Sunday, December 22, 2013

NUDP National Youth President Creates The Unexpected in Misaje

Tamfu Ndansi Elvis, Fon Victor & Nkenda Simon performing the royal dance
By Fai Cassian 
At about 3:30 pm on December 17, the National Youth President of the National Union for Democracy and Progress party-NUDP flanked by his supporters and friends stormed the Misaje (Nkanchi ) Palace to pay homage to the departed Fon Richard Mfouma who died in September this year and also honour the newly crowned Fon Victor Mfouma. All those who matter within NUDP cycle in Misaje Sub Division were present. In fact one person who also caught our attention amongst the over 1000 people that accompanied NUDP Youth President Tamfu Ndansi Elvis Nukam was no other person than the former mayor of Misaje Council, Nkenda Simon Sunde. There was noise in the palace when Tamfu Ndansi Elvis led his delegation into the courtyard. Drumming, singing and dancing sky-rocketed as the delegation was received by the newly enthroned fon of Misaje.
Tamfu Ndansi Elvis taking the rostrum said he has come to pay homage to the departed hero as well as mark his presence with the new fon. In his words, Ndansi Elvis Nukam told the newly enthroned fon of Misaje that H.E Bello Bouba Maigarie, the national chairman of NUDP party was to be in Misaje for the condolence and acquaintance visit but due to tide schedule, he could not. “He has sent words of sympathy and encouragement to the palace” given that the departed fon had an open door policy with all and sundry he continued. He said his coming to the palace is part of the vision NUDP has for the people of Misaje and that the new fon should rely on them (elite).”I am the son of Misaje and would spare no effort to make my own little contribution for the development of this municipality”, Ndansi added. He promised to break the gab between the palace and the access to information. This move is true to what he stood for as NUDP parliamentary candidate for Ako/Misaje constituency in the September 30th election. Even though he did not make it at the polls for reasons known only to agents of darkness that pass for politicians, Ndansi Elvis Nukam says his love for his people and the development of the area stands paramount in his agenda. History has it that on the eve of campaigns after a powerful NUDP rally in Misaje, Fon Richard Nfuma set on a journey to meet his ancestors after blessing the NUDP candidate in the person of Tamfu Ndansi Elvis Nukam. In his words Fon Victor Nfuma assured the NUDP strongman that his activities in Misaje both as a son of the soil and a politician shall attain its objectives come what may with giant strides. Fon Victor Mfouma speaking in parables reiterated that the seed planted shall never whither and the fruit shall be ripening as food for his people.
Inside the Nkanchi palace-Misaje
The storming of Misaje by Tamfuh Ndansi Elvis Nukam leading this powerful delegation is to show gratitude to the missing Fon and assure the New Found Fon that what which was enshrined between NUDP leadership and the palace shall continue to blossom. In reassuring the Fon his unflinching attachment to development, Tamfu Ndansi Elvis said that his zeal to develop Misaje is still very high and that he would stop at nothing to continue lobbying for more projects to add to the multipurpose Telecenters in Ako/Misaje. As concern elite Tamfuh Ndansi Elvis Nukam donated a set of chairs to the palace. He promised the Fon not to hesitate calling him if there is any need in the palace. From the looks of things there is a bigger package yet to be unveiled among which is a possibility of a car for the Fon.
 The people of Ako/Misaje can not forget in a rush his donation of free rapid result malaria test kits to health centers in Misaje, Dumbu and Ako, wash hand basins and bucket taps to ‘shaa’ women in Misaje for hygienic purposes he has vowed to open health clinics in Misaje and in Ako before the end of 2014 to provide health care for his people. History has it that Tamfuh Ndansi is the first to offer an on the spot Scholarship to Presbyterian Primary school children and a Micro-Kit for the Laboratory department of GBHS Misaje in a bid to encourage education.

Yet Tamfu Ndansi Elvis without mixing words told Fon Victor Mfouma that Misaje has grown past the level whereby two or three individuals would like to keep elite at logger-head. This he said has been the animosity of the game of politics and should not continue because the time for politics is gone and it is time for people to work in unison for the betterment of all. Talking to this reporter after the visit, Ndansi Elvis Nukam said that he was not on a political mission but has come to condole with the royal family. He said some two or three people want to destroy the entire sub division by transforming selves to wolves. History, he added will judge all of them by their actions and its sustainability. In an aside, the former mayor of Misaje, Nkenda Simon said accompanying Ndansi Elvis to the palace was just a normal act of solidarity and friendship. Yet by the time we were leaving Misaje, allegedly Nkenda’s detractors had reportedly wired calls out of town announcing to who cares to listen that the dial has been cast for his joining NUDP. Hubbubs loom large as to whether Nkenda Simon will not decamp into the NUDP with the increasing political intrigues. Implicitly, Kanjo alias town “crier” on his part thinks that it is time for cards to be put on the table. And that anyone, even Nkenda Simon has the freedom to militate where he deems necessary. 

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