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Scramble for Mayorship in NW, Here are the Potentiel Mayors

 Mezam Division
Santa: Kan Elroy Prominent
The Santa Council is shared between the CPDM and the SDF party. Yet the CPDM council list leader Kan Elroy is the popular choice for mayorship. Kan Elroy’s measuring rod is no other person than the former SDF mayor Wanki Clement Atanga. However, Kan Elroy will enter into record as the first CPDM mayor for Santa since 1990. Commonly known as the Man of God, his philanthropist gestures and orientations towards fostering development would materialize with his being elected mayor. Kan Elroy has no challenger given the magnitude of the support he enjoys from CPDM councilors.
Bamenda I: Tembang Paul, Caroline Bi Bongwa Tipped
With Achou Simon being kicked out obnoxiously, the race to the Bamenda I mayoral position lies in the hands of the CPDM. Atembang Paul is the man in-charge and enjoys the support of Minister Atanga Nji. He is a sure bet for the mayoral position for Bamenda I pending the decision of the court on the electoral malpractices. Even though the Bamenda City Council Delegate Vincent Ndumu Nji (another Nji) is spitting fire over Minister Atanga’s invasion of Bamenda I on horse back to celebrate a victory that he never worked for. He says Minister Atanga has no right to impose anybody on the Bamenda I people as mayor.
Caroline Bi Bongwa: She is the head of the council list and a favourite for the mayoral position. She has the intellectual thoroughness that is very rare in politicians. This daughter of a former Minister is a popular choice for the position of mayor. If election of mayor were by universal suffrage, Caroline Bi Bongwa would have had a 99% crushing win.
Bamenda II: Balick Awah Fidelis to be Trusted
Balick Awah Fidelis is the incumbent mayor. Indicators are rife at that he is going to succeed self at the helm of the Bamenda II council. Even though a challenger may surface at the last minute, Balick remains a sure bet for the mayoral position given his achievements. The movement for the restoration of Mankon nationhood can play negatively or positively given that he, Balick enjoys the blessings of the Paramount Fon of Mankon though CPDM.
Bamenda III: Fonguh Clestus, Barrister Abednego Earmarked
Fonguh Cletus is the incumbent mayor and his chances of becoming mayor are on the balance following his managerial savvy. He picked the crown of mayorship when the dynamic late Prince Ahmandou Pius kicked the bucket.
Barrister Abednego: He is also tipped by the people of Nkwen as the next mayor. He is the man fit for the job many say yet every eye is turn towards the SDF investiture as Wednesday approaches. 
Bali: Wandum Bunga Ernest may Pick the Crown
He is the head of the council list yet four others are puck-nosing for the mayoral position. Wandum Ernest is the man in-charge and enjoys the support of many CPDM militants in Bali. Except the unexpected happens, Ernest may replace Nwayalla Raymond who withdrew thought it better to stay off council business.
Bafut: Langsi Abel Confirmed
Langsi Abel is the sitting mayor and public opinion in Bafut puts him high. He has the needed support to succeed self at the helm of Bafut council. He remains a masterpiece sustainable development when judged from his past achievements. Except otherwise Langsi has no major challenger in the race for mayorship. The only obstacle is the long standing notion that no mayor succeeds self in Bafut council. May be this myth can be broken following Langsi’s charisma.
Tubah: Tanjong Martin, Stanislaus Tussling
Sofa Stanislaus is the present mayor of Tubah council yet his fate depends on the decision of the investiture. If the District chairman is favoured, Tanjong will emerge as the next mayor of Tubah. However, popular opinion holds that since Tanjong lost elections in Bambili, his chances of taking over the mayoral position is on the balance. Taking in to consideration his erudite campaigns in the whole of Tubah that led to SDF victory, his sins can be forgiven notwithstanding that Bambili is on the begging side that this year is their turn to produce the mayor. Affair a suivre.

