Sunday, January 12, 2014

Bamenda Gov’t Delegate, Vincent Ndumu Nji Rubbishes Vision 2035

By Fai Cassian Ndi
Vincent Ndumu Nji
The Government Delegate to the Bamenda City Council Vincent Ndumu Nji has said that Vision 2035 is more of a talking drum than realism. Much time he said is wasted on talking without rather than working. Vincent Ndumu Nji made that statement on Friday January 10, 2013 at the launching of the 2014 Public Investment Budget-BIP at the Bamenda Congress Hall. The euphoria was total as Vincent Ndumu Nji substantiated his argument to the dismay of the Yaounde cronies who were helpless. Implicitly, the so-called Vision 2035 is an optical illusion and not a miracle given the vision is being propagated by people who will not even live to see it gets to the end of the tunnel. Vision 2035 has been described by many a politician as a white elephant vision and a chopping arrangement by some barons of the Biya regime who are more interested in what enter into their pockets than the concept of Cameroon emerging by 2035.
Harping of the poor execution of the 2013 budget, Hon. Bandzem Lukong, SDF Parliamentary Group leader accused the central administration for awarding contracts to contractors who do not know the field. He said the problem is not the amount allocated for North West Region but fears whether the central administration will not frustrate the region by awarding contracts to dubious contractors.
On his part, Ngala Edward, Tender Board Chairman for the North West Region applauded the early lunching but added that it is not only the launching that matters but how soon the implementation shall start.
The mayor of Nkum Council in Bui Division said he was so disappointed with the allocation of the projects given that his municipality does not have a single classroom. He said Nkum municipality has been neglected. He went as far as questioning the rationality in the distribution of projects in the region. “It is as if we do not exist and it is lamentable”, mayor Suila Aruna hammered.  
Even though the budget for the North West stands at FCFA 3.5 billion, the University of Bamenda takes the biggest share.
However those who took the pains to attend the launching and listen to the presentations in slippery English from the Yaounde cronies went back home appreciating Vincent Nji Vincent Ndumu Nji who acted like late former Government Delegate to the Bamenda City Council Jumel Pefok. Late Pefok it should be recalled collected a speech from the Yaounde cronies when President Biya was visiting Bamenda, rehearsed it but when the moment to read the speech came, dulled out one from his pocket to tell President Biya the truth about the feelings of the Bamenda man. Ndumu was applauded even CPDM bigwigs of the North West Region. Those who could not have the courage to speak the truth could be seen jumping on their seats. While those who have been eyeing his position saw it as his dismissal from office. It should be recalled that the former mayor of Nkambe council, Mangoh Jones Tanko a year ago was categorical that Vision 2035 is a sham. Mangoh Jones Tanko criticized that the time frame was too broad for it to be realistic.

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