Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Two Arrested for Anti-Biya Protest at The Vatican

Astia Bakary
Police investigators in the Vatican are aid arrested two members of an  association based in the Diasporas known as CODE. According to what we gathered Emmanuel Kamta and one other person were arrested by Vatican police for staging anti-Biya protest in the Vatican last week. Sources say the two members of CODE sneaked into the Holy land and positioned themselves where the Presidential convoy would pass. And when Pope Francis and his visitor drove pass, the two members of CODE holding placards jumped in to express their grievances. Beside the famous “Open Letters” sent to the Pope Francis to denounce President Paul Biyas visit to the Holy City, CODE we gathered dispatched discreetly up two of its most formidable activists for a “punch” operation, which is their trademark. October 17, 2013, Emmanuel Kemta, Chief Operations CODE, left London to join another activist in the Italian capitalfor a reconnaissance mission. The two activists took up position where the presidential motorcade would pass. When Kemta and his colleague surfaced from the crowd with placards it generated into a forceful intervention by Police of the Vatican, which is not used to this kind of action. The two activists were immediately ferried away in a police car and camera confiscated. Escorted by two police cars, they were taken to the station Polizia di Stato A Vaticano, which is the Vatican police station located in the heart of the Holy City. Informed of the arrest, the two leaders of CODE, notably Brice Nitcheu (London) and Moses Essoh (Brussels) said they would deploy all necessary means to secure their release immediately and condemned the attitude of the Italian police protect culprits and victimize victims. It should be recalled that some Catholic Christians of the Diaspora and CODE had separately written open letters” to Pope Francis in which they denounced the Biya regime of corruption, misery, etc. Two groups also called on the Pope to advise President Biya to renounce power for he has been there for long.

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