Wednesday, October 23, 2013

SDF To Take Back B’da I, Nkambe, Santa, Fundong, Councils As 7 ELECAM Board Storm in NW

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As new mayors have been  elected, seven Board members are reported in the North West Region to investigate into the electoral malpractices that were recorded in Santa, Nkambe, Fundong and Bamenda I council areas. According classified sources the team of ELECAM board members headed by Dorothy Njeuma has been probing into some electoral malpractices. North West ELECAM officials especially the council heads are on heat as some of them are being interrogated. The seven ELECAM Board members, we gathered stormed the Bamenda I council and they are also expected to move to Santa, Fundong and Nkambe for similar investigations. Heads, we gathered will roll before the court may order a re-run or total cancellation of election results in Santa, Nkambe, Fundong and Bamenda I councils.
In the Bamenda I council sources hinted that the team is investigating into allegations that the electoral register was falsified at the level of ELECAM. Allegedly some fake 5000 cards were printed and infiltrated into the electoral register.
It is also alleged that for the CPDM to win the Santa Council, the counting commission rejected votes from an area known as Abang where the SDF won by a large majority without any tangible reasons.  Given that the SDF had submitted a petition to the Supreme Court, a well placed official hinted that the case of Santa is one of the serious cases from the North West Region but could not confirm whether the court will order for a re-run in Santa.
In Nkambe, The Eye is aware that the total numbers of registered voters in Nkambe were conflicting in both the municipal and legislative elections. Hon. Awudu Mbaya is quoted to have challenged ELECAM officials to explain to the public as to whether during the recompilation process there was a register for municipal elections and another for legislative. The difference in the total number of registered voters in the municipal result sheet and the legislative result sheet clearly indicates that the electoral register was manipulated upon; Awudu is also quoted to have revealed. All eyes in Nkambe are turned towards the Supreme Court’s decision. Rumours abound that over fake 5000 voters’ cards emerged in Nkambe and that in some polling stations that total number of votes cast were out-numbered.
Hon. Mbah Ndam, told journalists recently that the case of Fundong is also another pathetic one. According to Hon. Mbah Ndam, figures were doctored to give CPDM victory. It is alleged that one polling station gave the CPDM victory in Fundong and this was done by adding the figure (1) on the 136 that voted to finally raise the number to 1136 giving the CPDM victory.
In the Bamenda I council, the SDF is said to have complained that adding voters cards were produced and infiltrated into the electoral registered.
Classified sources at the Supreme Court hinted that field report from ELECAM will help the court to have a clear picture of the petitions from Nkambe, Bamenda I, Fundong and Santa Councils of the North West Region. According to the hint, the Supreme Court may order for a re-run in some of these council areas.

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