Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Cameroon Baptist Convention in Crisis as Pastor Resigns

 By Fai Cassian Ndi
An air of questionability looms large at the CBC Church Menda Mile 3 Nkwen. This is so following severe crisis blistering from the so-called soaring headedness of the Pastor and the church elders (Deacons), an atmosphere which allegedly escalidated into backstabbing, slandering and corrupt practices. The Menda Mile 3 CBC church we gathered was suddenly transformed into a sinkhole whereby the Deacons and pastors traded in insults, accusations and counter-accusations. The issue of too much democracy in the CBC resurfaced with Pastor Nformi Lawrence being crucified and tagged names. This led to his resignation on December 2013. What is actually tearing the church apart we gathered steams from the fact that the same church was burgled and some valuable equipment were stolen. The laptop and the CPU belonging to the church was taken away by the people of the underworld. It is aired that the Christian body had petition their pastor to the Field Pastor on December 16, 2013 requesting that a solution should be reached to the crisis. The Christian body allegedly recommended that the send-off party planned for the resigned pastor should not hold as planned yet this was waved aside. The send-off recorded the presence of the General Secretary with the hope to reconcile the differences. Sources hinted that the Menda Mile 3 CBC church had also written to the General Secretary in a letter titled : some problems of the Menda Baptist Church presented to the CBC General Secretary by Members of the Men Wing in which they accused Rev. Pastor Nformi Lawrence having manipulated the Mens’ wing to the point that they do not have an executive yet could not demonstrated how he manipulated the later. A school of thought holds that whenever members of a Christian body meet someone who can never be easily manipulated, they usually gang up to challenge that person given that with the CBC every church has the right to recruit and even dismiss a pastor at will. Could this be the reason that is tearing the CBC Menda Mile 3 Church apart? (More on the Controversy up next)

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