Thursday, December 5, 2013

Ngum Jerome Installed to Succeed Self as Mayor of Elak-Oku

By Mohammadou Haruna 
Ngum Jerome, Mayor of Elak Oku council
The Senior Divisional Officer for Bui Division Nzeki Theophile was categorical in his installation speech by stating clearly that borrowed water cannot cook beans given that times are changing and the people of Elak Oku must adapt to it and as well admit reconciliation. Before commisioning Ngum Jerome and his four deputies, the SDO called on the population to stay off intoxication and give total support to the councilors as well as the council executive headed by Ngum Jerome. He also challenged the newly installed council executive to revamp clean up campaigns in Elak Oku adding that cleanliness is close to Godliness. One of the major challenges of the Elak Oku council, the SDO said is for the council to promote the white honey sector which has already had an international recognition.
Talking to this reporter after the installation rite, the mayor of Oku council Ngum Jerome said that his being
elected and installed as mayor of Elak Oku for the second time marks another historical step in the history of his municipality. According to Ngum Jerome, the election that result to their victory was highly competitive. “I therefore owe a duty to the entire Oku electorate and on my behalf, that of my deputies and councilors, I sincerely thank them for renewing their confidence on us”. He said he is also indebted to the entire election stakeholders in Bui for their respect of the electoral laws. He expressed gratitude to the entire population of Oku for voting him to the position of mayor emphasizing that “ thank you for reconducting me to this apparent admirable position even though with a lot of obstacle before it. Since to me I see a miracle in every obstacle, I promise you to be up to the task and to develop the entire Oku municipality, God being my helper”. 
Harping on modern politics and it present day challenges, Ngum Jerome said that “in modern politics, development is the main focus” yet in Oku some people still practices politics of blackmail, slandering, backbiting, lies telling and witch hunting. “I have the singular option to distance myself from that form and nature of politics”. He said he is a replica of modern politics and does not practice the 15th century primitive politics full of negative tendencies. He said as a result, all hands must be on deck for progress, development and true democratic practices. In a rhetorical question, he

Ngum Jerom flanked by the SDO, DO, fon of Oku and deputies
asked whether there is any Oku man or woman, boy or girl, who does not like good roads, good structures, a clean environment , good and accessible health structures and educational establishments?, he asked. He argued that those who ate five loaves of bread yesterday in the dark and underdeveloped Oku must accept to eat one loaf today to permit Oku to see the tenets of modern civilization.
On the Internal and External Elite of Oku
Ngum Jerome said it is time for those in high positions to contribute significantly to the development of the municipality. Hear him: “regrettable, in the conduct of some internal and external elite of this tribe today, you are strong in the corridors of power, we expect you to fetch all forms of development projects and direct them to Oku, rather than come home regularly to misdirect people, let your positions be felt by the man power geometric growth in Oku. Permit me look at the internal and external elite in their eyes and in doing so, I would ask them whether confusion, lies telling, back biting and defamation is what is needed to bring roads to Oku”. He challenged the elite to look into the staffing situation of schools and health services because by so doing they would have contribute to changing lives in the municipality and not vice-versa.
On the Death of Councilor Sunju Idrssu Nyinchia:
Mayor Ngum Jerome lamented that the passing away of Councilor Sunju Idrissu  Nyinchia who was snatched by the cold hands of death in a ghastly motor accident along the Douala highway. With a sign of remorse sadness, he said he is conscious of the controversy over his colleague’s death. “We are all Oku and I am Oku just like those who made stories about me. I stand here to say that I would have desired that those who accused and made stories and even documents, very embarrassing documents against me would have been honest people. Oku tradition demands that if a person is accused of the brother’s death, his plea of guilt or innocent is taken over the corps and then the person is armed and buried. For those who accused, tried and convicted me in absentia, God and God alone knows the truth. And I must end here by wondering why the family of my regrettable fallen brother and the authorities acceptably charged with the maintenance of public peace and order has remained mute after several trips to sooth-sayers or “ngambe” people. Oku politicians of my era will not only drive but fly in planes. And the magic that my persecutors said I have, if I had such primitive magic, I will rather convert it to a useful one, such that I can lay on my bed and bring from Yaounde all development to Oku in a single day. I will not like to win any victory which will either me or my opponent.
On the development Challenges of Oku
Harping on the numerous development challenges of the municipality, Jerome Ngum emphasized that “the road to success is climbing and not descending. In climbing,” he added that one is “bound to work against the common force of gravity” reasons why he said that “those who have to work with me to develop Oku must all be ready to serve 24/24 and not to be masters” because “they will drive caterpillars in suits, carry building blocks daily on emergency and develop Oku out of the dark of yesteryears”. Accordingly, he disclosed that his present mandate is about action which entails that no stone will be left unturned and no lazy complaints will be accepted. Haven been elected and installed as the mayor of Elak Oku, Ngum Jerome says time for politics is over and it is time for all and sundry to join hands in order to make the Elak Oku municipality and enjoyable enviable place irrespective of their political leniency. “There is no CPDM bridge, no SDF hospital, and no UPC and or NUDP school. All the development is that of Oku for the industrious sons and daughters of “ Mnkong Moteh”. 

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