilities who will enter into Mangoh’s shoes. He is the Section President and hails from Nkambe village. His being there as Section President is not by luck or error but by merit. However, it is Ngabir Paul planted the CPDM in Nkambe given his thoroughness he exercised.  Ngabir Paul will certainly make a good mayor given that he is jam-packed with experiences in project writing and his legacies at the helm of CamCCUL and BAPCCUL speaks volume. Ngabir Paul is one of those who have sacrificed a lot for the party to grow. Even though four others had shown interest in the mayoral position, Ngabir Paul Bantar emerged as the favourite for the position.

Ako: Akio Augustine Springs Back
Having beaten the CPDM, the SDF will run the Ako council for the next five years except otherwise. However, in Ako seemingly three contenders have expressed their intentions for the position of mayor. Akio Augustine Abe is former mayor and hails from extreme lower Mbembe. Implicitly, he was voted unchallenged as the new mayor of Ako council given that enjoys the support of other SDF elite politicians of Donga Mantung Division. He is credited for purchasing a council hilux, a truck and constructed the Ako grandstand which for six the CPDM run council helped to destroy in just six years.

Ndu: Bunyui Emmanuel for the Blues
Eight contenders are said to have submitted applications for the mayoral position in Ndu council. However, David Karngong Nfor the incumbent was not favoured even though no doubts have been casted whether he performed well or not but surely was barred due to his age which many think he has to retire. His trappings at the helm of Ndu council have attracted a lot of admirations that earned him numerous awards.
However, Bunyui Emmanuel was voted mayor while Martin Fon Yembe was voted 1st deputy mayor. Indicators abound that the mayor is working in close collaborations with his deputies. The mayoral position of Ndu seemingly paddles within one cycle given that DK Nfor took over the Ndu council from Late Pa Bunyui Jonathan. Coincidently, DK Nfor is married to the junior sister of late Pa Bunyui. It should be noted that the new mayor of Ndu is the son of the late Bunyui Jonathan (the late workaholic mayor of Ndu). Besides, he is also a retired educationist whose community endeavours could easily be diagnosed through the Wowo Community College and how he interacts with others.

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