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The Twin Elections were Rigged before September 30!

 Nyamusa would not accept government funding in 2018!
 SDF Presidential Candidate’s take on 2013 twin Polls, posterity of Cameroon

CPDM claims continuous elections victory in Cameroon since the early 1990’s because of fraud. In the 2013 twin parliament and council elections, the Biya Regime again influenced it in CPDM’s favour using the state treasury to the detriment of adversary political parties and the Cameroon economy. One of the blackmail bait of the Biya regime is state funding of political campaigns which I prefer she eventually instead channel my own share for the amelioration of a portion of Cameroon’s deplorable social basics.
Fellow Cameroonians, because the constituency of the President is the entire nation and considering the unfortunate perpetuity to power of the Biya regime, I, Felix Teche Nyamusa, presidential hopeful on the SDF ticket (pending primaries) would not accept the CPDM candidate to continue lording it over Cameroonians in governance without separation of powers. In all electoral matters from the early 1990’s till date, Paul Biya (National President of the ruling CPDM) acts player and referee: President Biya appoints CPDM militants in the main to man ELECAM – the supposedly independent Cameroon elections organizing body. As such, this body most of the time work for the interest of her master (Biya/CPDM) to the detriment of political adversaries. Biya against the wishes of my party, SDF, the main opposition and other parties including the civil society, governs Cameroon without separation of powers – he usurps the legislature and the judiciary. I will lead Cameroonians to put a stop to this before the 2018 presidential. History indicates two principal ways of coming to power – through due process of law and electoral rules or via street power (people’s power). Fellow Cameroonians, it is time we check definitely this Biya/CPDM unending absurdity.
A country like Cameroon where the state treasury is used by one party (the CPDM) arbitrarily with impunity is doomed for stagnation and failure. Cameroon today unlike in the days of pioneer president, Ahmadou Ahidjo (may his soul rest in peace) is corrupt, poor and heavily indebted. A country where con men with little or no commendable good-citizen credentials, pour huge sums of money and gifts on unsuspecting and impoverished citizens only at elections eve is a place in crises oblivion of long term growth and development. The Felix Teche Nyamusa for 2018 presidency campaign team and well meaning Cameroonians will no more tolerate this!
The difference between the CPDM and the Cameroon government is not clear – CPDM has unreserved access to the public treasury particularly at elections for campaigns to the detriment of her adversaries and national economy. The Powers that be blackmail civil servants and the state armed forces to campaign, vote and “fight” for CPDM – the case of the transfer of close to 100 Biya (state) military aides to Bamenda at the eve of the September 30th polls is one too many. It is worth reminding civil servants and military personnel that they are apolitical, meant to serve with honour the entire country including all political parties – no one should lure them into error of thinking the ruling party has right over them which other parties do not. Fellow Cameroonians, since CPDM formerly CNU (in power for over 50 years), does not want due process of law for succession, the last resort will be employed in Cameroon as done in other countries – the days of the regime are numbered!
At the 2013 September 30 polls, CPDM used money from our treasury to campaign after sharing a token amount with other contesting political parties! This is unacceptable. The Prime Minister, Ministers, Directors, Vice Chancellors of state universities and others were out (with their collaborators) with much money for irregularities which include buying opposition militants’ vote cards to either prevent them from voting or use them as impostors to vote the ruling party, conscience buying of the poverty stricken Cameroonians to vote CPDM – this is rigging before polls day. A major integral of electioneering is campaign money – hence the helplessness of the opposition faced with CPDM opponent heavily fortified from public coffers. How can this be otherwise when governance in Cameroon is one-man show? – a show of  President Biya (executive) ! In this country, Biya appoints members of the legislature, he is the Chairperson of the higher judicial council which outfit transfers, promotes and sanctions Magistrates amongst other duties- litigations here especially political cases are tampered with often in Biya/CPDM favour. This is inadmissible – any elections observer mission in Cameroon that does not see this as serious electoral and governance set back puts her credibility into deep doubts!
At campaigns, the media is seriously censored but for CRTV, the pro government outfit. More than curious, CRTV is sponsored by taxes of all Cameroonians irrespective of political inclinations. At CRTV, day of elections campaign, time is irrationally distributed with CPDM party benefitting the highest share. Ministers and other CPDM government functionaries use the media for CPDM campaigns under the guise of government communication. Opposition parties thus can not adequately pass their message to the electorate – this is bias and rigging in favour of the ruling CPDM. Above all, interfering on what other media houses should broadcast and time to do so is press censor and affront to citizens’ right to knowledge. Good logic permits all media at all time to operate based on journalism ethics which the professionals are grounded in. Any defaulter whether CRTV or others ought to be sanctioned and not the random media interruptions practised by the CPDM government. The Felix Teche Nyamusa for 2018 campaign team will not tolerate this.
Last but not the least, the Felix Teche Nyamusa for president campaign will not accept any government funding in 2018. We advise the Biya government to use our own campaign money share, if it will be available, to provide the most needed indispensable amenities to Cameroonians – Ours is a rural agric economy with no farm-to-market roads, no adapted to our situation schools. We believe that good will Cameroonians, will sponsor us – we appeal for widow’s mite support. We will trek, use bicycles, horses, boats etc in our campaigns. Electoral campaign monies, fellow Cameroonians that is often given to my party, SDF and others is less than chicken feed when we consider covering the entire nation. CPDM uses this to mislead citizens that money given to us is mismanaged. Meanwhile we are cheated by the regime when CPDM campaigns in additions to official campaign monies are funded from our treasury, they use civil servants and military in campaigns and vote – this is nonsense. Cameroonians will not accept this any more.
Fellow SDF militants and Cameroonians in general, let’s congratulate ourselves, however, for performing our civic responsibility last September 30. It was a process that the paid ELECAM personnel knowing fully well that their job is subject to confirmation by their appointee, the executive CPDM outfits of the Supreme Court et al. ELECAM and/or Supreme Court at the beginning eliminated many parties from the contest for fake reasons – thus CPDM contested solo in just too many constituencies (120 councils out of the 360 nationwide and 31 parliament seats out of the 180 seat parliament).
Once more, I warn the Biya regime to choose progress and peace by involving the SDF and other parties and stakeholders on national issues particularly electoral matters, there should be an independent all party electoral body to conduct the 2018 and other elections!
Thanks a million!
God guide Cameroon

Felix Teche Nyamusa, 2018 Cameroon Presidential Hopeful

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