Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Wum Mayor Accused of Extravagant Spending

Dighambong Anthony Mvo, the Mayor of Wum Council has received very hard and sharp criticism from councilors for extravagantly spending about 500.000 FCFA on food and drinks during the last budgetary session of the Wum council. The Eye gathered that some of the councilors who could not talk to the mayor in his face or raise a motion at the council session spoke the loudest in beer parlours about the famous 500.000 FCFA food money which they claim they ended up eating pouf-pouf at the end of the session. As to whether the much talked about 500.000 FCFA was really disbursed for entertainment remains another miser between the council treasurer and mayor.
Dighambong Anthony who replaced the absentee Njukwe Charles at the helm of Wum council and was installed on October 16, 2013 may turn out to be another epileptic dashed hope. The budgetary session scandal has become major discussions in bar parlours and other drinking spots in Wum town. Yet majority of the people in Wum continue to see the new mayor as the man who will deliver the goods. \Born on June, 17, 1970, Dighambong Anthony attended primary school at St. Martins Wum, GHS Wum and Later Nacho Comprehensive College where he obtained the FSLC, GCE "O" Level and GCE "A" Level in flying colours. He later proceeded to ENS Bambili and in 1996, he graduated as a Physics teacher.

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