Bui Division
Kumbo: Njong Donatus Untouchable
Njong Donatus Fonyuy is the current mayor of Kumbo. He has been there for close to 17 years. He is celebrated for his numerous achievements as mayor of Kumbo. After all, Njong remains the most talk-about mayor in the North West Region. Even though allegations abound that some two challengers may emerge at the level of the investiture, Njong would be preferred. He is a sure bet except the unexpected happens at the level of the investiture.
 Nkor: Wache Francis Favourite
 With Shey Kume being booted out alongside the CPDM and the SDF emerging victorious, Fonyuy Francis Wache is the well-liked candidate for mayorship in Nkor council. Wache’s experiences as a perfect journalist coupled with his know-how at CEFAM are an asset. Unconditionally, he is the best for the post of mayor at this point in time that much is being said about decentralization.
Elak-Oku: Ngum Jerome on Top
He is a force to reckon with given his aptitude in handling administrative, developmental and financial matters. The mayor in office in Elak-Oku council, Ngum Jerome would be no other person like the man who has set the pace through his achievements. Allegedly three more contenders are waxing to face Ngum Jerome in the race including his second deputy mayor with Yang Alfred main one of the outsiders.
Jakiri: Jaff Romanus Bounces Back
With the America wander talkative CPDM mayor having been vomited out in Jakiri, Jaff Romanus, the one time dynamic SDF mayor is the name on every lip. This workaholic is a professional pig farmer, a development oriented giant and man-of-the people. Except otherwise, popular opinion see him as the favourite and the best mayor the SDF can offer in Jakiri.
Nkum: Mayenin Amadu Kifon for Continuity?
He is the sitting mayor of Nkum council and is the favourite for the mayoral race. His challengers are lightweights given that for the past years he has proven his worth at the helm of the Nkum council. But since familiarity breeds contempt, the investiture may think otherwise even though he is better to ensure continuity.
Mbiame: Fonyuy Fidelis to Make It
He is the incumbent mayor but is hardly seen in his municipality yet is applauded by the population for his prowess. Even though he administers by proxy, no councilor is raising a finger to challenge him.
Momo Division
Andek: Agarih Walters to Resurface as Mayor
With the absence of the incumbent CPDM Aghogo Johnny in the list of councilors and the controversy surrounding the communal stamp scandal, no one has been tipped for mayorship. The former Regional Delegate MINEPIA North West, Agarih Walters is however prominent of the list of those who could enter Aghogo’s shoes as the next CPDM mayor for Andek. He is a system’s man and has the capacity to instill development efforts in Andek.
Njikwa: WANDUM Bernard Shooting the Stars
Wandum Bernard is the council list leader and he is heading for the stars. With the stamps scandal haven rocked the Njikwa council, prospects abound that he should instill hope in the municipality.
Mbengwi: Sanji Joseph Gets Pass Note
He is a man who has set a mark as a development luminary in Mbengwi. He is cadre at the National Assembly, yet serviceable and available too. He is the popular choice and would receive the support of the councilors. He is the favourite.
Batibo: Tenoh Lawrence, Tanjuh Fred Neck-to-Neck
Tenoh Lawrence is the man in charge given that he is incumbent mayor. Tenoh has the backing of the population yet skeptics continue to link him to the communal stamp scandal. His trappings in fostering development efforts in Batibo as SDF mayor have been laudable. He may have a very stiff challenger if Mbartifuh decides to contest.
Tanjuh Fred has been the first deputy mayor for Batibo and has demonstrated his strength and leadership qualities. He enjoys the support from the youth and is likely going to be a good mayor given that he had proven his worth when the mayor was napped in the stamp saga.
Widikum: Chief Awuba May Spring Surprises
He is an old hand in administration and a wider experience in council management systems. With the former mayor booted out, public opinion in Widikum sees Chief Awuba as the next CPDM mayor for that municipality.

