Thursday, December 19, 2013

Hon. Abe Michael Catapulted at Homecoming

By Haruna Mohammadou
Hon. Abe Michael surrounded by traditional rulers giving thanks to God

There is a common saying that the cock may belong to a particular family but when it crows, it wakes up the entire village. This statement was recently contextualized with the home reception given to the MP of Ako/Misaje who was voted under the banners of the CPDM party; yet Hon. Abe Michael got the Father of all Civic Receptions as everyone found in him trust, love, peace and development. There was fanfare and trumpet blast at Mbande in Ako Sub Division of Donga Mantung in the North West Region of Cameroon as the hardworking dynamic people of Kuta Zone catapulted a son of theirs after being sworn-in in Yaounde as the Member of Parliament for Ako/Misaje Special Constituency. Hon. Abe was coming home for the first time as Parliamentarian. At about 11 am, on December 16, the drums and sound of elated voices echoed into the valleys signaling to everyone that the hero is backing home. People could be seen rushing to the ceremonial ground in order not to miss a glimpse of the arrival of Hon. Abe Michael Ndra who was elected on September 30, 2013. Organized by the Kuta Zone Fon’s Union in collaboration with the Mbande Sons and Daughters Development Association-MBASODDA to honour the newly elected MP, the event which was conceived as an in-house kind of civic reception finally turned out to be one of the unforgettable bringing together the entire people of Kuta and beyond. From Mbande to Ande, Akwenko, Abuenkpa and Jevi, no one was left home except the sick. It was as if it was Sunday that the hardworking farming population could not go to their farms, yet they had reserve the day as a memorable one to be living witnesses of the coming home of the people’s hunter-man, the man who everyone has been looking up to as a role model and trustworthy politician.
Hon. Abe Michael decorated by five fons of Kuta zone
The euphoria was total when Hon. Abe Michael showed up. He was greeted by thunderous applauses. Singing and dancing eslalidated. The mammoth crowd was trapped in joy and emotion as what could not be said in speeches was sang in songs.
Opening the floor for speeches, the President of Kuta Zone Fons Union, HRH Fon Asenge Ignatius Ebah who doubles as the fon of Mbande village(one of the six villages of Kuta Zone), expressed satisfaction to the six villages for their massive turn-out. He called on the population of Kuta to always support their MP so that he could bring Yaounde to the people of Ako/Misaje given that Hon. Abe Michael Ndra is a father of Twins (the Ako/Misaje Special Constituency). Before proceeding to the decoration of the MP, HRH Fon Asenge called on the MP to continue from where Hon. JK Ntoi ended. He assured the MP that all the people of Kuta zone are all behind him to enable him succeed in his laudable task. The fon of Mbande also used the occasion to hail Hon. Abe Michael for his brilliant election at the September 30, 2013 Polls that catapulted him to parliament. To HRH Fon Asenge Ignatius, it is not with the small micro grant of FCFA 8 million that he would disenclave Ako Municipality but through lobbying.
Earlier on, it was the President of MBACUDDA, who shower-praised the MP for his dynamism and contribution towards the development of people and mind-set, their surrounding and through innovative ideas. The President of MBACUDDA also used the opportunity to congratulate Hon. Abe Michael describing him as a development luminary. Hon. Abe Michael it should be noted before his brilliant election was the National Coordinator of MBACUDDA where he left an indelible mark of greatness as development leading light.
Taking the rostrum, Hon. Abe Michael Ndra said his greatest pleasure is the honours the people have given him and his entourage. This pleasure he added also couples with the unflicnhing brilliant victory that paved the way for the day’s celebrations. He thanked the Kuta Zone Fon’s Union and MBACUDDA for organizing the civic reception. 
Hon. Abe Michael flanked by the fons
Harping on the development problems of Ako sub Division, Abe Michael said that the construction of roads remains his number one priority, number two main concern and number three right of way. Accordingly, he reiterated that where the road passes development follows. Linking Ako to Misaje is of great necessity as well as linking Kuta to Ako is of paramount interest to ensure sustainable development. Opening of farms to market roads, he said is also another giant step that will eradicate post-harvest waste and provide farmers the opportunity to carry their products to the market. He described Ako as the breadbasket to Donga Mantung Division. The people’s hunter revealed that while in Yaounde during the swearing-in ceremony and the budgetary session, he had visited the Ministry of Public Works severally to discuss the issue of the road network in Ako. Health centres, schools and food production without roads is not sustainable he argued. To boost the efforts of the hard working dynamic people of Ako, it is hope that Hon. Abe Michael would carryout feasibility studies for the Mbembe Oil Palm Agropole which could be financed in billions of FCFA as is the case with the Oku Honey. With the coming of the CDC Oil Palm Expansion Porgramme to the fertile area, this would spur both quantitative and quality as well as increase revenue per farmer. Besides, Ako which is endowed with a lot of Non Forest Timber Products such as Njangsa, Bush Onion, Bush Pepper, etc should be given special attention to ensure its sustainable management. This according to the MP is one of the steps to ensure sustainable development. The Mbembe Forest Reserve also represents another opportunity where by communities could enjoy climate change fall-outs in carbon trade for taking care of the forest. With this openings and opportunities available, hopes are on the rise in Ako/Misaje Constituency as Hon. Abe Michael is expected to create wealth locally using the available potentials. To Keyi Dickson who traveled from Abafum to part of the celebration, Hon. Abe is not only a refined politician but a leader with character and conscience.
Those who took the pains to travel on the rough road to Kuta, discovered for themselves the hard working nature of the people and their commitments to development. It was the unique moment of communion, and an expedition that portrayed the rich culture of the Mbembe people.

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