Monday, December 2, 2013

Massive Boycott Recorded in Nwa at Mayor's Installation

By Fai Cassian
Ngomfe and Deputies facing the grandstand with no single soul behind them
If an installation rite is the measuring rot of a politician’s popularity, the mayor of Nwa Council would simply be described as one of the ostracized mayors in Donga Mantung Division of the North West Region of Cameroon. The turnout was scanty and the worst of all is that only about 20 CPDM militants were spotted in their outfit. Besides, the population of Nwa town failed to show at the grandstand. This notwithstanding, Dr. Ngomfe Loma-David Moloh on Friday November 28, succeeded self as mayor of Nwa with firm instructions to oversee the development of the oldest border municipality of Nwa amidst doubts from the populace. Before commissioning Dr. Ngomfe Loma-David Moloh and his four deputies into office, the Senior Divisional Officer for Donga Mantung Division Ngone Ndodemessape Bernard warned that the council is not an organ of any political party and that the council executive as well as the councilors should ensure that there is a collective effort in all the endeavours. Donga Mantung SDO also prescribed accountability and transparency in the management of council resources. Furthermore, SDO Ngone Ndodemesape Bernard also cautioned that in his capacity as supervisory authority, he would spare no effort to use legal and administrative measures to put sanity whenever the need arises.
In fact those who took the pains to travel to Nwa through the rocky Rom Rock went back home more confused than when they were going given the numerous intrigues observed. The picture of a sub division turned apart by intrigues, blackmail and back-biting was brought to lime-light through a welcome song by the CPDM choir. In their song the youth decried that Nwa is going down into the doldrums as the political elite(s) pass time fighting each others.  Besides that they also called on the elite(s) to always come back home and not stay in cities and forget about their plight. “We cry for the creation of the Mantung Division”, the youth voiced out desperately emphasizing that for lack of access roads, Nwa has been transformed into an Island on land.
Politics in Nwa, it should be noted has been transformed into a sinkhole for character assassination. Allegedly, Dr. Ngomfe Loma-David Moloh who was installed as mayor did not vote during the last September 30 Legislative/Municipal elections. He accused his political adversaries who are with him in the same party, the CPDM for the obnoxious act. The question many have been asking is whether the argument is tenable given that he was the mayor and even the ELECAM council could not have discovered that the mayor’s name wasn’t on the list? As to whether he voted without his name featuring in the register reminds another misery. Yet he allegedly caged the councilors for three days and he was voted mayor. As to whether he bought his way as it is rampant nationwide is another secret that could only be deciphered by a lie detector.  The massive boycott was indicative given that even sources at the labour office in Nkambe hinted that more than forty complains have been submitted by staff of the council for obnoxious dismissals and irregular termination of contracts. Even though Dr. Ngomfe succeeded himself at the helm of Nwa council, an atmosphere of unfamiliarity looms large. 

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