Ngoketunjia Division

Babessi: Weh Championing. Weh Michael Nah is head of the CPDM council list for Babessi. Except the political kingpins dictate another candidate, Weh Michael is favourite for the mayoral seat. He might not have demonstrated interest but he is the man many say could enter into the shoes of Tikanjo Stephen as mayor of Babessi council.
Ndop: Chengwe Cecilia, Mbombo Abel Emerging Ahead Ntoh Daniel
Ntoh Daniel: He is the incumbent and is still very young. Even though he was wrapped in the communal stamp scandal, Ntoh Daniel remains a heavyweight in Ndop politics. His trappings as mayor of Ndop have not been bad at all.
Mbombo Abel Chery: He was formerly the 1st Deputy Mayor for Ndop. He is a chartered accountant and had won admiration from the populace when the mayor Ntoh Daniel was caught up in the stamp scandal.
He is likely to pick the mayoral position if the investiture doesn’t give preference to the list leader who is a woman.
Chengwe Cecilia: She emerged as the CPDM list leaders. She may likely break the myth as she is heading picking the crown of Ndop mayor. If she is preferred over Ntoh Daniel and Mbombo Abel Chery, she would be the ever first female mayor of the North West Region.
Balikumbat: Awasum Augustine Unchallenged
He is the incumbent CPDM mayor. Seemingly Awasum has no serious challenger and is 85% sure to succeed self as mayor of Balikumbat for a second mandate. Except councilors of Bafanji, Baligashu and Balikumbat gang against him, he remains a sure bet.

Menchum Division:
Wum: Dinghabong Anthony Taking over from Njukwe Charles
He is the YCPDM Section President and head of the council list. He is a sure bet for mayoral position given that the incumbent Njukwe Charles was kicked off from the list. The Aghem man and woman is of the opinion that Dinghabong Julius is the best for now in Menchum.
Benakuma: Akum Augustine, Kum Henry Eyeing
Akum Augustine is head of the CPDM list. He is the favourite for mayorship given that he was very active during campaigns. He accredits self for CPDM success. He would likely be a good mayor.
Kum Henry Ichu: He is former SDF Provincial chairman who decamped. Kum is a household name in the North West and he is a politician not to pigeon-hole with. He is likely to make a good mayor if the Central Committee gives him the backing. (a suivre).
Furu-Awa Kuteshey Julius Surfacing
Kuteshey Julius is head of the SDF list for Furu-Awah. Public opinion in Furu-Awah sees him as the next mayor given the sacrifices. More so, his leadership qualities abound high.
Zhoa:Tem Peter to Succeed Ateh Jonas
Tem Peter is a business man and a man of the people given his involvement in Credit Union activities. He is a force to reckon with when it comes to developmental issues. Even though he has four contenders, majority of them are non-residence in Fungom. However, Akein Donatus alias Menchum, is likely to pick the position of deputy mayor.

Boyo Division
Belo: Tosam Beranard, Paddy Yong Top on the Chart
Tosam Bernard has a bulk of experience in council issues given his long stay as SDF mayor for Belo. He may succeed self if preferred by the investiture.
Paddy Yong is another strong and vibrant leader who could spring a lot of surprises. If the investiture decides otherwise on Tosam Bernard succeeding self, the preference would likely be Paddy Yong. His aptitude in administration cannot be underestimated.
Njinikom: Julius Peters up the Ladder
He is popular and well known in his municipality. In 2007, he missed by an inch the opportunity of taking over the mayoral position. Given his leadership qualities and his workaholic nature, he would be preferred by the investiture of the SDF party. With the incumbent already out of the race, Julius Peters is a sure bet.
Fundong: Ndang Denis the Fore Runner
He is a diehard CPDM militant and has been very consistent in molding the CPDM party in Fundong. Even though allegations abound that Fundong may witness a re-run, for the time being Ndang Denis is the man tipped for mayorship. His leadership qualities can never be pigeon-hole with. He is a sure bet for mayorship.
Fonfuka: Gwei Philip, Prince Michelson Ngwe on the Bid
Gwei Philip has served as 1st Deputy Mayor under Senator Wanlo John. He has a mastery of how the council functions and has made his own resounding contribution to the success story of the CPDM. He is one of the favourites.
Prince Michelson Ngwe is not a new name in Bum politics, a diehard CPDM militant they say. What is interesting about Prince Michelson is that he has leadership qualities that are very rare in politicians. He could make a good mayor too for Fonfuka.
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