Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Horror at University of Bamenda, Two Killed Instantly

Tongues are still waging at the University of Bamenda following the stabbing and killing of a level 4 female student of the Higher Teachers Training College-ENSIET. The story goes that at about 8:45 on Monday January 20, 2014, Mangwe Yadjuo (23 years old) was stabbed from behind by a taxi driver from Bafoussam (West region) by name Yenjuo Kwitchuo. Eyewitness accounts say Yenjuo Kwitchuo approached the former lover from behind and butchered her with a cutlass, killing her instantly.  Yenjuo we gathered after committing the barbaric act also drank acid he brought along with him.  There was confusion and horror at the university Campus. Tension escalated and the 28 years old Yenjuo Kwitchuo was also stoned to death by angry students. The two we gathered hail from the West region and it is alleged that the former boyfriend traveled from the West Region to commit the terrible act. The 23 years lady murdered in cold blood we gathered had a seven months old pregnancy. Yet the story has had diversified interpretations on the extravagant life some university girls live. The Eye is aware that at the University of Bamenda, the competition among girls is so stiff that it pushes them to have many boy friends to whom they all promise to get marry to. Those who might have invested their future in some of them and later to discovered they are being duped “mogos” ends up committing such barbaric acts. However, an atmosphere of gloom now looms large at the University of Bamenda. The terrible incident we learnt is coming barely a week after the newly enthroned fon of Bambili recently appointed the Vice Chancellor as a quarter head.
However, waked-whispers at the University Campus abound that Magwe had told the taxi-driver of late that she would no more marry him. Her worth was above the standards of getting married to a common taxi man.  And that the parents of the girl were in Bambili to caution her given that she had been receiving threats of life from the 28 years old taxi driver. The same waked-whispers have been telling everyone who cares to listen that her house-rent was being paid by four different guys including the taxi driver and that why the parents were paying for her house-rent, four others had keys and had as well been paying for the same house rent.
The Uba barbaric incident has come to add to the one which of late, taxi drivers butchered her former wife and daughter to death before killing himself at Mile 3, Nkwen.

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