Friday, November 1, 2013

Hon. Genesis Mbucksek Unveils His Development Agenda for the Constituency

 By FAI Cassian Ndi
Hon. Genesis Mbucksek: The MP for Nwa who is Making the Difference

As the mandates of the 180 elected Members of Parliament for the 9th Legislature have been validated, the CPDM Member of Parliament for Nwa Special Constituency in Donga Mantung Division of the North West Region has expressed thanks and appreciation to his people for giving him the trust and for voting massively for the CPDM party during the last September 30, 2013 Twin Elections. Talking to this reporter from his Hotel room at Hotel des Deputes in Yaounde, Hon Genesis Mbucksek who is on his second mandate in an appreciative note to the people of Nwa said that the percentage the CPDM scored during the September 30, Municipal/Legislative elections was indicative of the fact that they massively voted for development and his leadership skills “I can only be very appreciative of it, and I promise do my best to make sure that I will play my role as a development catalyst and representative of the population by God willing”, Hon Genesis Mbucksek continued. In appreciation to this unflinching support as well as the trust and confidence the people bestowed in him, Hon. Mbucksek revealed that Nwa which has demonstrated to be the bastion of the CPDM party in Donga Mantung and North West as a whole will stage a grandiose celebration to that effect during the upcoming celebrations marking President Biya’s ascension to power “we will on November 6, 2013 celebrate this victory with the people in grand style”, he reiterated.
Being a devoted Christian and a pragmatic politician whose trappings and management of micro project grants have attracted a lot of applause from the populace he called on the population of Nwa to put all their desires in prayers “I want people to pray for me and my collaborators”. Harping on the internal political wrangling that once rocked the CPDM in Nwa, Hon. Genesis Mbucksek said “even though we disagreed,  before elections we reconciled our little differences to work as a team for the interest of the people we are called to serve. And I am also calling on the people to pray for unity to uphold amongst us”. “Nwa” he said “supports the CPDM religiously” reasons why he cannot falter in his strive to foster development efforts in the Nwa Special Constituency. He said the disenclavement of Nwa is top on his agenda, “my major challenge is the disenclavment of Nwa which is paramount. I am confident that the Sabongari-Nwa road will have a lasting solution”. He also talked elaborately on the electrification of Nwa. Hon Mbucksek also revealed that one of his major concerns is to make sure that the Adere Fall which has the potential to harness electricity is also included in the development agenda of the country. He added that he will surely meet the Minister of Planning and Regional Development, MINEPAT, “in addition to the Menchum Fall, the Adere Fall can solve electricity problems and at the same time reinforce our potentials in term of energy. This is one of my major reoccupations given that electricity harnessed from there could equally serve the population of Donga Mantung Division and even part of Nigeria” adding that “Our development needs ranges from access to potable water, health facilities, classrooms for schools, and the development of farms to market roads etc”
On his expectations, Hon. Genesis also said that the creation of the Savannah Region is also primordial as well as the creation of the Mantung Division with headquarters in Nwa. To Hon. Mbucksek, the creation of the Mantung Division will also lead to the creation of administrative units in areas like Mfumte, Mabella (Yang), Sabongari etc. “These major zones” he said “are getting prepared for it” as a special gift from President Paul Biya to the people of Nwa who have always given him the necessary support. All these put together, Hon. Mbucksek said the people will have every reason to support the ruling party.  
Hon. Genesis Mbucksek who doubles as CPDM Section President for Donga Mantung V, revealed that the CPDM in Nwa has beaten records in the North West for giving victory to the CPDM as well as in supporting its National Chairman, President Paul Biya. He described Nwa as the bastion of the CPDM in Donga Mantung Division.  

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