Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Yong Sport Players on Strike for Unpaid Match Bonuses, JB Ndeh, others Go Hiding

winners of the 2013 Cameroon cup

By Macbright N
At about 8 am on Tuesday morning, fans and supporters of Yong Sport had cued up at the Matazin gate to welcome the heroes of last Sunday’s Cameroon Cup finals to Abakwa. The over 2000 man-crowd started smiling the rat when after three hours of waiting there was no sign of the players. Information started circulating that the players were on strike for unpaid match bonus. Small groups could be spotted as everyone was trying to get first hand information on what was going on and why the lateness. Within thirty minutes, the population scattered the crowd which had gathered at the Matazin gate scattered. In the next few seconds, Bamenda caught cold of the sad news. Bamenda which had gathered momentum to welcome the heroes back to Abakwa went to the slum to Christmas activities. The Mankon Municipal stadium which was half-full emptied self in the minutes. And the discussions on the dilemma of Yong Sport Academy players moved into beer palours, snacks and Mbuh drinking spots.
When another piece of information started circulating that team officials finally sneaked into Abakwa with the trophy, Abakwa caught the second cold. At about 3pm, classified sources hinted that the Governor of the North West Region, Adolphe Lele l’Afrique and Faustin Domkeu finally brokered a peace deal with the players. Upon their arrival in Bamenda, the players held a crisis meeting with North West Governor. John B Ndeh, FECAFOOT Boss for the North West who allegedly went into hiding resurfaced at the Governor’s office alongside Kaba Christopher and Fortibu Hilary we were hinted.
It is also alleged that the players had threatened to stage a protest march to the Prime Minister’s residence when they got wing of the information that some team officials left Yaounde on Monday night laving them in the nation’s capital. The march to meet the Prime Minister was finally annulled when the disappointed players received promises that their problems would be later in the day. The journey to Bamenda on Monday night was canceled. Allegations abound that the players were claiming match bonuses estimated at a million FCFA each and instead they were each handed a hundred thousand francs each. Yong Jacque, son of Pa Yong allegedly did all he could to ensure that the players had their dues. Allegedly, he had promised that the amount would be disbursed by Thursday but the players rejected. 
Public opinion in Bamenda is aghast with North West FECAFOOT officials for playing the game of the mastiff during the crisis. JB Ndeh and co have been accused of haven neglected their role. Many have questioned why NW FECAFOOT offficials traveled to Bamenda and hastily organized a reception for no work done. Another school of thought holds that some of these officials are more interested in the positions and what they turn to gain than the welfare of players as well as football development. However, NW Governor Lele L'Afrique has been applauded for the role he played in solving the crisis. 

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