Friday, November 15, 2013

CATTU Elects New SG

By Ignatius Nji
Tasang Wilfred into Simon Nkwenti's shoes
Delegates of the Cameroon Teachers Trade Union-CATTU on Saturday November 2, 2013 voted a new bureau to manage the affairs of this venerated trade union. Tassang Wilfred was voted to wear the big shoes of Late Nkwenti Simon as Executive Secretary General with 55 votes against 41 for Simamu Clement.
The new leader of CATTU says the task ahead is not new and that he shares so much in common with the late Nkwenti Simon including spiritual radicalism. CATTU he declared shall continue with the fight to better the educational sector by pushing government to enact reforms such as the education forum. Every endeavor he said shall be pursued through advocacy which has worked in the past except otherwise. Under the resilient leadership of Nkwenti Simon, CATTU was able to push forth the creation of a technical higher teachers training college at ENS Bambili and the creation of the University of Bamenda. These strides according to Bunai Christopher Atanga outgone interim Executive Secretary General are in line with the Union’s reflections of 2009. Delegates also reflected on some five key points aimed at improving the Anglo-Saxon Sub System of education which are: re-orientating the educational options, propose ways to finance education, improve service delivery and living conditions of Teachers, Building a greater self esteem in Teachers and to renew the national organs of the union.
The outgoing Interim Secretary also applauded the partnership the union has with Friedrich Herbert Stiftung and other educationists through training in workshops that the advocacy approach did yield some fruits given that the demand for a forum on education is in an advanced state. The unfortunate aspect is that the Head of government had announced the holding of that forum this year and up to now nothing is being said about it though at CATTU level proposals have been prepared. He raised more worries by saying “I hope our authorities are not playing cynical as Voltaire, the renowned French philosopher intimates: ‘the arts of medicine are to amuse the patient while nature cures the disease’.” In a bitter tone Bunai Christopher lamented that teachers have put in their best to better the corps through reflection committees and have shown good faith and maturity to work selflessly for the nation which unfortunately the vote holders toy with their legitimate rights. All their endeavors have remained paper works for close to ten months now.
In a key note Bunai Christopher Atanga did assure the authorities present that CATTU is an institution built on very strong republican values such as moral, intellectual, professional, cultural and social ethos. He reiterated that their commitment to Teaching can not be compromised. The secret behind the many successes is, on his dying bed, the one we now fondly refer to as “father of the Union” enjoined the teachers to stay focused. Among the many resolutions of the convention is for the Union to work with government and not against or for the government. Strengthen and sustain partnership with all meaningful development oriented stakeholders. Pursue advocacy for the improvement of living and working conditions of the Cameroonian teacher and the wellbeing of the school system. And to rekindle and get back the sacred fire of teachers which the Head of State made mention of on 10 February 2013.

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