Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Dr. Fru Extends Hand of Fellowship to the Needy at New Year

By Baweson Edward
Dr. Richard Fru, Executive Director of the Garden of Eden Naturopathic Institute of West Africa (GENIWA) has again extended a hand of fellowship to needy Cameroonians.
Dr. Fru Richard preparing to hand the New Year Gifts
The groundbreaking twin event took palace on December 31, 2013 at the GENIWA head office in Buea and was described by observers the greatest act of philantropism of the year.
It was a ceremony that brought back smile on the faces of many people. The twin event was not only for Dr. Fru and GENIWA staff to dine and wine with the underprivileged, but most interesting thing was that Dr. Fru also prepared take home packages which were made up of food stuffs, bags of rice, soap etc and even transport fare to enable them move back home freely.
Before sharing food and drinks with Dr. Fru, each person present was equally handed at least a back of rice, oil etc to take back home. In appreciation of the donation, the beneficiaries who were more than a hundred also danced in admiration of the donor’s love for them.
Dr. Fru (standing) addressing beneficiaries
Drawing inspiration from Biblical quotations, Dr. Fru announced that GENIWA has the burning spirit to give not because they have much but because they do it to those who are in need. “We are conscious that the Word of God (the Bible) recommends giving. It is more blessed to give than to receive, so says the Bible” he emphasized adding that it is for this reason that it has become a tradition that at the end of every year, GENIWA celebrates with the underprivileged in society.  More so Dr. Fruh also told his August quests that they should feel free to get to them in case they encounter any problem and believes that GENIWA can provide the solution to it,” feel free to approach us”.
Cross-section of beneficiaries
“Many less –privileged people have before as individuals approached us for assistance on several occasions and got the requested help,” he said. Dr. Fru also told them that 2014 “will be a year full of divine health and divine mercies” to all the physically challenged in the country. Before handing them their packages Dr. reminded them that God has a way for everybody and that the word of God is the most effective instrument of change. In his concluding statement, Dr. Fru said that “old things have passed away and all things become new. God has given us a new beginning and a new life in a special year of victories. I pray that, this year, may the Holy Spirit lead us to good people, inspired and informed people that will help us to succeed in life.
Let the Light of God lead us throughout out this year in Jesus' name, amen
Elated, the beneficiaries expressed joy and thankfulness to the donor. They said for many years now, Dr. Fru and GENIWA have always been by their side. They called on God Almighty to bless Dr. Fru for his philanthropic work and what he has been dong to the needy people in society. It should be recalled that acclaimed Award winning researcher has always extended an olive branch of his support to communities to the underprivileged. Of late, he visited the orphanages nationwide to donate. GENIWA is noted for its research works in modern traditional medicine that commands alot of respect and admirations.

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